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The icehouse of minus 30 degrees had just been pushed by people, but Jane felt the chilling cold, which made her shiver.

The heavy doors were closed, and there was a dead silence.

Jane pulled off the blindfold at the first time, but there was no light in the icehouse, so black that she couldn't see her fingers.

With memory, Jane slowly fumbled back to the door of the icehouse, and touched the handle.

She pulled it, but the thick door didn't react at all. It couldn't be opened at all.

Once she couldn't do it, she pulled it several times in a row, but it still couldn't be opened. It should be that the door was locked.

After working hard for a long time, but it didn't work at all, Jane was disappointed to take back her hand.

She didn't know how long she could last? I don't know if I can make it to Qinyue?

She fumbled back to a more open position, stroked her belly, took a breath of cold air, and said softly, "baby, mom will hold on, you will hold on, let's wait for Dad to help us, OK?"

Now she can't do anything but wait. I hope Qin Yue can get there before being frozen into a popsicle and save her and their children.

But the time passed quickly, and she was nearly unconscious because of the cold. She still didn't hear the good news.

Jane didn't want to give up. She felt around in the dark. Maybe she was lucky. She felt a military coat.

She didn't think much about it. She immediately wrapped the general's coat around her. After she put on the military coat, her temperature didn't rise, but she didn't lose consciousness for a short time.

At the same time, Qin Yue asked people to dress up as him and drive the money to the designated place of the kidnappers, while he led a group of people to the place where the kidnappers and Jane ran were.

Several kidnappers are on the phone while smoking cigarettes. They are confirming with their people whether they have got the money and whether the money giver is leoqin himself.

Qin Yue quickly swept around and didn't see Jianran's existence. When he saw the big words of the seafood freezer, he immediately guessed that Jianran might be locked there by the kidnappers.

He didn't know how long Jane had been locked in? I don't know how Jane is now? So there is no time for him to delay, he must use the fastest speed to guard the three people here.

One by one, he turned over and jumped off the wall in a neat way.

The three kidnappers immediately found him and were shocked by his cold and gloomy atmosphere. But they quickly responded that they rushed to him with a stick and said, "you're going to die."

Three kidnappers rushed over together. Three sticks waved at Qinyue at the same time. Seeing that the sticks were about to fall on Qinyue, Qinyue just turned around quickly and a dramatic scene happened.

Qin Yue, wearing a gray shirt and black trousers, stood upright at first, but in a moment, three kidnappers had not responded. The stick had been robbed by Qin Yue. With a wave of his long arm, the three kidnappers suffered heavy strokes on their heads.

They rubbed the beaten head, and their facial expressions were more fierce. They made a look and rushed to Qinyue again.

Qin Yue didn't use a stick this time. He raised his long legs and kicked them. But in the blink of an eye, he stepped on a kidnapper.

When he stepped on it harder, he heard the voice and scream of the kidnapper's broken bones.

The other two kidnappers finally realized that they were not Qin Yue's opponents. They turned around and ran. However, as soon as they ran, they stumbled on something and fell to the ground at the same time.

Qin Yue stepped forward and stepped on the hands of the two kidnappers with two feet. With a strong push, he heard a scream like killing a pig.

When Liu Yong led a group of people to come, Qin Yue had beaten three kidnappers to the ground. He looked at Qin Yue and waited for instructions: "President Qin --"

"give me a good look and wait for me to clean up." Leaving the cruel words behind, Qin Yue didn't miss a glance here. He rushed to the icehouse and opened the door.

Qin Yue turns on the light, opens the door, and as soon as the door of the icehouse opens, he sees a shivering Jianran. He strides over, shaking his hands and embraces Jianran: "Jianran --"

Jianran, who is about to freeze, tries to open her eyes. When Qin Yue, who she has been waiting for for for a long time, sees tears falling from her eyes, struggling with the last strength, weakly Said: "Qin Yue, please, we must save our children. We must not let them have anything to do."

"Don't talk." Qin Yue picked her up, strode out, and took Jane to the ambulance that followed him. "Help her and the baby."

The rescuers who followed Qinyue were all excellent doctors and nurses with many years of experience. When they were ordered by Qinyue, they immediately started first aid.

Jane knows that Qin Yue is coming, but her consciousness is vague. She wants to open her eyes, but she has no strength to open them.

She wants to talk to Qin Yue well, and tells him not to worry too much. She and her baby will go on, but she still has no strength to speak.

Later, Jane could not hear anything, could not see anything, as if falling into endless darkness.

"Jane, wake up, I won't let you sleep!" Qin Yue grabbed her hand and growled hysterically.

He never knew that it was this feeling when he cared about a person. When he saw her smile, it was sunny. When he saw her sad, it was cloudy.

When she thought that she might leave her forever, it seemed as if someone was stabbing one knife after another into his heart, which hurt so much that his heart was dripping with blood.

At first, I found her to register for marriage, just because I thought her character was indifferent, she could live a positive life after experiencing hurt and betrayal, and they should live a good life together.

Later, he found that she had other advantages besides active work and hard life.

At first, he wanted to be nice to her, because she was his wife, and as a husband, he should care for her.

However, unconsciously, she became more and more important to him, so important that he would never want to be separated from her again.

Later, he was kind to her, not only because she was his wife, but also because he really wanted to be kind to her.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue clenched her hand and said again, "don't worry, I won't let you and the child have anything to do."

I don't know how long it took for Jane to feel as if she had turned around from the ghost gate and suddenly saw the light and the familiar handsome face.

But his face was very ugly. His beard, which was always neat, came out and didn't clean up, as if he had grown old.

Seeing him like this, inexplicably, Jane's heart picked up, and she was in a panic.

"Qin Yue -" she opened her mouth, and it was very difficult to call out his name.

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