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Qin Xiaobao made up his mind that he must seize the opportunity this time. First, he threw Zhan Nianbei down and ate it. Then, when the rice is ready to cook, he will dare not to break the bill.

She tightly wrapped around his strong waist and said proudly, "Zhan Nianbei, you can't escape now."

However, before Qin Xiaobao finished, Zhan Nianbei took her hand and picked her up.

Qin Xiaobao is not so easy to admit defeat. She reaches out and grabs Zhan Nianbei's arm. "Zhan Nianbei, I'm all like this. If you don't touch me, I'll suspect you have a problem."

"I have a problem. That's my business." Zhan Nianbei picked up Qin Xiaobao like a chicken. "When you grow up and have physical needs, go find a man who is willing to play with you."

With that, Zhan Nianbei mercilessly throws Qin Xiaobao out.

Bang -

Qin Xiaobao falls on the hard wooden floor. With a bang, his whole body is falling apart.

"Zhan Nianbei, you --" Qin Xiaobao's strength of swearing is gone. She shrinks into a group and rolls on the ground twice. "Zhan Nianbei, you son of a bitch, aren't you afraid that I really want to find other men?"

Zhan Nianbei: "that's your freedom."

Hearing Zhan Nianbei's words, Qin Xiaobao grabs something and smashes it at the bathroom door: "Zhan Nianbei, you son of a bitch!"

She didn't believe that he didn't have a little love for her. If he didn't, he wouldn't have been so old and didn't find his girlfriend.

Qin Xiaobao stamped his foot angrily, and accidentally kicked the injured foot, which made her cry out.

"You're looking for the pain." Zhan Nianbei took a bath, walked out of the bathroom with a bath towel, and said, "go and get dressed and walk out of here, or just let me throw you out, two first and one."

Qin Xiaobao curled up into a group. He didn't speak or move. He scolded him again and again angrily. The disgusting smelly man was so cruel to her.

Today, she was locked up, injured, and fell down by him. How could she let go of such a big crime.

"To let me throw you out?" Qin Xiaobao doesn't answer. Zhan Nianbei looks at her and doesn't leave her any affection.

Qin Xiaobao gets up from the ground, purses his lips, looks at Zhan Nianbei and stops looking. He pretends to be very pitiful: "Zhan Nianbei, I just like you, you don't have to humiliate me like this..."

She seems to be crying, but not to mention how proud she is. Hum, Zhan Nianbei, let you watch Miss Ben's acting.

"Don't pretend. Your poor image doesn't work for me. " Zhan Nianbei mercilessly breaks through her disguise.

"Dress? Who's going to pretend with you? " Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he bit his teeth.

Once, her acting was not as good as it is now, but he believed what she played.

Now her acting skills are so good, what kind of role she is going to play is more in-depth, but Zhan Nianbei doesn't want to believe it.

He is no longer willing to coax her carefully, and his tenderness seems to be no longer left to her.

He may think that she is a girl who doesn't understand shame. She can take off clothes in front of men.

It's not that she doesn't understand shame, but that she really likes him so much that as long as he looks at her and smiles, she is willing to give up everything and go with him.

She has been using her methods to pester him and run after him, but it seems that these methods don't work. As she chases, he seems to be farther and farther away from her. Qin doesn't like that at all.

So she is working hard to get Zhan Nianbei and make him her person as soon as possible, so no one dares to come and rob him.

"Now that you think I'm pretending, think of me as pretending."

Qin Xiaobao sniffs and douda's tears roll down her eyes. She quickly reaches out to wipe them out. It seems that she doesn't want Zhan Nianbei to see them.

In the past, she cried with purpose. She cried on purpose for others to see. Today, she has to hide from crying. It seems that it's not acting, but really sad.

Zhan Nianbei went out to pick up her clothes, handed them to her, and said, "don't cry, put on your clothes, I will send you back."

Qin Xiaobao says it's late. It's fast. He hooks Zhan Nianbei's neck and kisses him fiercely.

Zhan Nianbei is slightly stunned, and Qin Xiaobao bites her lips hard. She breaks his lips and sucks his blood, as if she is revenging him in this way.

Looking at her angry face, Zhan Nianbei plans to push away her hand and stop it. Instead, he grabs her by the waist and holds her up to make it easier for her to bite him.

Just biting him is not enough. Qin Xiaobao reaches out his hand and grabs several bloodstains behind Zhan Nianbei's chest, which is enough to let him go.

Zhan Nianbei said, "put on your clothes and I will send you back."

"Qin Xiaobao complacent way:" I do not

Zhan Nianbei changed clothes in front of her and took a coat to go out.

Qin Xiaobao drags him: "I'm here, where are you going?"

Zhan Nianbei: "because you are here, I have to go."

"So late, where else can you go?" Qin Xiaobao's words just asked the exit, suddenly there was a bang on the door.

"Nianbei, dinner is ready."

The gentle female voice came from outside the door. After listening to her words, Qin Xiaobao's body was stiff. Did Zhan Nianbei really have a girlfriend?

Zhan Nianbei takes a look at Qin Bao, opens the door and goes out, slams the door heavily, leaving Qin Xiaobao alone in the room.

Qin Xiaobao wanted to go out to see who was the fox spirit who dared to rob a man with her, but she didn't wear anything. When she dressed up to go out, the corridor was empty. Zhan Nianbei didn't know where she had gone with that woman.

"Zhan Nianbei, come out!" She stood in the corridor and shouted, but she could not get any memories.

Zhan Nianbei has gone with a woman. It's really gone. It's not joking with her. Qin Xiaobao slowly understands this.

She always thought that Zhan Nianbei was hiding from her because of the identity relationship between the two people, but now it seems that it's not the same thing.

Today, I heard that Zhan Nianbei had a girlfriend. Qin Xiaobao didn't believe it at all.

But now she heard that a woman came to him and called him so close. This evening, when he left with a woman, where else could he go?

According to Qin Xiaobao's temper, she can knock on the door of the whole building until she finds out Zhan Nianbei.

However, after a night of struggling, Qin Xiaobao was also tired and didn't go to fight with him again.

However, she won't give up easily. This time, she can't. next time, she will spend several years with Zhan Nianbei. She is also willing.

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