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Jane has only seen Qin Yue a few times. From his talks, she thinks that he is a very gentleman and a very excellent man. The most important thing is that he has a deep love for his wife So she would never think otherwise of him.

But now I've only met several times, and I've already come to sleep It's a bit of a misunderstanding.

When Qin Yue comes back, it's better to be estranged. Don't let people misunderstand, let alone small ran.

"Don't worry, I'm just here to take care of xiaoranan. I'll never overstep her. I can see that your brother loves your sister-in-law very much. " Jane smiled and said, "it's late. I'll go to have a rest first."

With that, Jane nodded and left, leaving Qin Xiaobao, who had been forced to face again.

Yeah, yeah?

Qin Xiaobao reaches out and wants to catch his sister-in-law!

Sister in law, wait! I don't mean that! You are my sister-in-law!! My brother's favorite woman is you!!

Please make sure you exceed the moment! Push it to my brother! He * * for three years, these three years have not enjoyed the fun between men and women, you quickly save his dried up small heart!!

Qin Xiaobao roars inside, but he dare not really shout it out

She had a hunch that if her wooden brother knew about it, she might not see the sun tomorrow.


Jiangbei has a subtropical monsoon climate. It's already warm in spring.

Today is a good day. There are a lot of stars in the sky. A round of curved moon is hanging between the stars, which is often called "all stars arch the moon".

Such beautiful scenery, Qin Yue has no idea of enjoying it. The whole idea is on the simple and small ran in the villa.

He sent Xiao Qinghe to investigate the situation. It's been a long time. Xiao Qinghe didn't return a word. I don't know how the situation is?

Looking around, Qin Yue didn't wait for Xiao Qinghe to come out. Qin Yue lit another cigarette and took two mouthfuls of it. He used this nicotine to anesthetize himself.

In the work, it is often said that Qin Yue is an iron fist means to kill decisive leaders. His decision-making has never been wrong, and no one can replace the position of commercial emperor.

But in the private life, especially in the emotional aspect, it is not enough to use idiots to image Qin Yue. Let alone others, Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi, who often accompany him, don't dislike him.

Jianran has appeared in front of Qin Yue, and he has tried to make Xiaoran bring Jianran home for the night.

However, he still didn't figure out how to deal with Jane, so that she could easily accept him and not reject him so much.

Xiao Qinghe walked out of the villa area, and looked at the sparks outside from a long distance. He knew that Qin Yue was smoking.

"How about Jane?" Seeing Xiaoqinghe, Qin Yue extinguished the cigarette end. Although he kept his voice as low as possible, he could still hear his eagerness.

Xiao Qinghe also leaned against the car, took out his cigarette, lit it with the lighter of Qin and Yue, took two cigarettes, and slowly said, "Jane really forgot us, not pretended to forget us."

"I really forgot us." Qin Yue also lit a cigarette, leaned against the car and smoked with Xiao Qinghe. After a sip, he asked, "can you know why?"

Xiao Qinghe took a puff of smoke, flicked off the ashes, and said, "I talked with her casually, I only know that she really forgot everything in the past. As for why we forget the past? We have to check this slowly. "

"You know better than I do in this respect. What do you say I need to do?" As long as we can make Jane better, even if we trade the whole Shengtian, Qin and Yue will never disagree.

Xiao Qinghe paused and said, "I have met patients with amnesia before. There are many kinds of people who have lost their past memories. Some of them are artificial, some of them have suffered great trauma in their own heart, and they choose to forget their past memories. "

"You said that Jane may have suffered a great deal of trauma in her heart and chose to forget everything in the past?" Qin Yue's eyes looked at the house with the light in the villa. After a long time, he shook his head. "The Jane I know is definitely not like that."

A few years ago, Jane went through all kinds of betrayals and was abandoned by her family. In such an environment, she was strong and lived happily.

She is so positive, optimistic and strong. Qin Yue doesn't think there is anything else that can simply cause so much damage. She will choose to close her past memory.

Xiao Qinghe added: "amnesia can be divided into different types and different degrees. Generally, amnesia can be treated. But I don't think Jane's symptoms are the same as I've seen before. "

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows and said, "what do you want to say?"

Xiao Qinghe sighed: "if you can find the chance to let Jane go to the hospital for a physical examination, check whether her brain has been seriously damaged? If there is no problem with the brain, then we can find the reason in other aspects, and it will be faster to eliminate one. "

Qin Yue: "..."

After a pause, Xiao Qinghe said, "no matter what reason she forgot the past during that time, I think it's not a good thing. In my opinion, it's good that she doesn't think of the past. As long as we stay with her and give her warmth, she will always accept us. "

"She has a Jane Zheng Tian by her side." Qin said such a sentence coldly, his eyes were fierce as if he could swallow people up.

If Jane doesn't restore her memory, she won't believe what she did before.

At the thought that Jane ran had been with Jane Zhengtian for three years, Qin Yue thought he was going to suffocate.

What kind of thing is Jane Zhengtian and what kind of things he will do? They all know very well.

Qin Yue didn't think about it. Don't restore her simple memory.

He also worried that what happened three years ago would hurt Jane a lot. She chose to forget that it was beyond her acceptance.

He even wanted to give up some of their past good memories, let Jane start again with him, and they can form a family again.

But at the thought of jianzhengtian taking advantage of Jianran's weakness and letting Jianran identify as her father, Qin Yue could not forgive her.

"Jane Zhengtian, it's the same thing again." Mention this name, Xiao Qinghe eyes also show ruthlessness.

"Don't mess about, you can't touch him now." Qin Yue said.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Xiao Qinghe said.

They all know very well that now Jane Zhengtian is Jane's only family member and dependence after losing her memory.

If Jane Zhengtian has three strengths and two weaknesses, the person who will collapse is Jane.

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