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Jiangbei City's night, brilliant lights, the description of night city to the extreme.

Qin Yue stood on the balcony, looking out at thousands of lights, smoke one after another, never stop.

Although he never smoked in front of Jianran, he quietly gave up smoking after learning that Jianran was pregnant.

Similarly, three years ago, because Jane suddenly disappeared from his side, he began to be infatuated with the smell of tobacco. It seems that he used this method to paralyze his nerves, but he would never smoke in front of Xiaoran.

Tonight, he has smoked nearly a pack of cigarettes, but still can't suppress the dryness and uneasiness in his heart.

He and Jane are in the same city. They are close to each other, but they seem to be thousands of miles apart, which makes him unable to reach her.

"Mr. Qin, this is the information you want." Liu Yong hurriedly arrived, handed the prepared materials to Qin Yue, and stepped back two steps to open the distance between them.

Qin Yue presses the cigarette end in his hand and quickly opens the folder to turn it over. Every time he turns a page, Qin Yue's face becomes more and more heavy, just like the Luocha.

Liu Yong stood in front of Qin Yue, looking at Qin Yue's face, his heart was even more uneasy.

After three years of searching, no clue was found. When the hope in their hearts became increasingly dim, the people who had been searching for three years suddenly appeared.

All of a sudden, without warning.

Moreover, from the information obtained today, it is clear that someone is playing cat and mouse games with them.

In this game, the other side is a cat, the other side regards them as mice.

Qin Yue didn't say anything for a long time. Liu Yong couldn't help but ask, "President Qin, what should we do now?"

Qin Yue threw the document in his hand and said in a cold voice, "hold still for the moment."

Qin Yue's mind has always been meticulous. After reading these materials, he quickly analyzed the causes and consequences of things.

Three years ago, he doubted it, but because he couldn't find the exact evidence, he didn't dare to draw a conclusion easily, and he was unwilling to wrongly his most trusted relatives, but today he understands everything.

Three years ago, the fire was man-made, and the accident was man-made. It was a trick to burn Jane before he rushed back to Jiangbei.

Besides his beloved grandfather, Qin Yue couldn't think of a second person.

Just one thing, he didn't understand, it was his grandfather's action, how could Jane fall into Jane Zhengtian's hands? How can I forget all the past?

What's the secret between grandpa and Jane Zhengtian? What did they do to Jane in the end

Thinking of this, Qin Yue took a cold breath, his knuckles were clear, his fingers were white, and his heartache came from waves of attacks.

But now there is no time for him to feel heartache, there are more important things waiting for him to do.

Jianzhengtian took Jianran to hide for three years. At this time, he took Jianran back to Jiangbei to let Jianran appear in front of him. Then he had reason to believe that jianzhengtian must want to use Jianran to get something from him.

Jianran forgets all the things in the past, and jianzhengtian catches Jianran's weakness and lets her identify as her father.

Now in Jianran's heart, Qin Yue is just a strange word to her, and JianZheng's genius is her closest and most trusted person.

Therefore, Qin Yue can't do anything about Jane Zhengtian, let alone forcibly bring Jane back from her side.

Now, he has to find a way for Jianran to remember the past things, and he has to know the real purpose of jianzhengtian's doing so, so as to protect Jianran from being hurt and be willing to return to him.


Jianran will meet with Qinyue. It's no surprise that jianzhengtian did all his best to arrange what happened today.

He found out that there was a TV program in Qinyue's meeting today, so he managed to get Jane a TV program. As long as they appeared in the same place on the same day, there would be a great chance to meet them.

Today, he has been watching outside the TV station, seeing Qin Yue chasing Jane out with his own eyes, seeing Qin Yue following Jane, and knowing that they had an elevator accident together.

At first, he had some worries that his plan might change in case of an accident, but when he saw Jane's expression at night, all his worries were gone.

As long as Jianran can't recall the past memory, then she is a powerful weapon in his hand. Qin Yue finds out that he is in Jiangbei, and he doesn't dare to fight against him.

At this time, Jane Zhengtian also stood by the window, looking at the half moon in the sky, as if he saw someone's shadow in the moon, as if he heard a disdainful voice.

"Jane's? What is the Jane family? "

"A few decades ago, the Jane family was a famous family, but now it's just a broken family. With Jane Zhengtian's ability, he will never let the Jane family return to the way it used to be."

"Jane's ability?" Jane Zheng Tian repeated this sentence, reading it over and over again.

He just wants to create a brilliant Jane family by his ability, and let everyone know that the Jane family is the real famous family.

Tonight, what he has to do is to have a good sleep. Tomorrow, he can get up and do what he wants to do.

The next day, Jane Zhengtian got up early as usual. She packed up early and put on his new suit.

The suit is Armani's new style this spring, which he specially prepared for himself. Now, as the father of a famous designer, he also has to wear decent clothes.

"Dad, are you going to a big party today?" In Asteria's few memories, Jane Zhengtian has never been seen dressed so formally, which is a little surprising.

"I'm going to help you get in touch with the new company today. If it can be negotiated, then the contract can be signed and you can work formally. " Jane Zhengtian sat down at the dinner table and said, "but if you sit down, dad has something to tell you."

"Dad, what's up?" Asteria sat down and asked.

"My father didn't want to tell you why you had that serious illness three years ago, and didn't tell you what your Chinese name was," said Jane Zhengtian

Astria looks at Jane Zhengtian and says, "Dad, you don't want to tell me. Naturally, there are your reasons. I don't want to know."

She guessed that she would forget the past things after a serious illness, so the past memory must not be a good thing, and the bad things should not be remembered.

Now, although she occasionally feels empty in her heart, it always seems that there is something missing, but as long as she works hard, the unexplained emptiness will disappear, so she has little interest in the past, and has never questioned her father.

Jian Zhengtian claps her hand and says, "your Chinese name is Jian ran, which will be more convenient for you to use in China."

"Jane?" Jane followed and said, "it's easy to read."

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