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After the kidnapping, Qin and Yue were almost inseparable from simplicity, and even the office location was changed at home.

Jane recognized her own brother and wanted to visit her parents in Kyoto. Qin Yue naturally decided to go with her without saying anything.

On the way back to Kyoto, Xiao Qinghe told Jane about the relationship of Xiao family. Xiao Yuanfeng's close relative had only one elder brother.

After Xiao Yuanfeng was killed in a car accident, Xiao Qinghe was raised in his uncle's house and grew up with his daughter. His uncle and his family treat him well, and he has a good relationship with his cousin, just like his brother and sister.

After hearing this, Jane is also filled with emotion. In fact, there are many loving families in the world.

When she came to Kyoto, Jane followed Xiaoqinghe to visit her father, xiaoyuanfeng, and then to worship her mother.

Standing in front of her mother's tombstone, looking at the cold stone tablet, Jane can't help but think of the past, think of the mother in the picture with a smile of nightmare.

It turns out that her mother was also very happy when she smiled so well.

From small to large, Jane Ran's biggest impression of her mother was that she was submissive. When she was beaten and scolded by Jane Zhengtian, her mother only knew to hide in the room and weep silently.

Jane never knew that her mother had such a beautiful love, and that there was a man who loved her in the palm of his hand.

However, those beautiful days were too short. When my mother was happily preparing to marry her childhood sweetheart, she was raped by Jane Zhengtian.

The mother wanted to call the police but was stopped by her family. They thought it was a domestic scandal that could not be publicized. They asked her to hide it in her heart and never talk about it to others, let alone the Xiao family.

But the cowardly mother, against the wishes of her family for the first time, secretly found Xiao Yuanfeng to break up, and even lied to her family that she had told Xiao Yuanfeng about her * * affair. At last, the family was furious and forced her mother to marry something inferior to Jane Zhengtian's * *.

After marrying Jane Zhengtian, it is the beginning of the nightmare of her mother's life. She lives a miserable life. At last, in order to protect her mother from being threatened by Jane Zhengtian, she jumps off the stairs and commits suicide, ending her miserable life.

If the mother had not been raped by Jane Zhengtian, and had not been forced by her family to marry Jane Zhengtian, all the fate would have been rewritten.

Her mother should still be alive now. She should stay with her biological father forever and live a simple life of love between husband and wife.

But there is no if, all things are changed when Jane Zhengtian reaches out his vicious hand to his mother. Jane Zhengtian has changed her mother's life and Jane's life.

But Jane is luckier than her mother. She meets Qin Yue, a man who deserves to be entrusted for life.

Maybe it's because her character is more stubborn than her mother's, and she won't let anyone control her life, so she has a chance to meet Qin Yue.

Jianran takes a deep breath, and Qin Yue's big palm immediately reaches out to hold her waist. His low and sexy voice rings in her ear: "Jianran, if you want to live happily, that's what my mother-in-law wants to see most."

Jane looked back at him. He was still wearing gold rimmed glasses. His eyes narrowed slightly under the frame. His face was still so beautiful, and his whole body exuded elegant temperament.

He is so excellent that he is unforgettable; when he is supported by the excellent, it will be a dream.

Jane took Qin Yue's hand, looked at his mother's tombstone, and said, "Mom, you see it. This man has always been very good to ran, so ran will always be happy. "

"We all know that you are very happy, and that the adoration is very painful for you, so don't show off in front of me as a single dog." Xiao Qinghe, standing behind them, suddenly made a sound.

"Then you can find me a sister-in-law quickly, and then you can show off in front of me."

"Women are troublesome creatures. I don't want to find myself guilty." Xiao Qinghe glanced at Qin Yue and said, "look at the man beside you. What a cold man he used to be, he has become a wife slave."

"I will." Qin Yue faintly threw out such a sentence. It was still too cold to approach, but his eyes were much softer.

"Well, it's hard to buy a thousand bucks. You're happy." Two days ago, I saw the cruel methods of Qin and Yue. Xiao Qinghe's shoulder is still in pain, so I still have some scruples when I joke.

After sacrificing their parents, the couple had a meal with Xiao Qinghe, and they were going back to Jiangbei.

Before leaving, Xiao Qinghe took Jane and said, "Jane, whenever you need my help, you can always find me."

"Well, I will, thank you brother." she nodded and gave Xiao Qinghe a hug. She rubbed against his chest, her eyes almost fell into tears. I don't know why. She seems to be more and more emotional recently.

"Don't thank me. In fact, I'm in a hurry. I always want someone to trouble me. Now I can't find the right person easily. I should thank you." Xiaoqinghe slaps Jianran on the back and pushes her out of his arms. He dare not hold her any longer. Look, Qin Yue's gloomy eyes come back.

"Brother in law, I will take care of my sister. I will thank you first for our father and for Ran's mother." Before Qin Yue wanted to rob people, he gave Jianran back to him.

"Jane is my wife." Qin Yue said in a deep voice.

His wife, he will take good care of naturally, do not need others to say.

"Aren't you two classmates and good friends?" Jane looked at the two men in front of her and said with a smile, "now listen to you, how can you smell so gunpowder?"

"Let's go. It's almost boarding." Qin Yue hugged Jane and left. He didn't even want to fight with Xiao Qinghe again.

Jane turned back and waved. As she walked, she said, "brother, let's go first. You will come to Jiangbei some other day, and I will treat you well."

"Well, I see." Xiaoqinghe waved to her and stood there to see them leave.

It was his father's unfulfilled wish to recognize this sister. Now that he has finished it for his father, his father can close his eyes.

"Mr. Qin, why do I think you are becoming more and more stingy?" Jane took Qin Yue and said with some amusement.

It's her brother, or he brought people to let them know each other. What kind of flying vinegar does he eat.

Qin Yue: "..."

It's not that he is more and more stingy, but that he cares more and more about her. He cares that he can't bear to think of losing her.

These are the thoughts of Qin Yue. He can't say.

Although he has made great efforts to change a lot in this period of time, his bone is that Qin Yue who doesn't know how to say sweet words.

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