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As soon as she spoke, she felt a pain on her lips and was kissed by Qin Yue.

He pried her teeth and forced her to accept his powerful kiss.

"Well -" Jane swung her fists and punched them again and again on his strong chest. "Asshole, let me go!"

She scolded vaguely, but Qin Yue didn't pay attention to her at all, and ate and kissed her like an angry lion.

His kiss was too strong, and soon she had no strength to struggle, but she was not the one to give up easily.

Simply can't push him away, and can't hurt him. This man is not only powerful, but also muscular.

Jane was very angry, maybe confused. She got into his suit collar with one hand and grabbed it hard on his chest across his shirt.

Qin Yue's body vibrated slightly, and she was released in a hurry, pushing her away. Her deep eyes fell on her face.

"Asshole!" She put out her hand and squeezed him hard. Then she shook her fist and punched him twice in the chest. "Wood, can't you see how much I care about you?"

Her sudden confession surprised Qin Yue, and she said, "I care about you. I care that I will be sad for a long time even if I dream that you will leave me. Every time I think that I may not be able to walk with you all the time, my heart will be very uncomfortable. "

Qin Yue was shocked and said, "Jane ran --"

"don't talk. Listen to me "You said you want to take care of me for a lifetime, and I don't want to take care of you for a lifetime. I want us to have a bunch of children and watch them grow up. When you get old, you can walk around like your parents

"In short, you and what you said are true?" It took a long time for Qin Yue to find his voice, and even a little stuttered.

Think of him Qin Yue, once in tens of thousands of people listen to the podium speech, is so calm and confident, elegant and confident, but at this time because of a simple speech, let him nervous stuttered.

"Cooked!" Said Jane angrily.

Qin Yue was so shocked that he couldn't speak any more. He just felt that his heart was beating fast. For the first time in his life, he jumped so fast that he seemed to jump out of his throat.

He couldn't speak and didn't know what to say. He picked up her head again and kissed her hard again.

"Hmmm -" push and hit him. Is this man sick? Hold her in anger, and hold her happily again. She is going to be choked by his kiss.

It took a long time for Qin Yue to let go of her. Her thick fingers gently caressed her delicate and smooth face and called her name: "Jane ran --"

"so do you want to say something to me?" She has confessed to him on her own initiative. As a man, should he make a statement.

"Well, I see." Qin Yue dragged her into his arms and hugged her with great strength, as if he wanted to rub her into his body.

He got it?

What's the answer?

Jane wanted to bite again, so she opened her mouth and took a bite on his chest, scolding angrily in her heart, "you bastard! Wood! How can I be so angry! "

"Qinyue, my stomach seems to hurt a little." Jane was scolding him in her heart, and suddenly felt the pain in her stomach, which made her body soft.

"Uncle Wei, drive to the hospital!" Qin Yue shouts to the outside of the car, stroking Jane's slightly raised abdomen with one hand, "don't be afraid, it's OK."

The driver, Lao Wei, immediately got on the bus and drove to the nearest hospital.

As soon as their car left, Mr. Xu, who hadn't been there, walked out slowly, looked at the car they had gone away from, and said with a smile: "Laoqin, I have to thank you very much. If you don't give me a hand this time, how can I get what I want so soon? How can Gu Nanjing die in Jianxin's hands so soon? "

Others don't know, but he is very clear that these recent events and everything are controlled by Shengtian's leoqin.

If it's not leoqin, who has the ability to make Gu disappear in such a short time.

These are all a game set by leoqin. It's a dead game that people can't climb out again.

From the beginning, Gu Nanjing was in trouble. Gu Nanjing took Jane out to send her away. She betrayed Gu. Gu Shian was arrested and Gu Nanjing was killed. Every step was carried out according to the steps arranged by leoqin, without any deviation.

If there is a mistake, it may be that he didn't expect his wife to come to Kyoto suddenly.

In addition to worrying about his wife's safety, is leoqin more afraid of his wife knowing that he is the controller behind all this?

Mr. Xu's eyes followed their car until he couldn't see it any more. He turned around and walked inside again to Jane's yard.

He pushed open the gate and went in. He came to Jane's room and sat down. He smiled and said, "how do you feel when you see that the former enemy is so happy now?"

Jianxin raised her head and looked at him quietly. After a long time, she slowly opened her mouth: "I'm crazy. How can I feel?"

"Shall I show you a video?" He is asking questions, but without the consent of Jane Xin, he clicks on a video on her mobile phone.

In the video, Gu Nanjing's swearing, the scream of Jianxin, and the sound of when she finally killed Gu Nanjing.

Jianxin only glanced at it, then she moved her eyes away, shivering with fear: "Xu, you have got everything you want. What else do you want to do?"

"In fact, I just want to tell you that the real boss behind the scenes is not me, but the man who just killed Gu Nanjing

Mr. Xu smiled and said, "at the end of the day, we are just a chess piece that he used.". When these pieces are useless, they are often regarded as abandoned. You should know better than I do about the fate of the abandoned son. The original simplicity is the best example. "

After listening to Mr. Xu's words, Jane Xin didn't respond for a long time. When he was about to lose patience, she said, "he really cared about that woman?"

Mr. Xu added, "if it doesn't matter, what is it?"? If you think about it carefully, which of those people who have hurt Jane before is not a loser, a loser or a loser. "

Jane Xin grabs Mr. Xu: "then how can we help ourselves?"

Looking at Jane Xin's flustered look, Mr. Xu still smiled lightly: "if you want to help yourself, first you have to be on your own, don't arouse his idea again."

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