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Qin Yue stops, his empty left hand clenches into a fist, and there is a dark tide surging in his eyes.

He was angry, not with her, but with himself.

If he had been with Jane all the time, those people would not have the chance to carry out their plan, she would not have been taken away from him for three years, let alone forget him and her children.

Xiaoran also realized that it was wrong. He left his father's hand and walked to Jianran with a small step. He held Jianran's hand with a small hand: "sister, but holding you, you won't wrestle."

Jian ran holds Xiaoran's small hand and nods with a smile.

"However, you are responsible for playing with your sister, and dad will not accompany you if he is busy." Qin Yue said.

Little Ran is willing to be close to big ran, and big Ran is willing to be close to little ran, so he will let their mother and daughter be alone everywhere.

Without him by their side, Jane should be able to let go of some things. I'm not sure Xiao ran can remind Jane of some things before.

"Okay, Dad." Small ran hard little head, soft said, "small ran can take care of big ran."

Qin Yue rubbed her head: "Dad believes you." Looking at Jane ran, she said softly, "I have something to do. I'll come back later."

Jane smiled and nodded.

"Dad, you can do it." Xiaoran takes Jianran's hand and walks forward with small steps. Without her father around, her mood is not affected at all.

When Qin Yue got out of their sight range, Xiao ran immediately grabbed the braid on his head and looked at Jane proudly with a look on his face: "sister, do you think the braid of Ran looks good?"

The two braids on Xiao Ran's head are tied like horns. To tell you the truth, they are not very good-looking, even a little messy. But Xiao Ran's machine record is lovely, which makes her more attractive.

But how also can't beat child's self-confidence, simply disobeyed to nod, gentle smile: "very good-looking."

Hearing others boast that their braids are good-looking, Xiao Ran is very proud to say, "Dad's braids for ran."

Jane was stunned She couldn't imagine how Qin Yue, such a man as a God, could comb his children's hair?

Brain mends the picture of Qin Yue clumsily combing her hair Jane just thought the picture was too beautiful to look straight, but it was warm and sweet.

His wife must be very happy, right? To have a husband who knows how to hurt.

In this way, Jane couldn't help laughing. She was envious, but only envied.

Look at the beautiful smile of Jianran, Xiaoran can't help but fall on Jianran's thigh, blinking the big eyes of shuilingling: "sister, happy?"

The words are clear and the tone is soft. With her big eyes, she just wants to be held and nibbled. Don't say the little pigtail, such a lovely child, give her a world is also should.

Jane can't help pinching little Lori's face: "happy."

"Happy dad, too!" Little Ran Ran replied.

"Ah?" Simply don't understand.

"Dad is very happy!" Small ran dundun, and added: "happy today."

"Oh?" "Was not happy before?" she blinked

"Before, before Dad miss Mom. Today is a big day, dad is happy! "


Children have no taboo. What they want to say is what they want to say.

But Jane thinks something is wrong But she did not meet Qin Yue at the same time. There should be no other reason? It's just a child talking nonsense.

"And your mother?"

However, Jane could not help asking.

"My mother is flying in the sky." Xiao ran opens her hands and fans up and down, like a pair of wings. "Dad and ran are waiting for her to come back."

Small ran said lovely naive, but simply listened to, but very uncomfortable.

She could not help rubbing Xiao Ran's head: "Xiao ran, who told your mother to fly in the sky?"

"The little aunt told Ranran." Little ran blinked, and pointed to the sky. "Little aunt said that when mom accidentally flew away, she would come back when she grew up."

Jianran squats down in front of Xiaoran's body, pinches Xiaoran's pink face, and says softly, "Xiaoran, Daran still wants to hug you, OK?"

Small ran open arms into the arms of Jane ran: "big ran casually embrace, small ran do not receive money."

Jianran holds xiaoranan in her arms and holds her vigorously. She doesn't know why. When she hears xiaoranan talking about her mother, her heart will suffer inexplicably.

Small ran pointed to the front of the small house, happy way: "sister, that is ran and sister's paradise."

"So does little Ranran want to take big Ranran to see your paradise?"


Jane ran came to the paradise with little ran in her arms.

This is a small independent building next to the main building, pink cartoon house, as seen in the cartoon.

"Come in, sister." Small ran passionately dragged Jane into her little castle and entertained her like a little master.

She has not never met strangers, but she is not so enthusiastic to every stranger, and she will not tell others what she has said, especially not allow others to enter her fairy tale kingdom.

She entertained her sister so warmly, not only because she helped her save her sister, but also because she liked it very much.

Xiaoranran's fairy tale kingdom paradise, in fact, is a small version of the house, where everything is in a small version.

There are simulated restaurants, simulated rooms and simulated orders, which are convenient for Xiaoran to learn to take care of herself.

Every ornament in the room is very delicate. You can see the intention of the people who decorate it.

Small Ran Ran pulled Jane ran, introduced to her after a circle, blinking the big eyes of water, asked: "sister, do you like it?"

"I like it," she nodded. I love it. "

"Small ran said:" these are all made by Dad

Listening to the voice of Xiaoran soft waxy, inexplicably, there are some uncomfortable in Jianran's heart. Look at small Ran's eyes more gentle.

Small Ran's father is very painful small ran, small Ran is also very cute and sensible, but the world's love, no love can replace mother's love.

"Sister..." Small ran pulled the corner of her clothes, and there are good things to introduce to her.

"Little ran, can sister kiss you?" Asked Jane.

Jianran wanted to kiss Xiaoran's face for a long time. After thinking about it for a long time, she got up the courage to say it without anyone else.

Who knows her voice just fell, small Ran Ran came up to her face and said, "Ran Ran kisses her sister."

All of a sudden, she was kissed by Xiaoran's soft lips. Xiaoran left a little watermark on her face. She just felt that her heart was soft and melted

She holds up xiaoranan's face, so that she can be careful to kiss xiaoranan's face and rub xiaoranan into her arms.

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