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The elevator suddenly jammed and didn't land again.

The scream in the elevator also stopped in a flash, but Jane's fist didn't stop. She seemed to be greatly frightened and regarded the person holding her as a fierce beast.

Qin Yue hugged her tightly and comforted her constantly: "Jane, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I'm here, I'm ok, I'm ok, I'll never let you have anything more, I'll never have anything more."

three years ago, he lost her, he has been regretful.

Now when I meet her again, no matter how much he pays, he will never let her suffer a little more harm. No one can hurt her any more.

Qin Yue hugged Jianran tightly and said, "if you have a mobile phone, take it out for lighting, and immediately press the call button to inform the property owner."

Hearing his steady voice, the trapped people in the elevator seem to have taken a dose of tranquilizer. No one makes any more noise. Some people take out their mobile phone lighting, and some people call for help.

In Qin Yue's arms, his simple body was still shivering, and the light of her mobile phone shone on her delicate face, so that he could see clearly how pale her face was.

In these three years, what kind of things has she experienced that will make her react so fiercely when she meets such things?

But now is not the best time to ask these questions. He must find a way to let her not be so afraid, and wait for the rescue workers to rescue them safely first.

According to the routine procedure, it is estimated that they will be rescued at least half an hour later. Qin Yue takes out his mobile phone and informs Liu Yong to find someone to arrange.

As soon as Liu Yong received the news, he immediately informed people that Qin Yue was trapped in the elevator, and no one dared to neglect.

The first-aid workers, firefighters, police, ambulance workers, all of them arrived at the scene in the fastest time.

After about ten minutes, they were rescued smoothly, no one was injured, but everyone was shocked.

After they were rescued, Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi, who had been waiting outside for a long time, ran over at the same time and worried: "President Qin, have you Madam?

The words of concern turned to shock before they were fully exported, only because they saw the people around Qin Yue - the woman who was as gentle as a pool of spring water, the woman who made Qin Yue Miss looking for three years, the woman who had been dead three years ago, standing beside Qin Yue at this time, the little birds are close to people, and the beautiful eyes look forward to, just like that year.

Two people stare big eyes, open big mouth, at that time even can't distinguish the reality or dream in front of them.

Qin Yue glared at them in time and motioned for them to retreat. Later, he took his Jane to the temporary ambulance and asked the doctor for a simple routine examination.

Just now, Liu Yong blurted out his wife. At the right time, Asteria was still in a state of shock.

At this time, after some inspection, Asteria also recovered her calm. Thinking of what she had just done in the elevator, she was particularly embarrassed and smiled at Qin Yue with great regret: "excuse me, sir. I'm a little afraid of elevators... "

She bit her lips, and a faint blush rose on her white face. She said again, "I just overreacted and didn't hurt you, did I?"

Her tone, polite and unfamiliar, three points of apology and seven points of sincerity, clearly is impeccable speech attitude

However, the soft words are like a sharp sword, which is poisoned. They enter Qin Yue's heart inch by inch.

The joy of reunion was so cut open layer by layer, and the fact of blood was so placed in front of him - he was simple and did not remember him.

Qin Yue looked at her firmly, unable to say what he felt in his heart.

She doesn't remember him. There is no his presence in her memory. Their common memories have all turned into a bubble

He didn't speak. Asteria thought he was still concerned about what happened, and said, "I'm really sorry, sir! I... "

She fell into Qin Yue's eyes in a hurry. Qin Yue felt so dazzling that she could not help but move her head away. But she was afraid that her actions would make her uncomfortable. So she quickly put on a piece of tenderness in the corner of her lips and whispered: "afraid of the elevator? Did something like that happen? "

His voice is very light and soft. It's clear that they met today, but he gave her the feeling of knowing friends for many years, inexplicably familiar.

However, Asteria didn't see Qin Yue's clenched hands. Those hands with distinct bones were tight and pale at this time, as if they were resisting something with all their strength.

Listening to his gentle voice and looking at his kind and gentle eyes, she took a deep breath and couldn't help saying, "it's not a big deal," she smiled again, "it's just that she was trapped in the elevator of the hospital a few years ago, and almost suffocated all night."

Asteria says it's light, but it's not so easy. At that time, she was recovering from a serious illness, and soon after she was able to walk, she was trapped in the elevator of the hospital before long.

At that time, call every day should not call the ground is not working, the air in the closed space is thin, the cold and hard walls on all sides seem to press over at any time, squeezing her into meat sauce.

She was curled up in the corner in her sick clothes. She felt that the darkness was full of danger and despair. She seemed to go back to the period of coma. She could not find a way out by running in the darkness She screamed, ran, shouted, but the people she waited for never came.

But, wait, who is it?

She didn't know.

She never mentioned the incident of being trapped in the elevator to anyone, because she was afraid of her father's worry, so she didn't even tell her father, but since then, she has had some shadow on the elevator.

Today, there was an accident, and those dark memories swept in, so the moment was out of control.

Fortunately, this person helps, otherwise I really don't know how I will go mad.

Think about it, and Asteria wants Qin Yue to smile with gratitude.

She said it calmly, as if nothing really happened. However, Qin Yue understood that it would never be so simple.

If it wasn't for the deep fear, she wouldn't have been out of control just now.

What's more, she has always been such a personality, even though her heart is riddled with holes, she still needs to put on a smile to make people feel at ease.

This smile Once, even lied to him.

He would like to hold her in his arms to comfort her and tell her that he would not let her suffer any more grievances in the future, but he could not. He was afraid that his sudden action would frighten her and that she would treat him as a rogue who wanted to offend her.

After a long time of thinking, Qin Yue put down a lot of heartache in his heart and pretended to be relaxed: "my name is Qin Yue. How about you? "

"asteria. "

He asked, she replied.

Quickly and simply, without any drag, but also block other words are cut off.

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