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Lying on the broad and soft * * but not sleepy.

Thinking of what Qin Xiaobao said to her in the evening, thinking of Qin Xiaobao's sad look when he said it, a cheerful and optimistic person can't help tears in his eyes when talking about Qin Yue's past events.

Jane can't help but have some curiosity.

Qin Yueming loves his wife so much, so why does his wife want to leave him and their children?

Of course, Jane is just curious.

She never thought of Qin Yue as a non share. She promised Xiaoran to come to the Qin family, just for Xiaoran 's love.

When I think of xiaoranan, there are some worries in Jianran's heart. Then the little child sleeps in the master bedroom alone, and there is no one around. What if she kicks the quilt away and catches cold? What if she fell asleep and turned over a few times and fell off the * *?

Thinking about it, Jane sighed helplessly. She didn't have the life to be a mother, but she had the heart to be a mother. However, she met Xiao ran so many times. How could she be killed by Xiao Luoli's circle of powder?

She thought, as long as xiaoranran opened her mouth, it is estimated that there is nothing she is not willing to do for xiaoranran. That's not good.

"Wow Dad, I want dad...... "

Suddenly, the cry of the child came from the corridor. She sat up and listened carefully. She was sure it wasn't her fault.

She turned over and ran out in such a hurry that she didn't put on her shoes.

When she opened the door, she saw Xiao ran walking in the corridor barefoot, crying for her father.

Seeing Xiaoran's pitiful appearance, Jianran only felt that she had breathed for a long time.

The corridor is empty. No one answers xiaoranan. She cries even more sadly: "Dad, Ranran wants Dad..."

"Little ran..." Jane ran rushed to hold the little guy tightly in her arms, kissed her face and kissed her, "but don't cry or not, my sister is here with you, don't be afraid."

"Dad, I want Dad..." But she cried so bitterly that she could not hear what Jane said.

She only knew that when she just woke up, there was no father around her and no one around her. She was so scared.

"But, will you go back to your room with your sister and wait for Dad to come back?" Jane patted Xiao ran on the back, picked her up and carried her back to the room.

However, no matter how easy Jane was, Xiao ran was still crying. Her body was twitching, and she had no intention of stopping.

"But, father is not in, mother accompanies you?" There is no way for Jane to coax xiaoranran.

"Mom, I want mom......" Hearing the word "mother", Xiao ran seems to have a sense of security all of a sudden, and the cry is gradually small.

"However, my mother is here with you." Jane patted her on the back and walked around the room with her in her arms. After a long time, the little ran in her arms was quiet.

"Sister..." The little ran who has stopped crying, the little body a smoke a smoke, a long time to say, "Dad also don't want it? Does Father fly to the sky like mother

In the past, when Qin Yue was on a business trip, he would take xiaoranran with him. So xiaoranran, who was over three years old, never left Qin Yue for one night. He slept in his father's arms every night. Whenever he woke up and opened his eyes, he could see his father.

Today, she woke up and opened her eyes. She didn't have a father, not even anyone else. For a moment, she was scared.

"Ran's dad just went to work and will be back soon." She kissed her face and said softly, "but it's so lovely that my father is reluctant to leave her."

"Sister, will you accompany Ranran?" My sister promised to accompany her, but when she opened her eyes, my sister was not there. Do adults like to cheat children?

She nodded, "yes. My sister will never leave alone again. "

"Sister pull hook, pull hook, will not change." Small ran out of a small finger, Jane reached out to hook up with her, and heard small ran said, "sister accompany ran to sleep together, together waiting for Dad."

When talking, Xiaoran blinked his big tearful eyes. She looked pitiful, but she was very sad. She couldn't help thinking about whether this is the main bedroom.

She lay down on the * * with little ran in her arms and hugged the little baby's trembling body in her arms: "ran, can I sing to you, sister?"

"Good." Xiaoran lies on Jianran's body and grabs her clothes tightly with both hands. It seems that she is afraid that Jianran will leave her again.

Seeing xiaoranan like this, Jianran's heart was hard. She could not help but bow her head and kiss xiaoranan's forehead: "little baby, go to sleep..."

Humming and humming, Xiaoran fell asleep slowly in Jianran's arms, but when she fell asleep, she still had a convulsion from time to time, which showed how sad she had just cried.

Jianran holds xiaoranan in one hand, pulls up the quilt and covers them, then kisses xiaoranan's face: "good night, baby!"


In the room, there is only an orange headlight, which is soft.

When Qin Yue returned to his room, he saw such a warm picture.

His wife is holding their daughter, two people are lying quietly on * *, this picture should be more warm and more warm, more sweet and more sweet.

In the past three years, Qin Yue did not dream of such a picture, and in fact, he was disappointed.

But this time it's different. This time Qin Yue knows it's true. It's his wife and children who fell asleep.

He slowly approached them, sat beside * * and stared at them. He could not help but stretch out his hand.

He wanted to touch her face, to feel her temperature, to make sure that she was really around him.

However, when his hand was only 0.01 cm away from Jianran, Qin Yue stopped again.

He knew that this simplicity was true, but he was still worried that once he reached out to touch her, she would disappear from his eyes like many times before.

He shouldn't have come back tonight, but after several struggles, he didn't control himself for the first time and came back quietly.

I wanted to see their mother and daughter at a distance, but after seeing them, he wanted to feel simple.

After struggling for a long time, Qin Yue's hand gently fell on Jane's face, only touching him gently, he took back his hand.

In fact, he wanted to kiss her more, but he couldn't --

when Qin Yue put his hand back, Jane suddenly moved and suddenly opened her eyes.

Two people are facing each other. For a while, the atmosphere is so awkward that it seems that the air is almost frozen together.

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