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Because of hope, and countless times of disappointment.

This time, instead of acting immediately, Qin Yue quietly watched the woman who was similar to his simple back go further and further.

Just after she turned and disappeared from his sight, Qin Yue couldn't care about anything and rushed out of the crowd surrounding him.

Whether that person is his simplicity or not, even if the truth still disappoints him, he still has to confirm it with his own eyes.

He would rather be disappointed again than miss any chance to find her.

Qin Yue suddenly ran away. Others didn't know why. They all followed him.

"President Qin --"

called him Liu Yong. After he was busy with the business here, there was a very important meeting waiting for him. He had no time to delay.

"Don't follow me." Qin Yue said without looking back.

As soon as he spoke, Liu Yong could only stop a group of people, and Xu Huiyi looked at each other with a look that no one could keep up with.

Qin Yue's legs were long and he walked very fast. Soon he came after the woman.

Today's weather is very good. After leaving the TV station, she looks up at the sky, takes a long breath, and makes a gesture of refueling.

Qin Yue looks at her back and swallows a mouthful of saliva nervously. He likes to do these actions most.

It looks silly, but it's so cute.

His eyes fixed on her, watching her take out a map from her backpack, looked down for a while, and then looked around.

When she looked at him, when she saw the face clearly, Qin Yue suddenly froze -

it was the face he dreamt about day and night at midnight, the face he remembered clearly but could not remember.

It's her, it's her, it's his wife thinking day and night, it's his simplicity --

maybe his eyes are too surprised, maybe this gate is only for her, and she also sees his existence.

They are only a few steps away from each other. As long as he takes two steps, he can catch her, hold her in his arms as before, feel her breath, feel her heartbeat, and feel everything about her -

but Qin Yue is standing on the ground, nervous and unable to move, and the heartbeat is as fast as he wants to jump out of his mouth.

She came to him, chuckled politely to him, and said, "Sir, do you know which way the skyscraper is going?"

It's said that the designer is good at drawing, but she just can't understand the map, and can't distinguish between East, West, North and south.

It's said on the map that skyscrapers are not far from here. They should be able to arrive in ten minutes' walk, but she just can't tell whether to go left or right.

Suddenly I heard her voice, which was so familiar that I couldn't be familiar with any more. Qin Yue's brain was as rusty as a rust. He was confused. He reached for his right finger foolishly.

"Thank you!" After saying thanks, she smiled at him again and walked away.

Her smile is still so sweet, like sweet into people's hearts, as long as you see her smile, the haze in his heart will disappear with the wind.

After she walked out of a distance, Qin Yue followed her stupidly, about tens of meters behind her.

Along the way, she looked here and touched there. As long as she had seen it, he would go to see it and touch it, and feel with her in a different way.

He did not dare to lean too close to her or catch her. He was afraid to touch her, and his simplicity would disappear from his eyes like countless times before.

So he followed her so far, looked at her, even without any touch, he could walk behind her for such a long time, and he also felt happiness inexplicably.

It took about ten minutes to reach her destination, skyscraper.

Skyscraper used to be the landmark of Jiangbei City.

Although the landmark of Jiangbei City has been replaced by Shengtian tower, the popularity of skyscrapers as a tourist attraction has not yet dissipated. Many tourists come to Jiangbei and still come here to have a look.

If you don't take a tour of skyscrapers, you won't say you have come to Jiangbei.

When Qin Yue saw her go to the ticket window to buy a sightseeing ticket, he followed her and asked for a ticket.

The ticket price is 100 yuan, which is not a money at all for him, but he never carries money on himself, so he can't buy anything of 100 yuan without an assistant.

"Are you going sightseeing? You don't have money with you? " She stood beside him and asked him in her sweet, tender voice.

Qin Yue looked at her and nodded stupidly, "well."

"Please give me another adult ticket." She said to the conductor, took out another hundred yuan, bought a ticket and handed it to him, "thank you for showing me the way."

Qin Yue looked at the ticket she handed over, but did not reach for it, as if he did not dare to take it.

Today's Jane is so real, as if it is real around him. He still wants to get along with her for a while, and he doesn't want to touch her. He is afraid that she will disappear from his eyes again.

He didn't reach for it, and she had some embarrassment. She put the ticket on the counter and went to the line to wait for the elevator.

Qin Yue grabbed the ticket and lined up behind her, but he didn't dare to be too close to her. There were still two people between him and her.

The people who bought tickets in the back of the queue looked at the position among them. They wanted to get in the middle of them. Qin gave a cold stare. The people who wanted to get in the queue backed up.

The elevator can carry more than a dozen people at a time. When the door of the elevator is opened, people rush into it. Qin Yue wanted to keep a distance from her, but when he was squeezed, he hit her.

He was standing next to her. There were more than ten people in the elevator, but he could only see her and hear her.

The simplicity with temperature, the simplicity with breath, the simplicity with speech -

he blocks other people from squeezing her, and he keeps a certain distance from her, protecting her under his wings.

Suddenly, I don't know who squeezed hard and hit his arm. His hand accidentally touched her hand.

Her hands are icy, but the touch is so real.

Isn't this his dream, is his simple reality around him?

He couldn't believe it. He wanted to hold her hand and confirm again.

At this moment, however, the lights in the elevator suddenly went black and the car fell down quickly.

The elevator screamed one after another.

"Ah, no, no --" Asteria roared like a small animal, shaking with fear, waving her hands and slapping her randomly, forbidding anyone to approach her.

In the dark, Qin Yue grabbed her hand and held her in her arms, trying to calm her down and ask her not to be so afraid.

But his hug made her more resistant, and she punched him again and again, almost screaming, "let go of me, don't touch me --"

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