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Jane looks at her robbed cell phone and rushes to get it back, but is pushed away by the assistant.

The assistant's strength was so great that Jane was pushed by him and her weight was not stable. She leaned back and hit her head on the door, which made her eyes twinkle with pain.

She also understood that Grandpa Qin had not taken action, not that he would not, but that he was waiting for the right time.

Waiting for her children to be full-term, waiting for Qin Yue to be away from her, then he can make people do everything seamlessly.

Qin Yue came back after the event. It's no wonder that Grandpa Qin was in charge.

However, Jane is still thankful that Grandpa Qin should have a little bit of humanity. She will take action when the child is almost full term. At least her child will be OK.

Jane still doesn't understand. Is her life experience so hard for Grandpa Qin to accept?

Maybe there are some reasons she didn't know. Grandpa Qin will try to push her away from Qin Yue.

This was a desperate situation, but suddenly she smiled, hard and desperate. She looked at the smiling assistant and said, "you have already made a decision. Is there any choice for me?"

The assistant still kept a polite smile and said, "you can rest assured. The child is nearly full-term, and can still grow up healthily after being taken out by caesarean section in advance. And this child is also the blood of the Qin family. If you are gone, the Qin family will raise him well. "

Jane clenched her fist and said with clenched teeth, "if I don't resist?"

"Little grandma is really smart. No wonder young master likes you so much." The assistant said heartily.

Jane felt that she was shaking: "what if I don't want to? "" although this is the first grandson of the Qin family, it's a pity But this child will never be the only one. " The assistant paused and smiled more softly: "little grandma also knows that, depending on the status of the Qin family, the young master will not lack women, not to mention children."

The assistant's smile, like a poisonous centipede, grabbed Jane's heart. Jane took a deep breath, as if she could shake her broken heart for a while.

Yes, according to the status of the Qin family, they can find any woman for Qin Yue, whether it's Miss Qianjin or a lady from a big family, or even a noble princess They will not be short of children

Jane can't help but feel her round belly. Not long ago, Qin Yue's warm big hand was still on it, with a smile on his lips. His eyes were gentle like spring water and summer wind. He looked at her and said in a low but sweet voice: "baby, be good, don't toss your mother."

Just a few days Why has everything changed?

Jane felt a wave of despair sweeping over her. Even when she left Kyoto a few years ago, she had never been so desperate that her life was like death.

"Qin Yue..." She can't help but read these two words gently. I don't know if she wants to draw strength from them, or Say goodbye.

"Young master is in the West now. No matter how you shout, he can't come back." Hearing Jane say the name of Qin Yue, the assistant explained attentively.

"Grandpa was trying to get rid of him, wasn't he?" In a trance, ask simply.

"The young master protects you so closely. The old master also spent a lot of energy to send him away. Is this answer satisfactory to my little grandma? "

Satisfied, very satisfied.

For a small woman, you spend so much time, how can I not be satisfied, not be shocked?

Full of grief and despair, it seems to become anger. Jane stared at assistant viciously, as if to dig a hole in his smiling face: "aren't you afraid of Qin Yue finding out?"

"Ah?" The assistant exclaimed, as if frightened by Jane, but in a flash, he smiled again: "if found, how can young grandma still be here? What's more, this is the most trusted grandpa of the young master. He must believe it. "

Deep, faith, no, doubt.

These four words, like the final judgment, have pushed Jane into the abyss. All of a sudden she was drained of all her strength and could not resist any more.

Yes, betrayed by my most trusted relatives Qin Yue, Qin Yue, why are we all so miserable? It's a perfect match.

Tears fell silent, like broken moonlight.

Seeing that Jane is no longer wordy, the assistant's gentle smile always has other meanings - that's irony.

I don't know the height of the earth. I just feel that I can match their young master. It's stupid to cry. I don't know where the young master likes this woman?

After thinking about it, the assistant shook his head, took out his mobile phone, dialed a phone number, and said, "old man, young lady is in a car accident on her way to the hospital, and I'm afraid it's more auspicious if she's seriously injured and comatose. The last thing she said before her coma was that we must keep our children. "

He was serious, anxious, and even sad - as if something had happened to Jane.

What are you pretending to do? Everyone knows that -

traffic accidents are the simplest and most common way. It's a perfect script to protect your children and adults because you are worried about your friends' anxieties. If it's not for the fact that the main character of the play is himself, it's all about clapping and praising.

She stroked her stomach, but she was not destined to see her own child, nor could she see Qin Yue's last face again -

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice sounded in her ear.

"Just believe me, we will be happy."

"In short, your past has nothing to do with me. I care about your future."

"Jane, wait for me at home with the baby..."

Qinyue, will we have a future? Me, is there any future?

When the assistant's call ended, the door was opened again, and before she could respond, she was pressed and injected by two people.

Jane struggled hard to prevent those people from injecting her with drugs, but in this small space, she had no room to struggle at all, she could only watch a few needles inject into her body soon.

"No, don't -" she roared like a small animal, but it didn't work. Those people were like cold machines, just obeying the orders of their superiors.

Jianran holds her stomach tightly with her hands. She wants to see her children coming to the world. She wants to see Qin Yue again. She tells him that she really doesn't want to leave him. She wants to go with him all her life, but she has no chance.

Jianran's consciousness became more and more vague, and there was a blank in front of her eyes --

"Qinyue --"

Jianran moved her lips, but she could no longer call out the name of Qinyue, so she could only hide it in her heart and let it accompany her to huangquan road.

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