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It's said that after three years of pregnancy, Jane thought she was really stupid. Qin Yue didn't go to work in the company these days, but she was slow to find out today.

Qin Yue didn't go to the company. Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong ran to their home. Their study became their temporary office.

After breakfast in the morning, Qin Yue accompanied Jane around and went to study.

Jane is not idle either. Qin Xiaobao pulls her to play together.

Qin Xiaobao's new script is to play a Cinderella. It tells the story of a common girl who has been married to a rich family and has gone through hardships, and finally stays with the hero forever.

The girl was born badly, but she always worked hard. At the school speech, she met the man for the first time, so the two started a love story with a big gap in status.

When the man's family learned about the existence of the girl, they thought that the girl was not worthy of the man, so they tried their best to break them up. Even take the girl's family to threaten the girl, the girl forced to break up with the man.

But fortunately, the man is very firm about the girl's mind. After experiencing the ups and downs, the man's family finally understood the girl's good. The man's wind and light brought the girl into the house and envied many people.

Qin Xiaobao has been held in the palm of his hand by the whole family since he was a child. He has never suffered any grievance. After several times of holding, he still can't play the character well, especially the psychological part, which always makes people have shortcomings.

After several drills, Qin Xiaobao still couldn't reach his goal. He fell down on the sofa and kicked angrily: "sister in law, how can I not play this role?"

Jane said: "Xiaobao, you don't want to stand in the position of the heroine, put yourself in the position to think, if you are her, what should you do when you encounter such a thing?"

Qin Xiaobao didn't think about it, but blurted out: "I think this heroine is stupid. If the family doesn't agree, they will break up. They hurt the hero so much that they almost give up her. If I were her, I would take it and blow up their nest directly. Whoever keeps me from being with the people I like, I will kill them. "

Hearing Qin Xiaobao's words, Jane burst into a smile: "Xiaobao, you are talking about your personality, but now you are going to play the heroine in the play. Her birth is different from yours, her education from childhood is different, and there is no backing behind her. She is the only one who can do anything by herself. "

Qin Xiaobao is grown up in the palm of her hand. If she wants to play a daughter who is loved by many people, she will surely come at will.

The heroine's identity in the play is a life that Qin Xiaobao has never experienced. For a while, he was uncertain and could be forgiven.

Jane Ran is different from Qin Xiaobao. Her life experience is similar to that of the heroine, even worse than that of the heroine. But the only thing she is better than the heroine is that she will never break up with Qin Yue because of her family.

No matter at any time, her determination to spend her whole life with Qinyue is so firm that no one can change it.

Listening to Jianran's saying, Qin Xiaobao thinks it makes sense. She stroked her forehead and thought about it carefully. She felt the heroine's life and helplessness with her heart. When she played with Jianran again, Qin Xiaobao was much more satisfied with her performance.

At least, she knows that not everyone in the world is so lucky to be abandoned by her own parents, to meet a family like the Qin family, and to get everyone's love.

As for her and Zhan Nianbei, the most important thing is not the attitude of her family. She believes that just because she likes it, Grandpa and parents will agree. The key is Zhan Nianbei's attitude.

Thinking of Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao grits his teeth angrily. The bastard knows that she likes him and asks her to fall in love with others.

"Xiaobao, do you want to fight again?" Asked Jane.

Qin Xiaobao can be so angry that she will be punished by Qin Yue for learning etiquette and Thinking on the face. It's probably only Zhan Nianbei.

"Yes, I think of him again. Sister in law, wait for me. I'll call him. " Qin Xiaobao said, took out his cell phone and dialed Zhan Nianbei's cell phone. As soon as it was connected, she said in a hurry, "Zhan Nianbei, I'm thinking about you."

"Miss Qin, the commander is busy. He has no time to answer your phone." On the phone came the familiar voice of Qin Xiaobao, the Deputy General of Zhan Nianbei.

"He's busy, please tell him for me, I'm thinking about him, I like him, I'll never marry him in my life." With that, Qin Xiaobao hangs up.

Zhan Nianbei didn't answer her phone, did she? She said that to anyone who answered the phone, we should let everyone in the military region know that he is her person. No one else can think of his idea.

Qin Xiaobao's straightforward attitude really opened Jane's eyes. She appreciated Qin Xiaobao's desperate attitude in pursuit of true love, but worried about Qin Xiaobao's injury.

Jane thought for a moment and said, "Xiao Bao, it's not the way to blind and pester others like this. First of all, we have to determine his attitude towards you and see what he thinks about it. "

"Whether he likes me or not, he will like me in the end." Qin Xiaobao is very confident. She is so beautiful and lovely. Zhan Nianbei is not really blind. How could he not like her.

Jane added: "Xiaobao, love is a strange thing. Sometimes it's not your best. The other side will fall in love with you."

Jianran is not a busy person. She is worried that Qin Xiaobao's blood will be destroyed by Zhan Nianbei. She doesn't want Qin Xiaobao to be hurt. She hopes that Qin Xiaobao can always be the happiest Qin Xiaobao.

"It's also true that my brother-in-law will have a sister-in-law like that. Love is really a strange thing." In the past, Grandpa Qin wanted to make a pair of her and Qin Yue. As long as he thought of his cold face, she would have nightmares.

"Young lady, miss, there is a Mr. Xiao coming. He said that the young master asked him to come." Aunt Liu led a man into the room.

"Mr. Xiao?" Jianran and Qin Xiaobao look at the door at the same time.

"Mrs. Qin, long time no see." Xiao Qinghe came in from the outside with a smile, just like when he saw him a few months ago.

"Hello, Mr. Xiao!" Jane stood up and smiled politely. "Aunt Liu, please go upstairs and ask Qin Yue to come down."

"In fact, I'm here to see Mrs. Qin. It doesn't matter whether I admire you or not." Xiao Qinghe's eyes fell on her round stomach and smiled, "I didn't hear the good news when I saw Mrs. Qin last time. I didn't expect to see you again. Your stomach is so big. It's very gratifying. "

"Thank you, Mr. Xiao!" she nodded and smiled

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