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Mr. Xu knows very well why leoqin doesn't stand up and do these things directly, instead, he wants to use his chess piece.

That's because leoqin wants his wife to see the dark side of him, and can't bring simplicity standing in the sun into the dark world.

At the beginning, Jane would come to him with leoqin on her back. What she thought was that she didn't want to bring leoqin into the dark world.

The two of them are really interesting. They would rather enter the dark world by themselves, but they both want to protect each other's sunshine.


The car stops at the gate of the hospital. Qin Yue picks up Jane and rushes in.

Looking at his anxious appearance, Jane said comfortingly, "it's just a little pain, it's going to be OK. Don't worry too much."

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "don't talk."

Jane ran: "..."

She just didn't want him to worry. What did he do to her?

Before coming to the hospital, we had already prepared for the hospital, and the professional doctors gave Jane a comprehensive examination.

As a result of the examination, there was nothing wrong with the pregnant woman or the fetus.

Doctors also remind them to pay attention not to let pregnant women's mood ups and downs too much, or the fetus will be dangerous.

Qin Yue sat by the side of the sick man, still with a cold face, saying nothing to her.

Jane said she was very aggrieved and pulled his sleeve: "I have nothing to do with my child. What are you still angry with?"

Can't see her grievance face, Qin Yue rubbed her head, whispered: "you want to come to Kyoto, want to see Jane Xin, you can tell me in advance, I can make arrangements early, why do you want to carry me? You are less than three months pregnant. It's the most unstable time for your child. In case you hurt your mother and son -- " speaking of this, Qin Yue didn't go on talking about it. He couldn't imagine how crazy he would be if she had something to do with her child.

His low and sexy voice came to Jane's ear, some helpless, but more can't hide the worry about her.

Jane took him in her arms, buried her head in his arms, took a breath and whispered, "I won't let you worry about me and the baby again."

Qin Yue held her hand tightly and said, "Jane, no matter what happens in the future, remember to tell me."

"Well," she nodded heavily

Time flies, a few months of time passed quietly, so far Jane has been pregnant for six months.

She was only six months pregnant, but her stomach was very large, and her skin was tender and smooth.

Experienced aunts Liu and Chen both said that the longer the pregnancy, the more beautiful it is, the more likely it is to have a daughter.

Last month, after Qin Yue told the Qin family about Jianran's pregnancy, Qin Xiaobao flew to take care of her the next day instead of her family.

At this time, Qin Xiaobao's head is pasted on the simple round convex belly, listened and listened, excitedly said: "sister in law, I really hear the baby's heartbeat."

"He should feel his aunt's love for him and say hello to her," she said with a gentle smile

Qin Xiaobao blinked and asked, "can my sister-in-law check out whether it's a boy or a girl in six months?"

"We didn't check the gender of the child," she said. "Whether it's a boy or a girl, we will love him well."

"I think it's better to be a girl. A girl must be more like you. If you give birth to a boy, you must be like my brother's piece of wood." Qin Xiaobao said as he dressed up as Qin Yue.

Jane was teased by Qin Xiaobao and burst out with a smile: "Xiaobao, your brother is not what you look like."

In fact, over the past few months, Qin and Yue have really changed a lot, and they will know how to care for others with words.

For example, last night, Qin Yue, like Qin Xiaobao, put her head on her stomach, listened to her baby's heartbeat and said, "baby, I'm daddy. Please answer."

Not only that, he will take the children's books and tell them stories patiently with his magnetic voice.

He learned from the doctor that the six-month-old fetus has the ability of memory, hearing and learning, and can start fetal education.

After that, he would play some music to the children every day, and he would also tell stories to the children.

Before Qin Yue was afraid of killing him, he could not do such childish things, but now he does so naturally.

Thinking of Qinyue, the smile on Jianran's face is more gentle and peaceful. It is he who brings sunshine to her life again, brings him warmth, and makes her feel that life can be so happy and beautiful.

"Sister-in-law, I'm going to join the cast tomorrow. How about going shopping with me?" Qin Xiaobao is going to shoot in a remote tourist resort. The conditions are poor. It's estimated that he can't go shopping for a long time, so he is going to go shopping.

"Good." Replied Jane with alacrity.

From this month on, Qin Yue refused to let her go to the studio again. Ling Feiyu arranged a job for her in a few days, so she always stayed at home. She was really bored. She wanted to go out for a walk for a long time.

The key is that the fetus has passed the first three months and is now stable.

These days, she can eat, sleep, run and walk. If she doesn't have a big stomach, no one can see that she is pregnant.

Jianran and Qin Xiaobao have not been shopping for a long time. When they mentioned the excitement of shopping, they went out after cleaning up.

Now it's July, the hottest time of the year in Jiangbei, but it doesn't matter. The driver will send them directly to the gate of the shopping mall, and there will be an air-conditioner blowing in the door. It's not summer at all.

Strolling in the mall, she could not see anything else. All the things that could enter her eyes were baby products, baby clothes, baby strollers, toys and so on.

In fact, the earlier Qin prepared these things, and the family also decorated a baby room, waiting for the arrival of the child.

Jane often holds her fingers to calculate, saying that she is pregnant in October. In fact, she is usually born in more than nine months, and her baby's due date is September 29. ,

it's July now, and there are more than two months left. They can see their baby. It's exciting to think about it.

Jane always goes into the baby store. Qin Xiaobao is not bothered. She doesn't lack anything. Everything she needs is prepared by a special person. They just enjoy shopping.

After a while, Jane was thirsty. They found a rest area and sat down. Qin Xiaobao, who is convenient for action, went to buy water.

Qin Xiaobao has just left. The two men sit down on both sides of Jane's seat and hold her tightly in the middle, one against her waist.

A man lowered his voice and said coldly, "if you want to be safe with your child, follow us."

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