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"Baby, are you kicking your mother or stretching?" Qin Yue looks down and kisses on Jane's stomach, laughing happily.

Qin Yue's smile is really good-looking and warm. The sunshine outside seems to have lost color compared with him.

Looking at his smile, Jane reached out and stroked his face: "Mr. Qin, can you promise me something?"

"What is it?" Qin Yue asked.

He never promises easily, but when he gives a simple promise, he will try his best to do his best.

"Be sure to smile as much as you do today. I like your smile." She just likes him and doesn't need to hide it.

Hearing that, Qin Yue's smile on his face suddenly froze away. Don't ignore her too much.

Jane came to him again, and with a sly smile, "don't you want to promise me?"

Qin Yue picked her up and said, "take a bath."

Jane ran: "..."

The man was still so wooden that he didn't want to say anything nice to her.

After taking a bath and lying on * *, when Jane was about to fall asleep, Qin Yue's lowered voice came from her ear: "as long as you and the child are well with me, I will try my best."

Listen to his voice, Jane's lips slightly up, smile very happy.


In a flash, nearly a month later, Jane's due date is next month's 29th. Soon, she will be able to see her baby.

Because the elders of Qin family, especially grandpa Qin, don't like to go out of the house during this period of time. The most time is to stay on the balcony of the room and draw flowers and grass.

When she was drawing hard, lingfeiyu called in and heard lingfeiyu say, "however, Mrs. Wang introduced a customer to help them design wedding dresses. I can't push them off for a long time. Can you do it?"

"Yes, of course." Having not worked for so long, Jane's hands were itchy. Hearing Lingfei's news, she was very happy.

Without waiting for Ling Feiyu to speak, she urged, "Feiyu, please send the customer's request to my mailbox, and I'll turn on the computer immediately."

Lingfei said, "I'll arrange work for you at this time. Will your man remember me?"

"No, he thanks you for not having time." Qin Yue is worried about her boredom and ways to make her happy. Having a job is the best way to make her happy.

"However, your due date is approaching. I'm so excited to think that you are going to be a mother. " For Jane's present life, Lingfei is envious and happy.

"You didn't say you wanted to get a license with Cheng Xuyang not long ago. You should have one earlier. The children of our two families can be partners in the future. " Simply speaking.

Lingfei said with a white and simple look, and shouted discontentedly: "if you have a boy, you will be the successor of Shengtian group. If you have a girl, that's the daughter of the Qin family. That status, which are we small people can rely on the top. "

"No matter what kind of identity the baby is, it's my child. You are my sister, of course, the aunt of the child." Jane squatted at the foot of the mian hold up, touched its head, "Mian Mian, Feiyu aunt said the wrong words, we should punish her?"

"Wuwu --" I cried twice lazily, squinting slightly, as if I didn't want to deal with people.

"What happened to Mianmian?" Lingfei's voice was heard in the mobile phone as if he was not happy. "Little guy, is it my aunt's voice that I am not happy?"

"He's mad at me." Two days ago, Qin Yue took Jane to play nearby for two days. He didn't take Mianmian with him. When he went out, he forgot to give Mian a voice. When he came back, the little guy looked unreasonable.

Lingfei said, "he is angry with you. Please send him to me for a few days."

"Wangwangwang -" hearing Lingfei's words about taking it away, Mianmian immediately came to the spirit and looked at the mobile phone in Jianran's hand with alert face.

He just wants to be with his mother. If anyone dare to take him away, he will definitely bite. Over the years, it hasn't bitten people. Maybe others have forgotten that it will.

"Don't worry, Auntie won't let you leave your mother." Lingfei smiled and said, "however, this order is not urgent. You can hand in the manuscript whenever you want."

Jane smiled and said, "Feiyu, what kind of luck did you say I had in my last life?"? Only in this life can I meet you. "

"All the good fortune you've built has been used to meet Mr. Qin of your family. He's your best fortune." In lingfeiyu's view, she was just by Jianran's side in the most difficult days, and the person who really pulled Jianran out of the mud was Qin Yue.

"You are all from my last life," she said. However, don't talk to me. Send me the customer information and requirements. "

Ling Fei said, "yes, Mrs. Qin."

After talking with Ling Feiyu, Jane hangs up the phone and can't wait to open the computer to check the email.

Lingfeiyu didn't arrange work for her for several months, but she choked her back. This time, she must finish the work ahead of time, let them see. She can still work and make money with a big stomach.

As soon as Jane turned on the computer, Qin Yue came in. He held her in his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

"Qin Yue, what's the matter?" All of a sudden, he scared Jane.

Qin Yue said, "Jane, something happened in the West. I have to deal with it. I can't come back until a week."

When she heard that Qin Yue was going on a business trip, she was flustered. She was reluctant to let him go at this time. But again, he stayed with her at home these days. If it was not a particularly important thing, he would not go out at this time.

Jane smiled and said, "you're good to go out to work. My baby and I are waiting for you at home."

"Jianran, the baby is about to be born. I -" Qin Yue didn't want to leave Jianran's mother and son at this time, but the incident in the west is very serious. The following people can't bear it anymore, so he must take charge of the work, so he had to go.

"The baby will not be born for another month," she said. Don't worry. I stay at home every day. I'm not going anywhere. There must be nothing wrong. "

Qin Yue grabbed her hand and held it to his lips and kissed again: "Jane ran, wait for me with the baby for a few days, I will be back soon."

"Mr. Qin, you're just going on a business trip for a few days. Don't make it look like you're going to die or die, OK?" she said

As soon as she spoke, Qin Yue kissed her severely. He didn't allow her to say such unlucky words.

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