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However, this time Qin and Yue have been waiting for a long time, until the time seems to be about to solidify, but also did not wait for Jane to appear again.

Qin Yue didn't want to wait any longer. He began to look for her. He couldn't let go of every corner of the room and called out her name: "Jane, Jane --"

he looked for her again and again, and her name was called by him again and again, but he couldn't find his Jane.

"Qin Yue, I'm here. Why can't you find it? When has it become so stupid? "

The voice of Jane rang again behind Qin Yue, and he turned back immediately, but the room was still empty, where there was her shadow.

"Jianran -" he lay down on * * and picked up the pillow she often slept on and sniffed. There was still her hair fragrance on the pillow.

Because there was no rest for a long time, Qin Yue fell asleep in a moment.

When he was sleeping soundly, someone poked his face with his finger: "Qin Yue, God is unfair, he gave you such a good family background and gave you such a beautiful face."

"Just don't make any noise!" Qin Yue reached for the hand that was making trouble in his face, but once again he grabbed the empty hand.

Qin Yue suddenly woke up, and he was the only one in the room.

He didn't see Jane, he just felt his heart was empty, sometimes there was a cold wind.

He got up and walked to Jane's desk. There was an easel beside her. The easel was one of her unfinished paintings.

Qin Yue picked up the brush and wanted to complete her unfinished painting, but he drew and drew. The more he drew, the less he knew what he wanted to draw.

"Mr. Qin, how can you be so stupid and destroy my paintings? I hate you so much."

"In short, I --"

"you are so stupid, don't talk to me."

"Don't hide it, Jane. Come out and let me see you."

Why can he hear her voice, but can't see her people, where she is hiding, why can't he find her.

"Qinyue, this place is too big. It's inconvenient to live in it. Let's move back to the original place."

The voice of Jian ran rings again. Qin Yue suddenly thinks of something. He rushes out of his mind and drives back to mengke city where they lived when they were newly married.

Open the door, there are two pairs of couple slippers on the shoe rack, one big and one small, the big one is his, the small one is her.

This was her choice when they went shopping. At that time, she said to him with a red face: "Mr. Qin, would you like to wear couple slippers with me?"

At that time, he didn't speak, just nodded.

Although he didn't like to wear those childish shoes, she did, and he was willing to accompany her, because she was his wife, and he wanted her to be happy.

Because the house is often taken care of by a specially assigned person, the house that no one has lived in for a long time is still clean and clean on the first floor, as if the two of them still live here.

Stepping through the porch, he looked at the kitchen for the first time. Before, when she came back from work, she was always busy in the kitchen. When she heard the sound of his opening the door, she would lean out of the kitchen and say hello to him: "you are back. The food will be ready soon. Wash your hands. "

"Good." Qin Yue nodded and looked at the direction of the kitchen, as if she was still busy in the kitchen. She was making her best boiled fish, adding onions he could not eat.

"Jianran -" he called her name, but he dared not approach her again. After several disappointments, he knew that as long as he approached, she would disappear from his eyes.

"Mr. Qin, why don't you stand still? Wash your hands quickly. You can eat right away." She turned to him and said with a smile.

"Good." Qin Yue still nodded, but still didn't move. He was afraid that when he turned around, she would disappear again.

"Mr. Qin, I want to give you a baby monkey."

Jane in the kitchen disappeared. She stood at the door of the bedroom and looked at him nervously and shyly.

Qin Yue also remembered that when they came back from the hospital that day, she said to him that she became his real wife that night.

She was obviously so shy, but she did so bold things to him.

If she didn't want to be with him forever, she would not have done so in her character.

"Jane, do you really have the heart?"

After she branded the indelible trace in his life, she disappeared from him in such a cruel way, pushed him into the inferno, and tasted the pain of thousands of insects corroding his heart.

He doesn't want any children, he doesn't want any women, he just wants her, the unique simplicity in the world - his simplicity!

"Qinyue, will we keep going? We're not going to separate, are we? "

Some time ago, she always asked him such questions, and every time she asked him, her expression was so sad.

She was such a confident person, she always said that she believed him, but she was so unsure of their future.

Something must have happened to her, and he didn't see anything.

Why didn't he see it?

If he had guessed her mind earlier, wouldn't it have happened today?

What happened that he didn't know?

Qin Yue walked into the room where they had lived for several months, and he seemed to see what she looked like when she helped him wear his tie for the first time.

She blushed, hung her head, and helped him nervously and attentively.

He hid in the room and looked everywhere for the traces left by Jane. He didn't know how many days had passed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa -" the baby's clear cry suddenly came from the thick door. Qin Yue's body suddenly froze, but it quickly responded.

He hurriedly ran to the bathroom to wash his face and tidy up his clothes. He felt that he didn't look so vicissitudes, so he opened the door.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa -" outside the door, the baby's cry continued, but Qin Yue held the doorknob's hand and didn't move.

Qin Yue closed his eyes and took a breath of cool air before turning the doorknob to open the door.

Outside the door, Jian ran was holding their child and looking at him with a smile, but he only blinked. The person in front of him became Qin Xiaobao and a strange woman. The strange woman was holding a baby, and the baby was still crying, which seemed very sad.

"Brother, this is a baby. Hold her." Qin Xiaobao finished, and motioned for the new nurse to give the baby to Qin Yue.

Qin Yue looked around, but didn't see the baby. Again, he still didn't see the man he wanted to see.

Finally, he took back his eyes and looked at the milk doll held by a strange woman. It was his and Jane's child, the only thought she left him.

He reached out his hands and held the child in trembling hands.

I don't know if there is telepathy. Just when he held the crying baby, he stopped crying. He just kept sobbing, as if he had suffered a lot of grievances.

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