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After Qin Yue left, Xiao ran took two bites of strawberry pie and wiped her face with her hands. She was dirty all over her face, just like a little flower cat. She didn't forget to smile at Jane ran and put on the appearance of the little master: "sister, eat quickly."

"However, please eat slowly." Jane is hungry, but she can't bear to eat by herself. She takes a tissue to clean up her face.

Xiao Ran's father is also broad-minded. Xiao Ran has only met her twice. He will trust Xiao ran to give her. In case she is a bad person with an abnormal mind, what can I do if she hurts Xiao ran?

"sister, dad is on a business trip, will you go home with ran?" Jane just cleaned Xiao Ran's face, and she wiped it again, and made it look like a little cat.

Jane ran cleans her face for little ran, and says, "my sister is still busy with work in the afternoon, but she will go home after dinner. My sister will call you in the evening."

"But I want my sister to accompany me." Small ran flat mouth, not aggrieved to say.

She didn't forget her father's orders. He told her to cheat Da ran back home. She even used her own mace. If she didn't believe it, Da ran's sister wouldn't bite.

"But..." Jane wants to go to work, but she can't bear to refuse such a lovely little Lori. She doesn't know whether she will or not.

"Ran Ran goes to work with her sister, and she goes home with ran." At the right time, Xiao ran came up with a solution.

Small ran put on a face again, big eyes watery blink, more than her father's eyes sharp edge can not stand

Jane sighed in silence. What happened to the father and daughter?

"OK." A soft heart, Jane agreed to come down.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my father. Qin Yue is not at home. It's OK to accompany little Lori, isn't it?

"I received your call and bought a ticket back to Jiangbei without stopping for a moment. Now you tell me that Jianran has forgotten all the past things, and I can't recognize her? " after listening to Qin Yue, Xiaoqinghe is roaring, more excited than hearing Jianran's death three years ago.

Three years ago, he recognized his sister and heard the news of Jane's death.

He came to Jiangbei as soon as he received the news, but he didn't even see his own sister at the last time, so the Qin family burned him.

No one can accept this kind of thing.

At that time, Xiao Qinghe had a fight with Qin Yueda without saying a word. He was not Qin Yueda's opponent at all, but Qin Yueda didn't fight back with a single blow, which made him blue and blue.

I'm afraid that Qin and Yue were beaten for the first time in their lives.

In fact, Xiao Qinghe knew very well that Jane suddenly disappeared. Qin Yue was more sad than anyone else. These three years' life was just like death.

Qin Yue firmly told him that Jianran was still alive, and he sent many people to look for her. But the world is so big, there is no clue. It's hard to find someone.

My parents died early, but Jane is the most close person in the world.

He went back to Kyoto and resolutely closed the studio in Kyoto. He began to search from Kyoto, searched all over the country, and then went abroad to find places where Jane might go.

In these three years, he went to many places and asked many people, but there was no simple news.

But he didn't give up. Qin Yue didn't give up looking for Jianran. As his brother, he couldn't give up looking.

Just when he got the news that Jianran might be in Milan, he received a call from Qinyue saying that Jianran was back.

Jane came back, but forgot all the previous memories. That is to say, now they are strangers in Jane's heart.

Hearing this news, Xiao Qinghe was angry, but soon calmed down.

After calming down, Xiao Qinghe feels embarrassed. She will forget the past. These things must not be thought of by Qin Yue.

The reason why Xiao Qinghe is angry with Qin Yue is that he wants to find a vent to vent his resentment which has been blocked in his heart for three years.

However, he can find Qin Yue to vent, and who can Qin Yue find to vent? Qin Yue can only swallow all things in his stomach, and bear all by himself.

Being scolded by Xiao Qinghe, Qin Yue remained calm and said: "Xiao ran will take Jane home this evening. Go to my house to meet Jane and try to talk to her more."

"Don't you go back?"

Qin Yue said, "I'm on a business trip."

Xiao Qinghe stared at him and said, "I didn't expect that the powerful leoqin would lie."

Qin Yue said: "there is no longer me in Jianran's memory, and I don't know what I can do, so it's up to you, a famous psychologist, to talk to Jianran."

Qin Yue is very clear that if she is at home, Jianran will never go home with Xiaoran. He just uses her heart to let Xiaoran get along with her alone.

It is said that the blood is thicker than the water. The child is a piece of meat falling from the mother. Maybe Jane and Xiaoran are in the same place. One day, Jane suddenly thinks of Xiaoran.

Qin Yue, another psychologist, couldn't believe it, so when he learned that Jianran had lost her past memory, Qin Yue first thought of her brother, Xiao Qinghe, and asked him to come back from abroad.

Xiao Qinghe said, "take your Ferrari and drive away, and let me play handsome for two days."

Xiao Qinghe is such a person. He seems to be careless about everything, but he has discretion in his heart.

Jane came back, as long as people come back well, then things about the past memory are not so important.

It's impossible for a man as good as Qinyue to dislike him.

As for him and xiaoranan, they are all people who have a blood relationship with Jianran. Even if Jianran can't remember them, they are also the closest people to Jianran.

After thinking about it, Xiao Qinghe is in the mood to joke and think about playing handsome.

Ferrari's sports car, driving to Jiangbei for a round, want to have any kind of women.

Qin Yue said, "as long as Jane gets better, that car will take you."

"I'm just making a lot of money if I can have a brother-in-law like you." Xiao Qinghe slapped Qin Yue on the shoulder and said, "a sister can earn a Ferrari sports car. If I knew I would let my parents have more daughters, I would depend on my brother-in-law for my whole life."

Qin Yue gave him a cold look.

Xiao Qinghe shut up immediately.

Qin Yue is worried about the simple things now. He joked too much with him. It's him who finally suffered. Xiao Qinghe has been cheated by Qin Yue more than once. He knows how Qin Yue is.

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