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Jane didn't want to hide from her, but she couldn't remember him, their children and all their past.

This is a fact that Qin Yue has already known and acknowledged. However, every time he faces her, his heart still hurts once.

His fist is tight and loose, loose and tight. After several struggles, he can speak in a normal tone.

He said: "I've been talking to you every day these days. If you can come to see her with me, she will be very happy. "

Jane thought about it. Anyway, she had no other ideas about Qin and Yue. Why should she hide?

This makes her feel guilty.

Everyone knows each other, even if they are not friends, but they also know each other. There's no need to hide them. Just go to see Xiao ran with him in a big way.

After thinking about it, Jane raised her head and smiled softly to Qin Yue: "OK, let's go together. In fact, I came here to see Xiao Ranran. I just forgot which floor she was on for a while. "

Jian ran laughed a little cunning and mischievous. She was clearly lying. Qin Yue saw through but didn't break it.

Isn't that what his simplicity looks like.

From time to time, he would make bad use of him, and he would dislike that he would not say nice things to her, and more often, he was naughty and lovely.

So when the two of them can appear in Qin Xiaobao's ward in such a harmonious way, Qin Xiaobao thinks that his eyes have problems again.

Little ran doesn't mean big Ran is still angry with his father? So how did the two get together?

Did the two of them make up so soon?


Small Ran Ran slipped down * * and rushed to Qin Yue. Qin Yue caught her small body, hugged her and kissed her, rubbed her head: "Ran Ran is good."

"Dada, you're good." Small Ran Ran looks at the big ran beside Qin Yue, "sister, ran wants you to hold it."

Jianran takes Xiaoran and carefully looks over her body to make sure that Xiaoran is not hurt. She is relieved quietly.

"Elder sister, don't run away, will you?" Small Ran Ran holds Jane's face, scrapes it up and makes a saliva mark on her face.

Jane ran touched her head and smiled softly: "in the future, Da ran will not hide from Xiao ran. Xiao ran can come to find Da ran to play at any time."

Hearing big Ran's saying that small ran can go to big ran to play at any time, small ran can be happy, and asked softly, "can dad also?"

Little ran likes big ran, so does father. If big Ran's sister had been with them all the time, it would be nice.

In the evening, Dad sleeps on the left, big ran sleeps on the right, and small ran sleeps in the middle. Just think about it, small ran feels happy.

Jianran pinches Xiaoran's face and says, "Dad is an adult. Adults are busy with work. Xiaoran will come to play with her."

"Well then." Little man and little devil took a look at his father. After receiving his father's eye instruction, he soon understood his father's meaning. He took off the chain hanging on his neck and said, "sister, I will give it to you."

In fact, the chain is the talisman of Xiangmu. Xiao ran was just born. Her grandmother asked for it for her. It was the treasure she had never left since she was a child.

"This is what Ran has been carrying. How can I accept your gift?" When it comes to gifts, Jane thinks that she should also give them to Xiao ran. How could it not be that she could give them to Xiao ran.

"But if you like your sister, give it to her." Small Ran is very persistent, clumsily want to help Jane put on.

Jian ran looks at Qin Yue subconsciously. He nods to her and says softly, "Xiao ran gave it to you. If you don't accept it, she will cry for you."

"Sister..." As soon as Qin Yue's voice fell, a small voice with a slight cry began to ring, and tears flashed in his big eyes.

"But don't cry, your present elder sister accepted." Jane ran holds her head and kisses it on her forehead

Little ran immediately stopped crying and said happily, "put it on, but you can't take it off."

"Well, put it on, sister, and don't take it off." Jane put on the chain in front of her face. "Well, what little Ranran gave me was beautiful."

Xiao ran looks back at Qin Yue and smiles happily. It seems that he is saying, "Dad, you are very good. You have finished the task you assigned.".

Qin Yue nodded to her daughter's satisfaction and quietly gave her a gesture of praise.

"Ouch, ouch, it's killing me." Qin Xiaobao, who has been neglected for a long time, can't go on seeing it. The three members of his family are so warm. Have you considered her feelings?

She was still injured and lying on * * with two broken ribs. Now she can't stand * *, but no one came to care about her.

She found herself pitiful, pitiful, the most pitiful animal in the world. No pain, no love, but also to see the wood brothers show love.

"Don't cry. You're not too sick for that injury." It's hard for Qin Yue to talk to her in a cheerful voice.

"What?" Qin Xiaobao shouted discontentedly, "is it serious that I broke two ribs? How can that be serious? Is it serious that I have to stop talking and eating? "

"Who said you broke two ribs?" Qin and Yue asked.

If Qin Xiaobao really broke two ribs, would he just send Xiaoran to take care of her? It is estimated that any kind of experts have been invited, and Qin Xiaobao will not be left alone.

"Zhan Nianbei lied to me?" Qin Xiaobao sat up angrily.

After sitting up, she found that the injury just seemed to hurt so much that she couldn't move. At this time, it all healed without drugs.

She moved again. It's amazing. I just heard that she had two broken ribs. She felt the pain was killing her.

Now I heard that I'm ok. I don't feel any pain all over my body. It's OK to run for two laps immediately.

Qin Xiaobao ran to pick up Xiaoran and kissed her twice: "little baby, it's up to you to fix the little aunt that she can get better so quickly."

Small ran ran to Qin Xiaobao stand: "ten hundred, little aunt give money."

"The little money fan knows to ask the little aunt for money. Why don't you ask your mother for money?" Qin Xiaobao muttered and pinched Xiao Ranran's face. "In the future, the family property of Qin family is yours. You still care about it with your little aunt."

"Don't say so much. Ask someone to clean up. Let's go back first." Qin Yue still wants to thank Qin Xiaobao. If Qin Xiaobao didn't think of such a way today, Jane would not be here.

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