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It is precisely because of Gu Nanjing's escort and Jane Zhengtian's good attitude towards Jane that she can do whatever she wants.

During the college entrance examination, Jane ran entered the best university in Kyoto with her first grade, but that was her wish. What she wanted to learn was fashion design.

Jane Zhengtian was very angry because of this. In a rage, she was fined not to have dinner at night, not only that, but also to stand.

Gu Nanjing knew about this. He came over the wall from their villa, climbed up a big tree to her upstairs, and gave her the packed chicken legs and hot rice: "but, eat now."

"Gu Nanjing, you are the best to me." She took the lunch box and watched him laugh.

"I'm not good who is good to you?" Gu Nanjing drowned and rubbed her head, saying how proud he was.

Looking at the way she wolfed, Gu Nanjing couldn't help laughing: "little greedy cat, eat slowly, no one will fight with you."

Jane swallowed a piece of chicken and said, "I didn't eat dinner. I was punished to stand for two hours. I'm starving."

"You can't eat too fast." Gu Nanjing thought about it and said, "however, when it comes to choosing a university, you don't have to deal with Uncle Jane. Let's think about it and find a way to persuade him."

"Do you think of any way to help me?" Asked Jane as she gnawed at the chicken legs.

Gu Nanjing said, "don't worry about it. Let me tell your father that he will promise."

"But my father came up." Jianxin leaned out of the room and whispered to them.

Jane immediately swallowed the food in her mouth and wiped her mouth with her hand: "Gu Nanjing, take away the things quickly. Don't let me be punished again."

"You remember what I told you just now. Don't make a fool of Uncle Jane." Gu Nanjing is carrying a bag, running and turning around.

Simply nodded.

Gu Nanjing just turned over the wall and left. Jane Zhengtian pushed open the balcony door and came over. She asked in a cold voice, "have you thought about it for hours?"

Jane hung her head in silence.

Jianxin went out of the room and said, "Dad, just told me that she knew she was wrong. You also know that she is stubborn, hard mouthed and refuses to be soft. Don't worry about her. "

Jian Zhengtian's stern eyes swept to the two chicken bones dropped on the ground, and instantly understood who had just come. She could not help but soften her voice: "it's good to know that it's wrong. Go back to the room."

Jane went back to her room and gave her a big hug: "sister, it's good that I still have you."

Jane Xin rubs her head, soft voice way: "however, you also know father's temper, in the future in front of him a little more smooth, with him hard hit is your own."

"Thank you, sister!" Jane ran in Jane Xin's arms a sigh of relief, feel that they have such a good sister must be the blessing of last life.

Once upon a time, Jane thought that Gu Nanjing was the only one who could stand behind her and guard her for the rest of her life.

Until later, he had a relationship with Jiang Jianxin. The two people she trusted most betrayed her and pushed her into the cliff.

When she knew the news, her mind was blank. Now she couldn't find any adjectives to describe her mood at that time.

The relationship between the three of them broke in a flash, and there was no possibility of repairing it.

After three years of goodbye, Gu Nanjing still thinks that she can come back to him. He says he still loves her.


Jane admits that she used to love Gu Nanjing and love her heart and soul, so when he had a relationship with his most trusted sister, she would be hurt so deeply.

Since then, she no longer believed in love, so when Qin Yue proposed a loveless marriage, she only considered one night and agreed.

Without love, even if she is betrayed again, she will never be sad or hurt again.

Even if she separated one day, she should not be heartbroken.

"Ran --"

hearing Lingfei's voice of worry, she simply turned to look at her and smiled: "don't worry, I'm ok."

Only, she felt that people's life is really fragile, a good person said that there would be No.

So is mother, so is Gu Nanjing.

In the past, the two people she cared about and valued most disappeared from her life without any trace.

"Ran ran -" Ling Feiyu worried again.

"Feiyu, go ahead and do your work. I'll try to get Mr. Wang's order out this morning." Jane took a deep breath and opened the document to work.

The reason why Jianxin killed Gu Nanjing was that they had been struggling for many years.

It's not something she can worry about.

At this time, her mobile phone suddenly rings, which makes her hand holding the brush slightly shake.

Looking at the familiar phone number on the mobile phone, I rang several times before answering.

After connecting, Mr. Xu's pleasant voice came from his mobile phone: "Miss Jane, our plan has been completed ahead of time. Do you want to come to Kyoto to see the results?"

Even on the other end of the phone, Jane seems to see the man on the other end of the phone raising his eyebrows and chuckling.

"Congratulations," she said

He said, "it's the same joy."

Jane took a deep breath again and said, "Mr. Xu, since your goal has been achieved, we will not do it again in the future."

Mr. Xu said, "Jane is crazy. Now I'm in a mental hospital, and Miss Jane is not going to come and have a look? "

Jane didn't speak any more, just hung up. She didn't want to have any more trouble with this person.

After finishing the conversation with Mr. Xu, the whole person can't calm down. All the people and things in my mind are those before me.

In such a state, Jane can't work well, and she is not well. After greeting Ling Feiyu, she goes home first.

After going back for lunch, Jane was out in the sun for a while. Finally, she was sleepy, so she went back to her room and went to bed.

But Jane was very restless in her sleep, and those who accompanied her whole childhood would come to her from time to time.

"Ran --"

she heard her mother calling her and smiled at her shallowly.

"However --"

when she heard Gu Nanjing calling her, he also looked at her and smiled. Gradually, his face became ferocious and terrifying: "I love you so much, but you don't want to come back to me."

"However --"

when she heard that she was being called by Jianxin, she still smiled softly, and suddenly changed her face: "why can you live so happily, but I am in prison? The reason why I do this today is because of you. "

"No, no, no -" Jane waved to get rid of the shadow in front of her. "It's not me. I don't have it."

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