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Even though the first month is almost over, the weather in Kyoto is still very cold.

These days, Jianxin did not go out and stayed at home all day, but she still dressed herself beautifully.

She has always been a beautiful woman.

Although her face was destroyed, she didn't abandon herself, because beautiful makeup is equally important.

She turned her back and couldn't see her scarred face. Looking only at her back, she would still feel that she was a rare beauty.

Yingying's slim waist and curly blonde hair were all at will -

he took a few mouthfuls of soup, and Gu Nanjing's eyes fell on Jianxin's back.

She is wearing a big red coat today. It's the same color as blood. It's a little shocking.

After staring at her for a long time, Gu Nanjing didn't take back his eyes. She should not listen to him as before.

Don't you think about it? Gu Nanjing takes back his eyes and looks at the bowl of soup that he has drunk more than half of.

Because he didn't have a good meal for several days, just now he was in such a hurry that he didn't notice the different taste of the soup.

At the moment, it seems that there is some medicine taste in the soup. It's definitely not the taste of Dangshen in the soup, but another medicine taste he doesn't know.

"Damn it!" He cursed, picked up the bowl and smashed it at Jane Xin. Angrily he shouted, "what's your mother adding to this soup?"

The bowl hit Jane's back and made a dull noise. The hot soup instantly painted greasy marks on her red coat.

The soup slid down the coat, ticking, ticking.

Jane didn't look back. She straightened her back like a sculpture.

Seeing that she didn't respond, Gu Nanjing was even more angry. He grabbed the spoon on the table and hit Jane again: "are you **ing dead? Turn around! "

This time, the spoon didn't hit Jianxin, but it flew past her ear and landed at her feet with a jingle.

Her hand on the side of her body couldn't help but clenching, as if to embed her fingernails in the meat.

She bit her lips, slowly turned around, and slightly pulled up the corner of her mouth, as if trying to pretend to be calm. "Gu, young master, I'm kind enough to give you the soup to feed the dog. You don't know how to be grateful. You can smash me with a bowl and pour it on me. Tell me how I can say hello?"

She said it harshly, but her eyes were twinkling. Trying to keep the smile also pulled the ferocious scars, showing a disgusting sense of disobedience.

Looking at Jianxin's ferocious scars and listening to her voice, Gu Nanjing suddenly felt a fit of nausea and dizziness.

His heart tightened and his eyes went back to the soup in front of him - there must be something wrong with the soup. But he didn't know what Jane Xin had added.

He leapt to his feet, but felt his head numb, but he did not have time to think so much, and the raging anger seized his reason. He stepped up to Jane's side and grabbed her hair: "you bitch want to kill me! It's not that easy! " With that, he grabbed Jianxin's head and ran into the table: "I will kill you today, bitch."

Jianxin can't respond, and her strength is thousands of miles away from Gu Nanjing. Suddenly, she hears only a muffled sound exploding in her ear, and then there is a roar in her head.

Yes, these days at home, Jianxin did nothing, thinking about how to kill Gu Nanjing every day.

She wants to kill him, take everything from him, and make him pay for what he has done!

At first, she was still struggling with how to contact Gu Nanjing. However, she didn't expect that this bastard would come to the door by himself. Almost ecstatically, she prepared chicken soup for the bastard, and then put the long prepared sleeping pills in the chicken soup.

Everything was so seamless that she could cut off her enemies in no time.

However, Gu Nanjing found it.

Now, the people who should have died are beating and kicking her, and she can only scream.

Again and again.

Every time it hurts.

"Die!" Gu Nanjing roared. When he thought of this damned bitch poisoning him, his anger could not be restrained. At the same time, he scolded Jane's "bitch" and "* *", and at the same time, he kept kicking Jane, kicking Jane, beating Jane, as if to blow her to ashes.

I don't know how long it took to kick, but Jianxin didn't have the strength to scream. Gu Nanjing stopped.

He looked at Jane Xin on the ground like a broken doll with satisfaction, smiled smugly, and then spit on her scarred face: "bitch!"

He said, and then gasped back in his chair.

This beating has taken a lot of physical strength away from him, and the half bowl of chicken soup with sleeping pills just eaten has gradually come into play. At this time, he just felt dizzy and couldn't help but want to lie down and rest for a while.

However, before he could sit still, he felt that there was a figure standing up beside him. Instinctively, he reached for the figure.

However, the sleeping pills began to work. His reaction dropped a lot at a time, and his hands were empty. When he looked at it, he saw that the place where Jianxin had just fallen was empty, leaving only a small pool of blood.

Gu Nanjing was shocked and cried out that it was not good. He quickly turned around to search for Jianxin's figure, but before he could find it, a heavy object hit his head.

A sharp pain, Gu Nanjing fell to the ground.

He was angry, scared, screaming - he saw Jane Xin with a hammer and looked down at herself.

Jianxin is smiling. The smile touches the scars left by him. It's extremely ferocious. But it's surprisingly beautiful That smile comes from the heart. For a while, Gu Nanjing saw the shadow of her childhood in Jianxin's eyes.

At that time, she, beautiful and naive, followed him, soft and sticky to shout: "Nanjing brother, Xinxin good-looking?"

Pretty - he wanted to answer, but in a flash, his lovely face was covered with long and deep knife marks.

All by him.

Suddenly, Gu Nanjing felt a fear that he had never felt before.

He wanted to scream and run away, but the sleeping pills slowed him down, and the sharp pain in his head stopped him in the throat.

Step by step, Jianxin approaches Gu Nanjing, watching the man she once yearned for move like a dying insect, and her heart surges with pleasure.

It's so ugly. It's just as ugly as her.

She laughed and rushed to Gu Nanjing's body, just as he had sat on her before.

"I'm not going to die," she murmured, grimacing. "It's you!"

With that, she raised the hammer in her hand and smashed it into Gu Nanjing's head.

"Xin Xin, no!"

Gu Nanjing screamed for mercy, but did not stop the falling hammer.

Again and again.

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