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Jane was hijacked by two men into a minivan. Before they could get in the driver's seat, they started to run out.

They blindfolded her eyes before she could see anything. She became more flustered. Her heart beat faster as if she would jump out of her throat. She subconsciously held her round stomach in her hands.

If she were alone, she would never be so afraid as she is now.

But now she is not alone. She has children in her belly. She can get hurt, but she will never let these people hurt her children.

Her child is coming to the world in more than two months, and will soon meet with her parents. In any case, she should take good care of her child.

Jane can't see it. She can only tell by listening where they want to take her?

She felt that there was a lot of noise around her and the car was moving slowly, which should be integrated into the traffic flow on a main road in the city.

I don't know how long it took to walk and stop. The car finally accelerated and ran quickly. After about half an hour, the car suddenly bumped badly. After the bumps, the car finally stopped.

Jane was dragged out of the car again. She was dragged to a place. Before she could stand still, she heard someone saying, "let's tie that little girl of Qin's family. Where are you going to tie up a pregnant woman?"

"Brother Qiang, isn't this woman worth more than that little girl of the Qin family, with the family of Sheng Tian as the seed of leoqin?" The speaker is the man who hijacked Jane.

Jane felt that the man, known as Qiang Ge, approached her, turned around her, and asked, "do you think she is carrying the seed of leoqin? How do you know? "

"The security work of yujingwan is so good that we can't follow in. We can only guard outside and wait for the little girl of Qin family to come out. Today, when we saw her coming out, we also took a pregnant woman with us. We heard that little girl calling for her sister-in-law all the time. Some time ago, we also heard the anecdotal news. It is said that when leoqin got married, he boldly estimated that this big belly girl was the woman that leoqin married. " The man who said this was the man who kidnapped Jane here.

Jane was suddenly pinched her chin so hard that she took a smoke from the corner of her mouth. Then the man who was called brother Qiang said, "the baby in your stomach is a leoqin?"

After listening to these three people's dialogue, I found two key words, one is the little girl of Qin family, the other is valuable.

It seems that they planned to kidnap Qin Xiaobao, and then find Qin's family to blackmail him.

After understanding this relationship, Jane was a little relieved. As long as they didn't kidnap her for revenge, they wouldn't put their mother and son to death until they had to.

At present, they are not sure about her relationship with Qinyue, so they are not sure how much she can be worth. They are waiting for her answer.

Jane finally understood why the Qin family was so low-key and never showed up in front of the camera, which would save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Qin Xiaobao never showed his face in front of the camera as Qin's family. Her English name is Polaris.

We all know that Shengtian's leader is the only successor of the Qin family, leoqin, but few people know that the Chinese name of leoqin is Qin Yue.

Not to mention those irrelevant people outside. As Qin Yue's wife, she didn't know his real identity until so long after marriage.

When Jane was thinking about how to answer, she heard someone say, "use her mobile phone to call leoqin."


Qin Yue was sitting in a critical position, his hands clenched on his side were blue and sinew. He looked at the eyes in front of him. His eyes were sinister, and his whole body was cold.

He didn't say a word, but he had analyzed the situation almost from the news he had just received, excluding those who might hurt Jane.

Mr. Xu and Jane Xin of Kyoto have placed their eyes on their side. They can not have the chance to start with Jane.

As for the escaped jianzhengtian, only his exit record, no entry record, and jianzhengtian did not dare to return to China for the time being, so it could not be him.

So who else is going to start with Jane?

Thoughts, the car has arrived at the scene, Qin Yue get off, followed by Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong also arrived.

Liu Yong said, "President Qin, as you ordered, has blocked all the major traffic routes in Jiangbei City, and there is absolutely no way for anyone to go out."

Xu Huiyi handed over the tablet computer in time, clicked on the video just received, and said: "President Qin, this is the video from the shopping mall monitoring. At present, it can be confirmed that the wife was taken out of the shopping mall by two men. But the two were ready, and none of the cameras caught them on the front. "

In the surveillance video, Jane is wearing a White Maternity Skirt. She is sandwiched between two men and forced to leave the back door of the mall.

At the moment of going out, Jane suddenly looked back.

It was this turn of the head that the monitor photographed her face. She bit her lips tightly and looked nervous and flustered.

Seeing this picture of Jian ran, Qin Yue only felt his head numb and his heart ached.

He had already made a dark decision to protect her and never let her get hurt again. However, Qin Xiaobao, his elder brother, rushed here. At this time, her face was ugly, worried and scared.

Qin Yue gave her a cold look, which made her shiver.

Qin Xiaobao bit his lip and said, "it's my fault. I shouldn't let my sister-in-law come shopping with me. If you don't go out shopping, you will never have such a thing. "

"If anything happens to her, wait for me!" Looking at Qin Xiaobao, Qin said coldly.

"I -" Qin Xiaobao pursed her lips, and two emotions of grievance and fear poured into her heart.

From small to large, her brother would always kill her and punish her, but those murders and those punishments were all because he loved her.

And just, just that sentence, makes Qin Xiaobao feel like a stranger to him.

If there's something wrong with the sister-in-law and the child, her brother may wring her neck in one hand.

Buzzing -

the mobile phone suddenly rings. Qin Yue takes a look and displays Jane's number. He answers quickly and hears Jane's nervous voice coming from the mobile phone: "Qin Yue, my child and I......"

Before Jane finished speaking, the mobile phone was robbed by the kidnappers.

The voice of the kidnapper's voice changed from his cell phone to Qin Yue's ear: "Mr. Qin, if you want your wife and your children to be safe, immediately prepare a hundred million yuan of cash to send to our designated place."

Qin Yue's eyes narrowed slightly under the golden mirror frame, and slowly said, "as long as you guarantee the safety of their mother and son, I will send you millions more."

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