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Eyebrows up, lips slightly hooked, soft eyes Such a smile is a real smile, absolutely no other meaning.

Liu Yong is a little confused. The general manager of their family, Qin Zong, mentions that Jane Zhengtian is smiling so much. What is it about?

After staring at Qin Yue for a while, Liu Yong tentatively shouted, "President Qin, President Qin..."

"It's all right. Go down. " Qin Yue waved his hand, and his eyes became more gentle, which made Liu Yong's goose bumps.

After going out of the office, I still wonder if I have done something wrong. Their president will punish him with such a smile.

Liu Yong knows that Qin Yue can monitor Jianran all the time, but he doesn't know that Qin Yue just laughed because he heard Jianran talking.

Qin Yue is telling Liu Yong to send people to pay attention to the movement of Jian Zhengtian at all times, and the voice of Jian ran suddenly comes from the Bluetooth headset on his ear.

"Little guy, the more I look at you, the more I think you look like my sister. Does your sister look like your mother, so do you and your sister? "

Qin Yue hears that Jianran kisses Xiaoran, and then hears her say, "look at you sleeping like a piggy, you won't answer my sister for sure. Then you can have a good sleep here. When you wake up, my sister will take you out to eat delicious food. "


Suddenly a man's voice broke into Qin Yue's ear, and Qin Yue frowned unconsciously.

"Mr. Cheng."

"I heard that you are too busy to have lunch. I've packed you one and brought it back." The man said, the voice is very gentle.

"Mr. Cheng, what's the point?"

"We're colleagues. I'm sorry." I can hear the man laughing.

"Thank you, Mr. Cheng"

"don't be so polite to me. If you need anything in the future, just let me know."

Qin Yue suddenly feels upset, but his Jane always dislikes troublemakers So I will definitely refuse this man.

But as soon as he thought about it, he heard a soft voice coming from his headphones --


Qin Yue felt that he had seized his heart and breathed hard.

"Well, whose family is this beautiful and lovely child? I think she often comes to you. "

"I am familiar with the child, not with her family."

Later, Qin Yue didn't know whether to listen to it or not. He suddenly realized a terrible reality - now he simply forgot the past.

In Jane's memory, if she is single, she is free to fall in love. However, his Jane is so excellent, there must be not a few people chasing her What if someone grabs him to pursue simplicity?

Qin Yue suddenly can't sit down. Now he wants to rush to Jianran at once, then take her hand and announce that she is him.

When I think of it, Qin Yue people have rushed to the office door, just about to open the door, but they stop. What's his reason now?

He hoped that Jane would go on blind date again, and he could kick off the blind date. However, he decided to marry Jane directly.

She promised him once, and now she will?

Just find a way to get Jane home, then other things will be easy to do.


Recently, Jane felt that the happiest thing was that she could eat the hot meals prepared by her father when she came home from work.

This evening, my father prepared some Hakka dishes that Jane liked very much, including salt baked chicken, Hakka brewed tofu, and a stir fried vegetable heart.

They are all very common home-made dishes, but my father works very hard. He just has an appetite when he looks at them.

Jane took a sip of fermented tofu and nodded repeatedly: "Dad, your cooking is getting better and better."

Jian Zhengtian took off his apron and said, "it's not because you like to eat, dad wants you to eat well, so he wants to practice his cooking."

Hearing her father's words like this, Jane's nose was slightly sour, and suddenly she wanted to cry, but she blinked again, forcing the tears back: "thank you dad"

Jane still remembered that when she was recovering from a serious illness, she could not remember anything about the past. She kept herself in the room, and her father patiently accompanied her, letting her step by step out of the shadow .

If it wasn't for his father's patience, there would be no simplicity after his rebirth.

"Silly boy, what are you doing so politely with dad. You are my child, of course I will treat you well. " Said, Jane Zhengtian helped Jane to take the dish again, "I see you are so busy to come back so late today. You must be tired. Eat more."

"It's not that I'm busy at work, it's that I know a lovely little girl. After work, I wait for her family to pick her up and I'll go home." Said Jane unprepared.

How can Jane Zhengtian not know that she knows a little girl, but also very clear who Jane said the little girl is, he just wanted to test whether Jane would tell him the truth.

Listen to Jane ran such a say, Jane is at ease day, and sandwiched vegetables to Jane ran: "take children more tired, more should eat some."

He said caring words on his mouth, but he sneered in his heart: Qin Yue, ah Qin Yue, saw his wife and children's mother in front of him, but they couldn't recognize each other, which must be a wonderful taste.

If Qin Yue knows what he is going to do and comes to him earlier, he may return Jane to Qin Yue as long as he helps him finish what he wants to accomplish.

But Qin Yue didn't --

Jian Zhengtian said, "but tell Dad, how many boys are pursuing you recently?"

What Jane Zhengtian asked was how few, not whether there were boys chasing you, which proved that there were many boys chasing Jane before.

With rice in her mouth, Jane looked up at Zhengtian and shook her head.

She doesn't like to communicate with strangers or make friends. Besides some contacts at work, there are few men around her. Of course, no one will pursue her.

"However, you are not young. If you meet the right man, you can also seriously consider it. "

"Dad, I'm not in a hurry." Jane didn't want to talk about feelings with her father.

Jane cut off Jane Zhengtian's words in time, but what Jane Zhengtian said had a great influence on her.

At this time, lying on the * * and thinking of "the right man" in her mind.

Today, when her father said this, the first Qin Yue came out of her mind.

She and Qin Yue are totally different from each other in the world, and Qin Yue has a wife who is deeply in love with him and Xiao ran. How can she have an idea about him.

If you want to say that a really suitable man, you can't think of anyone who is suitable. This kind of thing is also forced not to come, let's see fate.

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