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Qin Yue is on a business trip. Qin Xiaobao also went to the theatre group to make a film a few days ago. Qin's mother is not in good health, and her family is suddenly deserted.

Jane wants to help take care of Qin's mother, but her stomach is getting heavier and heavier. Qin's mother also understands her and lets her have a good rest.

Jane didn't want to go out to walk in the yard either. Meeting grandpa Qin would affect her mood. It was boring to stay in the room. She thought of lingfeiyu again.

I don't know what Ling Feiyu is up to. She sent several wechat messages to Ling Feiyu last night and she didn't reply. She'd better call to ask.

Jane picked up her mobile phone and called, but no one answered. When there was no one to answer, she would call the second, the third, and no one would answer until the fourth.

The voice of Cheng Xuyang came from the mobile phone: "Jane ran, what's the matter with you?"

Suddenly hearing the voice of Cheng Xuyang, Jane was shocked and said: "Cheng Xuyang, is the flying language there? I want to talk to her. "

"Flying words are not convenient." Cheng said.

Cheng Xuyang's voice was very deep, as if he was trying to suppress something.

Lingfeiyu didn't reply to wechat last night and didn't answer the phone today. Jane guessed what might have happened to them and asked: "Cheng Xuyang, did you quarrel with Feiyu?"

In the past, they often quarreled, but they could make up soon. Lingfeiyu is a person who doesn't remember revenge, and Cheng Xuyang is also eaten to death by her. Lingfeiyu can make up if he wants to make up. There will never be an overnight revenge.

Cheng Xuyang looks at two men guarding Ling Fei's speech sickness. They make a gesture, which means that if he doesn't follow their orders, he will unplug Ling Fei's oxygen.

Last night, lingfeiyu's last word before he was unconscious was to ask him not to tell Jianran about it. He was worried that Jianran was worried about hurting her and her baby.

But in the present situation, there is no second way for Cheng Xuyang to choose. If he doesn't tell Jane the truth, Ling Feiyu will be in danger.

Cheng Xuyang was forced to tell the truth: "when she was about to leave work yesterday afternoon, the studio caught fire suddenly, and she was talking..."

"How is Feiyu?" Jane jumped up in a hurry, because she jumped too fast and her stomach ached, but she was too anxious to notice.

After waiting for a while, Cheng Xuyang said: "Feiyu was injured by the fire, and it's still in the intensive care unit. It's very likely that -"

it's a coincidence that when those people are threatening him to call Jianran, Jianran's phone just came in. He wants to delay a little longer, but there is no way.

"Which hospital is she in? I'll go there now." Although she promised that Qin Yue would not go out during this period of time, Jane thought that Ling Feiyu was still in the intensive care unit, how could she possibly sit down.

"Jane, you don't need to come here. The last thing Feiyu wants is to worry you." How Cheng Xuyang hoped Jianran could understand his hint, but he also understood Jianran's nature. She could not ignore Lingfei's accident.

It's strange that the fire came so suddenly and happened asymptotically. No one else had anything to do with it, but it just caught the flying words.

"Cheng Xuyang, she is so badly hurt. I will not visit her. Am I still human?" At the beginning, when she was away from home, Lingfei accompanied her from Kyoto to Jiangbei. How could she not go there at this time.

"Jiangbei first people's hospital." Cheng Xuyang reported the address and looked at the two people who were guarding Ling Feiyu's speech.

One of them said, "if you cooperate with us honestly, there will be nothing left. You have to struggle. The final result is not the same."

Cheng Xuyang clenched his fist, hated, angry and full of guilt. Now, he can only pray that Jane can be safe.

Hang up the phone, Jane quickly changed her clothes, turned around and walked out, but only two steps, a stomachache.

She pursed her lips and said with pain, "baby, don't be naughty. Mom is going to see Auntie Feiyu. Would you please be quiet?"

The baby in the belly seems to be able to understand the simple words. As expected, he is a little more obedient and doesn't bother her any more.

Mother Qin is in a bad state these days, and Jane doesn't bother her.

When she went downstairs, she saw grandpa Qin sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. She politely said hello to Grandpa Qin: "Grandpa, I have something to go out."

Grandpa Qin stared at Jane for several seconds, smiled and said kindly, "be careful on the way and go home early."

Grandpa Qin's smile was very kind, as if he was wearing a carefully carved mask. He was gentle and perfect, but he was very false.

Jane was stunned for a moment. She thought grandpa Qin's smile was terrible, but she nodded and said, "OK."

Jane asked her driver to take her to Jiangbei first people's hospital.

Jianran didn't know that Ling Feiyu's ward had been controlled for a long time. Until Cheng Xuyang told her about the situation, the hospital continued to give Ling Feiyu medicine.

"Young lady, you are seated. A little situation may happen in a moment, but don't worry. It won't hurt you and your children." When the car drove to the main road of the city, the driver looked at Jane from the rearview mirror and said such a sentence suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Jane felt uneasy, but didn't react. Several cars around her suddenly collided. Her car wasn't hit, but she was stuck in the middle.

"What's the matter?" Jane subconsciously protects her stomach. Just after asking, the door is opened and grandpa Qin's assistant sits next to her.

"What do you want to do?" Jane never thought grandpa Qin's assistant would appear here. She seemed to understand something for a while, but it was too late. She had fallen into a trap that had been designed by others for a long time.

The assistant said, "you can only protect one child. Who can you protect?"

Jane bit her teeth and glared angrily at the assistant: "nothing can happen to the child, nothing can happen to me. I need to protect both of them."

"The old man confessed that he could only protect one." The assistant sneered and said, "if you are determined to protect you, then we don't mind killing the baby in your stomach."

"I see who dares to" Jane touches her mobile phone and wants to call Qin Yue quietly.

Now only Qin Yue can save her and her baby. She can't believe anyone else.

But she just had a move. The assistant grabbed her hand and robbed her cell phone. He said: "this opportunity, the old man has been waiting for half a year, so don't take any chances."

Jane bit her teeth and glared at the assistant: "dare you"

the assistant said: "give you the last chance, do you want to protect your child?"

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