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However, Qin Yue didn't insist on going out to dinner with him.

He took the lead in sitting down and said softly, "let's sit down and talk about the design of the dress."

She nodded, sat down, took out her notebook, and said seriously, "Mr. Qin, please tell me your detailed requirements, and I will make a record."

Seeing her so serious, Qin Yue seems to see the former simplicity again. When she works, she always takes her work seriously and never carelessly.

After so many years, she can make PM hire the position of chief designer in China with high salary, which must be the result of her great efforts.

"Mr. Qin?" Seeing Qin Yue staring at himself and not talking, Jane tried to shout at him.

Qin Yue returned to his senses and said, "I don't know anything about design, and I don't know what to ask for. I'd better ask you to give me some advice. I'll refer to it. "

Jane thought for a moment and asked, "please tell me what your wife and children look like? I would also like to make a basic judgment. "

Qin Yue heard this, a flash of inspiration in his brain, a little excited, said: "I describe this very abstract. Miss Astria, if you don't mind, why don't you come back with me and see the children? "

The design industry pays most attention to tailor-made. Before, there was no lack of running to the customer's home. After thinking about it, they nodded and agreed.

Go to see the children and measure their height, so that she can play better.

When she came to Qinyue's car, she wanted to sit in the back seat, but she thought it was impolite, so she sat in the vice driver's seat.

Instinctively, Qin Yue wanted to reach out to help her fasten her seat belt, but just leaning towards her, she quickly moved to the window and looked at him defensively.

Qin Yue reluctantly took back his hand and said, "my wife used to sit in the passenger seat when I was driving. She always forgot to fasten her seat belt. I just forgot for a moment that she wasn't the one sitting next to me. "

The person sitting next to him is still his wife, but she forgot.

Qin Yue said so, but she blushed awkwardly, pulled up her seat belt and smiled politely at him.

After driving for more than half an hour, none of them spoke. They simply and quietly looked at the front of the car and enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the waiting road.

Qin Yue's home is more luxurious than Jianran thought. After entering the gate, it takes more than ten minutes to walk to the main building.

Qin Yue walked very slowly. She specially cooperated with her step. While walking, she also introduced the surrounding scenery to her, which made Jane think that this man is very polite and gentlemanly.

"Dad, you're back." Still separated by a distance, a small figure would run to Qinyue.

Qin Yue catches her small body, hugs her and kisses her: "but tell Dad, do you miss Dad?"

"But I miss my father. I'm hungry at the thought of my stomach." Small ran said while still touching the small belly, pathetic appearance.

"How about Aunt Ling mixing milk powder with Ranran?"

"But don't drink grandma, but it's a big kid. Big kids don't drink grandma."

"Drink grandma and eat strawberries in the afternoon."

Looking at their father and daughter's close interaction, Jane's heart is warm.

Jane remember, and remember very clearly, this lovely and beautiful child, she met a few days ago, her name is xiaoranan.

It's no wonder that a father has such a beautiful daughter.

However, she vaguely remembered that day when Xiaoran said to her that her mother was flying in the sky -

when she thought of this, she felt sad and her clear eyes fell on Qin Yue's face.

She remembered what he said today. He said that when his wife came back to him, he would put on the wedding dress for her.

What the hell is that?

Is Xiaoran's mother gone or not?

Think of such a small child but no mother, Jane suddenly some heartache, fall on the eyes of small ran how also reluctant to move.

Qin Yue noticed Jianran's eyes and thought to herself, would she think of their children? Even a little bit of it.

After waiting for a long time, Jian ran still looked at Xiao ran. Qin Yue asked, "do you want to hug?"

"Me, can I?" Jane wants to hug. She wants to hug very much.

"But can I have a beautiful aunt hug you?" Qin Yue introduced Jane to her daughter.

Small Ran's eyes just looked at Jane ran, who never remembers things. When they saw her, they were excited: "big ran?"

"Dad, my sister is da Ranran, the sister she helped Ranran save."

"Nice to see you again, little ran." Jane smiled softly and said.

When I said goodbye to xiaoranran that day, Jianran thought it was impossible to see each other again in the vast crowd, but she didn't expect to see each other again after only a few days.

Qin Yue also understood that he went to the park that day to pick up Xiao ran, and that his Da ran really came, but he didn't want to believe it.

Little ran opens her little arm to Jane and says softly, "big ran holds little ran and doesn't accept money."

"It's very kind of you, little Ranran." Jianran takes over Xiaoran and holds her in her arms. She is so soft inside. I can't even like such a beautiful and lovely child.

Looking at their mother and daughter, Qin Yue's eyes are so tender that they can melt. He would like to look at them like this, even if he would look at them for a lifetime.

"Sister, I want to take you to a place, would you like to?" Small ran likes big ran, so I think there is a good place to share with her.

"Where to?" she nodded

"You follow Ranran and take you there." Xiaoran takes Jianran's hand. "Elder sister, walk steadily. Don't wrestle."

"Well, my sister will be stable."

Small ran led Jane to walk a few steps, suddenly feel wrong, looking back to see dad is looking at them, she said: "Dad, you also want to accompany ran together."

"OK. My father is with little Ranran. " Qin Yue is waiting for xiaoranan to say that. He takes xiaoranan's other hand.

He holds Xiaoran's left hand, and Xiaoran's right hand. Xiaoran walks among them with a beautiful and warm picture. Baidu or 360 search: (my book city net) the latest chapters of the novel are free to read

Qin Yue wants time to stop at this moment, and they walk like this with three people holding hands until their husband and wife grow old and grow up.

But in Qin Yue's fantasy, Jane took back her hand without trace. She felt very embarrassed to hold their father and daughter.

Xiao ran didn't notice that his right hand was released, but Qin Yue saw it at the first time.

Qin Yue suddenly felt that there was a violent gas in his body, which seemed to break through his defense line.

He wanted to carry Jane home in a simple and crude way and never let her go again.

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