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Jianran probably also understands the meaning of Xiaoran. Children's mind is very simple, but it changes when they listen to adults.

Jane shook her head and let her not think too much. She could take a bath for Xiao ran first and accompany her to sleep before leaving.

"Miss Jane, this is xiaoranran's towel, pajamas I'm very sorry to bother you with all these things. " A Ling, who takes care of xiaoranan, gives xiaoranan's toiletries to Jianran, who then exits first.

Jane went straight to the bathroom with Xiaoran in her arms. She didn't even notice such a big room. How could she know where the bathroom was.

Xiao ran likes playing with water very much. She sits in her bath basin and splashes her body with water.

She rubbed her head and said softly, "little ran, playing with water will catch a cold. A cold will have a runny nose, so it won't be cute. "

Small ran immediately did not move: "but do not have a cold, but to lovely."

Then she said, "well, don't move. Let my sister take a bath for you. Shall we go to bed after washing?"

"Good." Little ran nodded hard.

Jane has never taken care of such a small child. The baby's small, small arms and legs are very cute.

When taking a bath for little ran, Jane thought of little Ran's mother, the woman who didn't know where she had gone.

Her husband is so good and her children are so sensible. How can she throw them down?

Or maybe, what she saw was just the surface. How was the family relationship? How could she know if she was an outsider.

Little Ran Ran has been noisy for a day, and I didn't take a nap at noon. Now I'm sleepy soon after I'm quiet. When I sit in the bath basin, I'll point my head like a chicken eating rice.

Worried about her cold, Jane quickly wrapped her up with a bath towel, wiped it, took it back to the room, put Xiao ran on the * * and put her pajamas on again.

Jane pulled the quilt to cover her, and was about to turn around to clean up the bathroom, but the little guy reached out his little hand and grabbed one of her fingers: "Mom --"

suddenly heard these two words, Jane just felt that her heart was stabbed by something, a little bit painful and a little sour.

Little ran didn't think of her mother in the daytime, but she thought of her mother in her sleep.

Jane took back half of her foot, sat down beside the big girl, grasped little Ran's hand, and kissed her little face with her head: "Ran Ran, go to sleep."

"Sister in law Miss Jane, how can I say that the door is not closed? It turns out that you are here to take care of Xiao Ranran. Where is my brother? Are you taking a bath? " Qin Xiaobao walked in and looked at the bathroom.

"Your brother is on a business trip. Xiao ran asked me to accompany her. It's not just sleeping." It was said that there was also some embarrassment in Jane, but she was not afraid of the shadow. She had no other thoughts and was not afraid of others saying.

"Your clothes are wet. Let me find you a pajama."

"No more. I'll take a bath in the guest room in a moment and just blow it with the wind. "

Qin Xiaobao turns to go to the wardrobe in Qin Yue's room. There are new clothes for each season in the wardrobe, so you can wear them with any suit you like.

Qin Xiaobao casually took a set and said, "these are made according to your size."

"My size?"

"No, I mean my sister-in-law is about the same size as you. You must be able to wear it."

It's not good to wear other people's clothes. Jane hesitated and didn't reach for them.

"These are new, no one has ever worn them." Qin Xiaobao put the clothes into Jianran's hands and said, "don't be so polite to us. Since you are here, this is your home."

Jianran smiled awkwardly. The cloth in her hand was soft and comfortable, but no one wore it. After careful consideration, she could not help looking at Qin Xiaobao and asked in a low voice, "what about Xiaoran's mother? Why don't you have a picture? "

When she came here, she found a strange thing - there was no picture of the hostess anywhere in the house.

Looking at Qin Yue's appearance, I should love my wife very much, but there is no picture in such a big house.

This mother who "flies in the sky" in Xiaoran's mouth There seems to be no trace left.

Smell words, Qin Xiaobao Zheng Zheng Zheng, a face ignorant force.

What do you say? Say you're her mother? Because I'm going to cheat you to come back, so I put the photos away first?

No, no, No My sister-in-law is also in the middle of strength. If I tell her the truth now, I think it will really scare her to take off When that time comes, Qin Yue's bastard brother may directly send her to heaven

After thinking about it, Xiao Bao cleared his throat seriously: "well My sister-in-law left because of something, and my brother put away all her photos for fear of touching the scene. "

Jane nodded thoughtfully, thinking that there might be some irreconcilable contradictions between Qin Yue and her wife, so she separated. She just pitied Xiao ran.

"But Miss Jane, my brother never did anything to apologize to my sister-in-law," Qin Xiaobao said in a hurry, thinking that Jane misunderstood her. "My brother and my sister-in-law are because of nature's no! Yes! Resistance! Power! Apart, not because of emotional problems! "

What she said was quick and urgent, for fear that she would simply think of Qinyue as a heartless radish.

Jane smiled helplessly and said softly, "I know."

"No, you don't know!" I don't know why, seeing that Jane is so calm, Xiao Bao suddenly gets a little angry in his heart. "My elder brother's life is miserable when my sister-in-law isn't here these years. I'm so old that I saw him so scared for the first time, and I feel that his heaven has collapsed. If not If there's no such thing My brother may not survive, maybe. "

Xiaobaodun, with tears in her eyes somehow, looked at Jianran with sadness and sincerity: "my sister-in-law is everything to my brother and the whole world to my brother, do you understand?"

Jane is not familiar with Xiaobao, but she feels that the child is a cheerful and optimistic person after several contacts. At this time, Xiaobao's eyes were tearful, as if there were deep sorrow on her shoulders, which made her collapse at any time.

Jane can't help patting Xiaobao on the shoulder to comfort her, but she doesn't know what to say.

Maybe Xiao Bao thought she was interested in her brother, so he said these words to her.

I hope she can understand that in Qin Yue's heart, there is only the sister-in-law who doesn't know where to go, and I hope she doesn't have an idea about Qin Yue.

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