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as soon as he came out of the Qin family, there was thunder in the sky. The thunder was louder and louder, and the sky was also dark. It seems that there will be a rainstorm soon.

Jane should have been home for a long time, but Xiao ran dragged her to play like this, and then dragged her to play like that, so she forgot the time when playing, so she dragged her home so late.

Jianran wanted to take a taxi home, but Qinyue insisted on sending her home, not only Qinyue, but xiaoranran also wanted to send her home.

Therefore, now it's Jianran sitting on the right side of the back seat, Qinyue sitting on the left side of the back seat, and xiaoranran and puppy sitting in the middle of them.

Xiao Ran is very excited today. She climbs into Qin Yue's arms to play coquettish, and climbs into Jane's arms to play coquettish. It seems that she has a father and a mother's child.

However, Jane is a little absent-minded. I don't know if it's because of the weather or if she is eager to go home.

My father has called her several times to urge her to go home, but the driver drives too slowly. Jane feels that she can run faster than this speed. Driving at such a speed, it's probably tomorrow morning when I get home.

After a few more thunders, the sky began to rain heavily.

It's dark at night and rainy. There are few vehicles around. It's dark again.

Many nights, Jane ran, shouted, ran and shouted in such an environment, as if she could see the light and the person she had been waiting for as long as she ran out of the door.

However, no matter how hard she tried to run, she could not reach the destination she wanted to go, as if there was an invisible force holding her back.

A sense of inexplicable uneasiness suddenly hit Jane. She was afraid, and she clenched her fists to control her emotions.

"Sister, I'm not afraid. Dad is here. Dad will protect the big and the small It's said that children don't understand. In fact, they can often see things that adults can't see.

Little ran knew that today, dad has been very happy, and because of big ran will be so happy.

Xiaoran reaches out to hold Jianran's clenched fist. In a moment, Jianran is not so afraid. She looks at her and smiles: "thank you, Xiaoran. Daran is not afraid."

Small ran soft Nuo Nuo sound again in the narrow space: "sister, you remember Ran's number, go home and call ran."

"Good." Jane nodded, took out her mobile phone, listened to xiaoranran skillfully report a string of numbers. After she saved it, she heard xiaoranran say, "this is my father's number. When my sister wants to call my father, she can find Ranran."

"Good." Jane nodded again and looked up at Qin Yue. He just looked at her with gentle eyes. He nodded and smiled at her and said nothing.

More than half an hour later, Jane finally got home. After seeing the Qin's father and daughter's car go, she turned and went upstairs.


In the dark, the dazzling white Bentley continues to run in the rain.

In the back seat of the car, Qin Yue, a tall and handsome man, was sitting in his arms with a cute little Ranran like a doll, holding a white Pomeranian.

"However, there is still a period of time to get home, you put the mianmianmian down, you sleep in my father's arms for a while, OK?" Qin Yue said in a soft voice.

Small Ran Ran looked up, in the face of Qin and Yue Baji, with waxy soft voice said: "Dad, Ran Ran want to play with mianmianmian for a while."

"Well, then play a little longer." Over the past three years, Qin Yue has always been reluctant to refuse any request from his daughter. No matter where he goes, he will bring Xiaoran and Xiaomian.

Before that, he lost big ran and big Mian has left, so he won't hurt little ran and small Mian again.

"Sister, ran likes Da ran, do you also like Da ran?" Xiao ran looked at Xiao Mian and asked earnestly.

"Wang, Wang, Wang..." Xiaomian means like.

Small Ran Ran touched its head, then kissed it: "big Ran is Ran Ran and sister's sister."


suddenly, the driver killed the car.

Qin Yue took care of Xiao ran steadily in his arms and asked in a deep voice, "what's the matter?"

the driver turned around and said, "President Qin, there is a bloody man in front of him."

"Detour!" Qin Yue said coldly. He never meddles. He doesn't care about other people's lives.

"Yes." The driver starts the car, turns the steering wheel to the left, and goes around the left side of the boy lying on the ground.

"Dad, save that big brother --" small ran suddenly said.

The light of the street lamp is shining on the boy lying on the ground. When the car passes by him, however, he turns his head to see the big boy covered with blood.

She was afraid, or she asked daddy to save the big brother.

"Ran, want to save that big brother?" Qin Yue rubs small Ran's head, ask whether gentle.

"Well, save the big brother." She nodded her little head hard, with a strange firmness.

"well, then has the final say." Qin Yue kissed his daughter, looked at the boy lying on the ground again, and told the driver, "pick him up and send him to the hospital."

The eldest child is about 15 or 16 years old. He has been cut at many places on his body. At this time, he still has some breath. He can save one life in time.

"Dad, big brother will be ok?" small ran blinked water clever eyes, looking forward to her omnipotent daddy.

Qin Yue said, "as long as you think about him, he will be OK."

"Small Ran Ran forced to nod:" think big brother good

"Good." Qin and Yue answered the way.

It's because of the saying that little ran wants big brother to be good that the best doctor can rescue the big boy and save his life.


The rain is still going on. It's boring.

After taking the medicine, Jane lay down, but she couldn't sleep on the * * any more. Her mind was full of small Ran's beautiful little face.

Think of little Ran's sweet smile, soft voice and various expressions.

She didn't never see a child, and she didn't know how. When she saw Xiaoran, it seemed that the whole heart was about to melt.

Xiaoran also likes her. When she left the Qin family, Xiaoran was reluctant to let her go. Finally, she just followed her father to take her home.

When I just got off the bus, Xiao ran also got in touch with her and asked her to visit her again in two days.

Jane agreed to Xiao Ran's invitation without thinking about it, and took it to her heart.

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