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Jane doesn't know why. The better Qin Yue is to her, the more uneasy she feels. She's afraid that when she opens her eyes one day, he will no longer be around her, and she will never find him again.

If he is not so kind to her, even if he is not around her one day, she will be able to adapt to the new life soon.

But now -

now, she finds that she is more and more reluctant to leave him. Even when she dreams that he wants to break up, she will feel so sad.

Although he said that breaking up was in a dream, at the moment, she still had a lingering fear --

"simply, can you tell me what you think in your heart?" Qin Yue's sword eyebrows are slightly frowned, and his eyes are deep and deep.

Jian Ran is always distracted recently. Qin Yue knows that there is something in her heart, but she just can't guess what it is.

At that time, he was still with her, but she could not see him in her eyes, and did not know where to go.

Recently, she is always like this, making him very worried, but unable to untie her knot.

He even wanted to ask people to investigate her and follow her to see what she was doing and who she had met all day, but he didn't want to do something that made her sad.

"I wonder if the baby is a boy or a girl?" Jane blinked and looked at Qin Yue. "By the way, Mr. Qin, do you like boys or girls?"

Seeing the Qin family's love for Qin Xiaobao, she thought that their family would not care about men and women.

"I like it all." He said.

As long as it's her baby, boys and girls, he will be very happy.

"I really want to have several children at a time, so that the children won't be lonely." Jane said with her head askew.

"Do you think you are a pig?" Hearing her childish and lovely words, Qin Yue couldn't help but smile.

When he laughed, he was really good-looking. His sword eyebrows were flying, his sexy thin lips were slightly hooked, and his facial expressions were much softer, as if even the ice and snow would melt because of his smile.

But he is always a high cold look, smile is always rare, she rarely had a chance to see him smile so happy.

All of a sudden, she wanted to kiss him so much -

with this idea, she took a breath of cool air quietly, clenched her hands on the side of her body into fists, leaned up and kissed his sexy thin lips, stretched out her tongue and licked them.

"Just don't mess about!" Qin Yue retreats and pushes her away. If she gets angry at this time, the consequences will be very serious.

"What's wrong with me?" Simply murmured.

She just wants to kiss him, but she doesn't think about anything else. What does he mean by letting her stop messing around?

Do you think she still wants to do that with him?

Qin Yue added: "tomorrow at home to rest a day, where are not allowed to go, to listen."

Jane nuonu mouth, pretending to be dissatisfied with the way: "good bully man!"

The next day, Jane stayed at home and didn't go to work. There was nothing busy at home. She always thought about many things in the past.

Thinking about it, she decided to go to Kyoto to meet Jane Xin.

She took her mobile phone to book a ticket on the Internet, then took a taxi to the airport and flew to Kyoto without telling Qinyue.

Because she knew that if she told Qin Yue, he would go with her. During this period of time, she had caused him a lot of trouble and didn't want to bother him any more.

More than two hours flight time, finally arrived at Kyoto airport.

After getting off the plane, a cold air came.

Jane knew that when it was cold in March and April in Kyoto, people could still shiver. She had prepared a thick coat early and could not let herself freeze.

Out of the airport, she called Mr. Xu, asked Jane's address, and went straight to the mental hospital.

"Miss Jane, I can't tell you why she's here again? It seems that I have a good eye for people. We are all nostalgic people. "

As soon as I got out of the car, I heard Mr. Xu's pleasant voice. Looking back, I saw Mr. Xu standing on the steps, with his hands in his trouser pockets at will, looking at her with a smile.

"Where is she?" Jane didn't want to talk to him about anything else.

"Follow me." With that, Mr. Xu took the lead in going inside.

She raised her steps to keep up with him, followed him for several steps and looked at his straight back. I have to admit that this man is also a very excellent person.

He always smiles, seemingly harmless, but in fact very deep. Otherwise, how could he let Gu plant such a big heel in such a short time and never turn over again.

Through the hall to the right, through the long corridor, they arrived at the mental hospital accommodation area. Then they turned a small path, and a set of quiet little yard appeared in front of them.

Mr. Xu turned around and smiled softly: "Miss Jane is in this yard. Would you like to go in and have a look or just talk to her outside?"

"Just talk to her outside." Jane didn't forget that she was pregnant. For the sake of her child's safety, she would try to keep a distance from Jane Xin.

Mr. Xu asked people to open the window, and Jane looked in from the window and saw Jane Xin sitting quietly in the room.

Because Jianxin's back is to them, she can't see her expression, and she doesn't know whether she is really insane or pretended?

"Miss Jane, your sister, Miss Jane II, has come to see you." Mr. Xu clapped and said.

For a long time, Jianxin slowly turned around. When she saw Jianran, her eyes, which were originally inanimate, flashed a ray of light. They were so fierce that they were full of people.

Suddenly I saw Jane Xin's face like a caterpillar crawling all over her stomach, and she ran to the side and vomited.

She vomited for a long time before she felt a little better.

Mr. Xu handed her a bottle of mineral water and said, "I thought Miss Jane II's heart should be very strong. I didn't expect that just seeing Miss Jane's face could vomit like this."

Jane took the water, drank two mouthwashes, said: "her injury is caused by Gu Nanjing?"

It can make Jianxin hurt Gu Nanjing. Before she came here, she thought about all kinds of possibilities, but she didn't expect Gu Nanjing to hurt her like this.

It is clear to Jane that Gu Nanjing is used to being arrogant and domineering.

His personality, when standing on the same line with him, is the most indulgent gentleness in the world.

Once he turns against him and stands on his opposite side, his arrogance and hegemony are the most deadly poison and the sword that can hurt people.

Before, when she got along with Gu Nanjing, Gu Nanjing treated her well, which is not comparable to ordinary people.

Three years later, when she stood on the opposite side of him, he threatened her with the safety of her closest friends. His mother would be forced to commit suicide, and he could not get away from Gu Nanjing.

"Apart from the eldest young master before taking care of his family, who is so cruel?" Mr. Xu smiled and his voice rose slightly. He seemed to say something very pleasant.

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