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Qin Yue's meeting place is downstairs of Jianran company. It's 10 a.m., so Jianran went to the company first to say hello to the leader, or to be absent from work.

"Miss Jane, your flowers."

Just to the company's front desk, the front desk staff called Jane, pointing to the two big bouquets of red roses on the table.

In Jane's memory, I haven't experienced such a thing. I don't know whether to accept it or not for a while?

Or take it back to the office, or just throw it in the garbage can?

After thinking about it, Jane thinks that the most polite way is to accept it, first know who the other party is, and then try to return the flowers.

At this thought, Jane smiled politely to the front desk staff, and then went back to the office with two big bouquets of red roses.

Back to the office, Jane picked up a bunch of cards stuck in the flowers, opened it, Jane only felt goosebumps dropped to the ground.

After reading it, Jane felt that she wanted to vomit. These are all some messy things.

More and more?

What's more?

Jane thought about it seriously. Among the people she knew, only Qin Yue had the name "Yue".

Should not the word "Yue Yue" refer to Qin Yue who looks dignified?

In the eyes of Jianran, Qin Yue is a man who is calm and introverted, doesn't like talking and laughing, and works very seriously.

When I am with him, I always feel safe. He should not do such childish things.

Jane tried to think about the appearance and tone of Qin Yue's words. She couldn't think of it. She shook her head and denied that Qin Yue should not be such a frivolous person.

But people often say that she knows people, knows faces and doesn't know her heart. She didn't think that Qin Yue would call her in the middle of the night before.

Last night, Qin Yue didn't call her and said he wanted to hear her voice.

In that way, Qin and Yue can speak out. I'm afraid that Qin and Yue can do it by writing these on the card.

Looking at this card again, Jane wants to call Qin Yue, not to tell him that she is the same as he thinks, but to tell him that she doesn't want to see anyone with him anymore.

Hum -

Jane is trying to call Qin Yue, but her mobile phone on her desk rings first. When she looks at the phone number, she knows it's Qin Yue.

She took a deep breath, answered, and relentlessly refused: "Mr. Qin, I don't think we really need to meet. Don't do such childish things again. "

Half an hour ago, Qin Yue called Jianran, and she said to him on the phone that she would wait for him to pick her up. How could her attitude towards him change at such a time interval?

Qin Yue frowned slightly and said, "Jane, I have come downstairs to your company. If you have any words, please come down first."

"Mr. Qin, if you love someone, love them with your heart. Don't be ambivalent. Really, it will be looked down upon." With that, Jane hung up.

Inexplicably, there is so little pain in my heart.

Maybe it's not worth it for his wife.

Or maybe it was a good thing that a man in the world loved a woman so much, but such a good thing turned into nothing in front of her, so it would make people feel sad.

"Mr. Qin, please wait a moment..."

Before long, there was a noisy voice outside the office. As soon as Jane looked up, she saw Qin Yue with a gloomy face running into the door.

He stood at the door of her office, two sharp eyes on her. His eyes were like two invisible ropes that bound her so that she could not look away from him.

After staring at her for a while, Qin Yue suddenly stepped towards her. Although he was covered with a violent spirit, wanchu's steps were still elegant and his temperament was still cool and noble.

"Mr. Qin --"

"my name is Qin Yue"

he grabbed her hand, grabbed her and left without asking for her advice.

Today, whether she agrees or not, he will take her to that place, meet that person, let her know that he wants to pursue her.

Qin Yue holds Jianran's hand tightly, but the strength is well controlled. He doesn't hurt her. Even when he steps, he pays attention to her speed.

"Qin Xian -" before Jane had finished, she felt that Qin Yue had cut her eyes severely, which was cold and sharp.

She had never seen such a Qin Yue before. For a while, she was scared. She swallowed the words behind her and followed him.

Jian Ran is crammed into the vice driver's seat of the car by Qin Yue. He closes the door of the car and then goes around the front of the car to sit in the cab.

After confirming that she had fastened her seat belt, Qin Yue said nothing and started the car and rushed out.

After driving for a while, Jane stole a glance at Qin Yue and saw that his face was very ugly, as if she was trying to suppress something.

Jane really didn't know what happened to her. Seeing Qin Yue's depression like this, she felt some pain in her heart.

"Qin, Qin Yue --"

his name, gently spit out from her lips, like a good medicine, calms the restlessness and restlessness in Qin Yue's heart.

He turned his head aside and handed her a reassuring smile: "Jane, it will be here soon, once with me."

"You drive safely, I'll go with you," she nodded

Before long, jane knew today's destination, the best cemetery in Jiangbei.

She saw a tombstone that she never thought she would see. The owner of the tombstone - Jane

there are some differences between the tombstone and other tombstones. There are no photos of the dead, only the names of the people buried here.

Jianran, the wife of Qin Yue with the same surname as her.

"Three years ago, my wife was expecting her baby at home, and I was on a business trip with one month to go. When I left, she smiled and told me that she would wait for me at home, but when I came back, I saw her ashes. "

"My family told me that my wife was in a car accident on her way to see her good friends. She was seriously injured and may not be alive. Her last wish was to let them keep our children."

Qin Yue said it lightly, as if it had nothing to do with him, but Jane understood his hidden sorrow.

When going out, the beloved can smile and say to him that he will wait for him to go home.

When he came back, he turned his beloved into a heap of ashes. How desperate that feeling should be.

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