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Qin Yue looks along the direction of small Ran's fingers, but still doesn't see anything. Finally, he shakes his head helplessly.

What's wrong with him recently?

Even when he saw an ordinary heart-shaped band aid and heard some children's words from Xiaoran, he could associate things with Jianran.

"Dad, I'm hungry. I want to eat red strawberries and sweet chocolate." Small Ran Ran raised a small hand holding his father's face and said in a very serious voice.

Soon, Xiao ran can't remember that she just helped Da ran. She just wanted to eat delicious food.

"Do you want to eat?" Looking at his daughter's big blinking eyes, Qin Yue could not help but lower his head and kiss her red face.

"Five hundred for a kiss." Little ran spread out his hand and said softly, "Daddy gives money."

Qin Yue said, "but you want money? Or strawberry? "

I heard my father's words, but I blinked my beautiful big eyes and thought seriously. She wanted money and strawberries, so how to choose?

After serious thinking, small ran raised a small hand than one, soft said: "Dad, ran want two."

Qin Yue shook his head: "no, only one."

He was severely refused by his father, but Xiao ran felt especially aggrieved. He stabbed his head in his father's arms and flattened his mouth. "Dad, he asked for money, but he also wanted to eat strawberries."

Worried about making his daughter cry, Qin Yue hurriedly raised his hand and surrendered: "well, it's OK, but he said that two small ones are needed."

"But I love dad." Little ran got up, looked up in his father's face and said, "Dad 1000."

"But would it cost a thousand to kiss dad?" Qin Yue picked up Xiao ran, kissed her little face several times, and said, "then, how much should I give you to my father?"

Xiao ran held her little finger and counted it carefully: "one, two, three - one, two -" br >

she held her finger for several times, no matter how many times, she couldn't figure out how much money dad should give her?

There is an agreement between her and her father. If she kisses her father, it's one thousand. If her father kisses her, it's five hundred. If she pinches her face, it's one hundred. And

There are many secret agreements between her and her father. Please forgive her for being too young to remember so much.

"Ten hundred." Small ran broke his fingers and counted for a long time. Finally, he got such an answer. Looking at his father, he was very proud of his smile. He seemed to say to his father, "Dad, you are so proud, but you are right."

"Well, there are only a hundred, but remember that Dad owes you so much, and then Dad will give it back to you." Qin Yue held small ran in one hand and held up the mian on the ground in the other, "ran, Mian, let's go home."

Small ran ran to Dad's ear, said: "Dad, and sister's ten hundred."

Qin Yue smiled and said, "well, that's right, but what it means."

The bodyguard and nanny behind them saw the father and daughter. No, they should be the father and daughter. In the eyes of their master and son, the * * Wu dog, who was born at about the same time as Ran Ran, was also his daughter.

Now in the Qin family, the most precious thing is their little Miss Qin lelan, followed by the Bo Mei dog that grew up with the little miss.

No one dares to offend this man or a dog. The whole family holds them in their hands and hurts.

After Jane Ran's accident three years ago, Qin Yue replaced all the people in nuoyuan, not only the servants who had worked in the Qin family for decades, but the nanny who took care of Xiao ran was not the one chosen by the parents of Qin family, but he chose it himself.

Now protecting Xiaoran, these bodyguards are all those Qin Yue used to follow him when he was in the United States. He replaced all the people around him with the one he trusted the most, and no one else needed them.

Xiao Ran has been three years and a few months. When she was three years old, Qin Yue invited the best taekwondo coach to teach her Taekwondo at home.

Every day when he comes home from work, he will practice for an hour with Xiao ran. No matter what Xiao ran does, he will be patient with him.

When xiaoranan's mother comes back, he can tell her every bit of xiaoranan's growth. Tell her that their children are good at everything, that is, they are missing their mother to come back to her.

Put on the white Taekwondo clothes, Xiao ran kicked two times with a model. Qin Yue clapped his hands and encouraged him to say: "ran is great!"

Thanks to my father's praise, Xiao ran studies harder with the coach. Although the small arms and legs, but every move is a little like a little female warrior.

At the end of the course, he jumped into his father's arms and took a big sip of water with a milk bottle: "Dad, but later protect dad and sister."

"Well, darling." Qin Yue took a towel to wipe the sweat on her head, looked at her and Jane's two or three similar faces, involuntarily thought of his wife.

If Jane is by their side, what will she do with their daughter?

"President Qin, I'll go first." Said the young male coach.

"Well." Qin Yue nodded.

"Goodbye, teacher!" Little ran waved to the coach and said softly.

"But goodbye!" The coach waved to her, too. Teaching such a lovely and beautiful child is just a kind of enjoyment in terms of perspective.

"Dad, I'm hungry."

Qin Yue took a look at the time. Today, because of the delay of some time, the meal of Xiao Ran has already passed. No wonder the little girl will cry hungry.

He picked her up and said, "let's go for dinner."

"Dad, can I have a brother?" Only her sister and she play every day, she feels so bored, if there is another brother to play with them.

"But want a brother?" As long as his daughter is happy, he can consider adopting a child to grow up with her.

Small ran broke his fingers and said in a waxy and soft voice, "but if you want many brothers and sisters, you need a father."

Qin Yue understood that Xiao ran didn't want his brother and sister, but he was too lonely to play with his friends.

That night, after coaxing Xiao ran to sleep, Qin Yue was thinking about this problem.

Thinking about it, she decided to send Xiaoran to the kindergarten of Jiangbei military region, where the security measures are not as good as the so-called noble kindergarten outside.

He had lost his simplicity three years ago, and he could never lose his daughter again.

"Ranan --"

looking at xiaoranan's peaceful sleeping face, Qin Yue softly called her name, and I don't know whether it was xiaoranan who called his daranan.

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