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Polaris and ye Ziyang, the two stars, are in love because of their dramas. On the 18th of this month, ye Ziyang's birthday, the male and female protagonists go back to Ye Ziyang's house hand in hand * * all night.

As soon as the news was released, the click popularity of Polaris and ye Ziyang rose again and again, and soon rose to the front page headlines of major websites.

Before the two protagonists came out to talk, the fans on both sides began to fight and scold each other for wanting to consume the popularity of their idols.

Some rational fans said that this was their idol's private life. We should not interfere too much and wish the idol happiness.

But the sound of sane fan is too small, and it is soon suppressed. On the Internet, you can see that all two fans are scolding each other.

Ye Ziyang received a phone call from his agent. Before he got through, he was scolded by the other side.

He has just become popular. At this time, he can fry CP with others, but he can never make news of staying overnight with others.

Ye Ziyang is also in a hurry. He doesn't know how to explain, because he did take Polaris back to his apartment.

Although the two of them did nothing, who would believe that nothing happened in a single room for one night?

At this time, ye Ziyang, the hero, is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. Polaris, the heroine, is lying on the sofa at home, eating fruit, swiping micro blog with her mobile phone, and watching the fierce "war" like an outsider.

As she brushed, she muttered, "Zhan Nianbei, Zhan Nianbei, hide from me, keep hiding from me, if you have the ability, hide from me for the rest of your life."

Among the photos posted on Weibo, the first one looks like Ye Ziyang is kissing her, the second one is that ye Ziyang is pressing her on the sofa, her shoulders are half exposed, and the third and the fourth ones are even bigger

Looking at these photos, Qin Xiaobao couldn't help praising the photographer. The fidelity of this photo almost made her deceived.

Especially saw her micro blog under a curse, Qin Xiaobao also can't help registering a small number, join in for a while noisy.

Everybody scold, scold her severely, the worse she scolds, the better. She was scolded so miserably by others, and was "asleep" by other men. Zhan Nianbei must not be ignored.

Even if he wants to sit and ignore, Qin Xiaobao will not let him sit and ignore. She has already arranged for Zhong Kun to call Zhan Nianbei when the event reaches a certain heat.

However, she thought again that Zhan Nianbei was not a fool. It was not easy for her to cheat him. She had to continue to play the trick, and the more realistic it was, the better.

The first thing is to put the mobile phone into flight mode. If Zhan Nianbei can't get through with her phone, he will be in a hurry, and then he will definitely come to see her.

The next year, she had to make herself miserable. First, she had to find a way to cry and swell her eyes, and then make herself haggard.

The third thing is that she needs to have enough food before she has the strength to deal with Zhan Nianbei's smelly man.

Qin Xiaobao had a big meal first, then messed up his hair and put some things on his face. He tried to make himself miserable. The worse he was, the better.

After all the preparations, Qin Xiaobao turned around in front of the mirror and was very satisfied with his poor image. He took out his mobile phone and took a picture.

She came out and looked at Zhong Kun, who was standing in silence, and poked him in the chest: "I said Zhong Kun, if you face me like this again, I will not be happy."

"Polaris, your reputation will be ruined as soon as the news gets out." Seeing Qin Xiaobao's nonsense, Zhong Kun could not stop it, so he protested with silence.

"Don't worry. Call Zhan Nianbei." As long as we can catch up with Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao doesn't care what his reputation is.

Fame is what others see, others say, but life is what they live. Living with people they like is her pursuit.


"Zhong Kun, you are my man, so listen to me, or I will let you go back to America to stay." Qin Xiaobao punched him on the chest again. "Your muscles are getting stronger and stronger."

Zhong Kun blushed: "I'm going to call now."

Qin Xiaobao lies on the sofa, thinking of Zhan Nianbei's worried appearance, and can't help but raise his lips and smile.

Zhan Nianbei must like her. If he doesn't like her, he won't be single for so many years. He is the only blood of Zhan family.

Qin Xiaobao opened the tablet computer again, clicked on the microblog app to search, and the news that had just been on the hot search first disappeared.

None of the first 50 hot searches is about her, and she searches manually. None of the rumors about her and ye Ziyang today are gone.

All the news was cleared up, leaving no trace.

It's not just that she thinks she's hallucinating. Many Internet names have the same idea.

"Ah --"

Qin Xiaobao is so angry that she wants to hit people. She has spent a lot of time to make such a big play today. Her wooden brother has put her down again.

It's good for him to take care of his wife and children. Why should he take care of her business.

Qin Xiaobao angrily rolled to the ground from the sofa and shouted, "Zhong Kun, I want you to inform Zhan Nianbei. Who did you inform?"

Zhong Kun came in and hesitated, "Polaris, I've already called him, but he didn't say he wanted to see you."

Qin Xiaobao said, "to be honest, what did he say?"

"He said..." Zhong Kun knows that this is too hurtful, but he doesn't dare to lie. After thinking about it, he is still honest and says, "he said that your business has nothing to do with him, so that you don't bother him with anything in the future."

"My business has nothing to do with him?" Qin Xiaobao is so angry that he smashes his cell phone out, turns around and goes to the bathroom to clean up and change his clothes.

Zhong Kun followed her: "Polaris, where are you going? Don't mess about. "

"I'm in a bad mood now. You'd better not follow me." Qin Xiaobao came to the underground garage and drove straight to Jiangbei military region. If she didn't see Zhan Nianbei today, she would never come back.

The military area is an important military area. No one can come in. Qin Xiaobao was stopped before he was near the gate.

She is not afraid of being stopped. Only when someone stops her, can someone help her.

She winked at the guard and said with a smile, "brother Bing, I'm your commander Zhan Nianbei's girlfriend. Just let him out."

"Our commander's girlfriend often comes here. We all know that you should not pretend to be here. Leave now, we will not see you."

"What?" Qin Xiaobao squinted. "Does your commander's girlfriend often come here? Who is your commander? Who is your commander's girlfriend? "

She vowed that if the man dared to say it was Zhan Nianbei, she would beat him up.

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