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Alert oneself to say to leak a mouth, Qin Xiaobao changes his mouth hurriedly, way: "Oh, no, then you don't go to help your father chase big ran elder sister?"

"Big Ran's sister is angry. He is angry with his father, not with ran." Xiao ran explained to Qin Xiaobao very carefully.

I woke up that morning and then my sister disappeared. She flew away quietly. I don't know if she cried at night and scared my sister away.

However, she can't tell you anything so embarrassed, or her father will laugh at her crying.

In the past two days, she has called her sister Da ran. Her voice is still very pleasant. She is willing to talk to her, but she doesn't want to pay attention to her father. She suspects that her sister is angry with her father and has nothing to do with her crying.

She knew that she was very lovely and attractive. However, her sister would not dislike her.

Qin Xiaobao turned his eyes and said, "little baby, do you want to see big Ranran sister?"

Little ran nodded little head: "Ran Ran thought."

She wanted her sister so much, but she didn't agree to go home with her, and she didn't know what to do.

Qin Xiaobao added: "now call big Ran's sister and tell her you are in the hospital. She will come to see you soon."

"Sister will come to see Ranran?" Little ran expresses some doubts. Big Ran's elder sister doesn't want to see her for a few days. Call her and she will come?


After leaving the Qin family that day, Jane put all her focus on her work and never thought about the Qin family, let alone about being forced to kiss by Qin Yue as a substitute.

However, the more she does not let herself think about it, the more she will always think about it.

In particular, Qin Yue's wordless expression and helplessness in her eyes made her want to go deep and know what happened in Qin Yue's past.

In life, Jane is not a man of many things. Even if her father is not willing to talk about her past memories, she doesn't care much, and she doesn't know how to be particularly interested in Qin and Yue.

I have been working in PM company for several days, and my work has gradually started.

After seeing her works, the people in the design department led by her no longer think that she just sits in this position by her beauty, affirms her work strength, and has a lot of friendly attitude towards her in the work.

Now, Jane Ran's life and work are smooth, but suddenly I Miss Xiao ran, her soft voice, and her pink face.

Hum -

Jane is thinking about why Xiao ran didn't call her today, so she will.


When Jane connects, she hears the soft voice coming from her mobile phone. When she hears her voice, she always feels that her heart will be warm.

"Xiao ran, have you had lunch?" When asking questions, Jane's lips turn up slightly unconsciously, and her eyes are soft like water.

"It's broken, but in the hospital, it's painful. Dad is not there." Xiao ran, in accordance with the instructions of her aunt, deliberately said something unclear.

"Xiao ran, which hospital are you in?" She hasn't got a reply yet. Jane has already taken her bag and left the house. She has to rush to take care of xiaoranan. She can't let xiaoranan be afraid.

Think of that night small ran a person in the corridor cry so sad, as if the world abandoned her, Jane still feel heartache.

Now Xiaoran is broken. Her father is not around, nor her mother. She is so small that she has to bear so much alone. She must be very scared.

At this time, Jianran has no idea what she wants to keep away from the Qin family. She just wants to accompany Xiaoran, and can't let Xiaoran feel uneasy and scared any more.

Xiaoranran told Jianran that it was after Shengtian hospital that she took a taxi and rushed to the hospital when she got off. She didn't notice that the car next to her also left a person with the same destination as her.

When we got into the elevator, another man followed us, and Jane looked up to see him, and said in surprise, "Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin?"

"It's a coincidence, Miss Jane. You're coming to the hospital, too." Qin Yue nodded to her, politely and strangely, as if he had never done anything to her that night.

"Well." Jane nodded and looked away from him.

Qin Yue, as always, stood upright and looked ahead. There seemed to be no emotion, but the two hands on his side were white.

The eighth floor of the inpatient department arrived soon. The elevator door opened, and Qin Yue didn't move. He wanted to wait for Jane to leave first. But Jane did not move.

She came to see xiaoranran and Qinyue is here. She still pretends to have something else. She doesn't want to have too much interaction with Qinyue.

"Miss Jane, what floor are you going to?" After a while, Qin Yue asked first.

"10th floor." Jane said at random.

"Oh, yes." Qin Yue helped her press the 10th floor and then closed the elevator door. He was going to go to the 10th floor with her.

Jane ran: "you're not on the eighth floor?"

Qin Yue: "I also go to the 10th floor." He follows her to the floor where she goes.

Jane ran: "..."

Xiao Ran is on the eighth floor. What does he do on the tenth floor?

Is it because of her?

Thinking of this, Jane took a quiet look at him and saw that he looked at the elevator door. She had no other thoughts at all.

Well, she admitted, she thought more, maybe he just happened to be on the 10th floor.

The 10th floor arrived soon. This time, Jane didn't stop. She took the lead in going out, and Qin Yue followed her closely.

"Mr. Qin, why don't you go first?" However, I can't see through Qin Yue. If I don't say a word, I will follow her. I don't know what I want to do?

"Why are you hiding from me?" Qin Yue asked. The tone was very serious.

She can never realize his kind of helplessness. The man who has been waiting for Mingming finally returns to her side, but can't get close to her and touch her.

These days, he even thought, no matter what, no matter Shengtian, no matter what Jane Zhengtian wants to do, no matter whether Jane can remember the past

He left everything behind and took Xiaoran and Jianran to a place where no one knew them and lived together.

"I'm not hiding from you." She is hiding from him, but it's hard to admit it face to face. It can't make people think she is mean.

"What happened that night..."

"Mr. Qin, I have forgotten." Jane interrupted him and looked at the distance and said, "go to see xiaoranan. She will be very afraid without you around her."

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