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Thinking of this, Jane gave him a fierce stare: "I don't need you to accompany me, just go to work with you."

Qin Yue: "..."

In fact, he wanted to tie her all the way around him, but he knew her personality too well, and she thought work was very important.

If he stops her from going to work, she will be unhappy. The last thing he wants to do is to make him unhappy.

After thinking about it all night, he came up with such a good way to go to work with her, so that he could watch her all the time.

Jane pulled open the quilt and sat up for a while, but he heard Qin Yue's nervous voice again: "Jane, slow down."

His big palm also held her waist in time to prevent her from moving again.

"Mr. Qin, it's not as terrible as you think to have a baby." Does she think he is stupid.

She moved him a little and he became nervous like this. There will be several months to come. How can we live this day?

"......" He opened his mouth and didn't say anything. He took back his hand.

Jane went down from the other side of Da * * to go to the bathroom. Qin Yue followed her two steps and went to the bathroom door. He didn't stop yet. She looked back at him: "Mr. Qin, I need to wash my face and brush my teeth."

"The bathroom is slippery. I'll be with you."

"I have to go to the bathroom, and you have to accompany me?"

"Well." He nodded.

"Are you well?" She regretted telling him about it so much. She should wait a few more months and tell him when she can't hide it.

Jane took a deep breath and tried to explain to him: "Mr. Qin, pregnancy is not as terrible as you think. You should also trust me. I will be careful not to let your child have an accident. "

"Then I'll wait for you at the door." She was reluctant to give in, so he took a step back.

Jane took another look at him, and finally walked into the bathroom with a helpless head shaking. This man is really an idiot in life.

When she washed out, he was still guarding at the door as expected. Seeing her coming out, he looked up and down at her nervously, and hurriedly reached out to hold her: "Jianran --"

"Mr. Qin, you will make me feel great pressure." She patted him on the chest and sighed, "relax, it's me who gave birth, not you."

Qin Yue: "..."

It's because she gave birth to the baby that he was so worried and nervous. If he gave birth to the baby, it doesn't matter.

"Go and change. After breakfast, what to do. " Jane said as she walked, but every step he took, he followed.

She stood still, looked back at him and said angrily, "Qin Yue, you follow me one more step, I can't finish with you."

She was so angry that she wanted to rush to him and knock him out. Let him have a good sleep. Don't follow her step by step and pester her.

Qin Yue stands still, but her eyes follow her.

Jane went to the dressing room to change her clothes and went downstairs to have dinner, but she didn't look at the stupid man who was still standing there.

It's hard to imagine that he would be the decisive, cold-blooded and ruthless commercial emperor in his work.

However, on second thought, it was also that he clearly separated work and life, and would never bring the work side to life.

She should just like him. Although I can't say nice things, I care about her everywhere.

Jane wanted to refuse him to take her to the studio, but when she saw Qin Yue's worried eyes, she agreed to let him drive her.

She didn't want him to worry about it.

Just at work, he would call every other hour to ask her about her. She was so angry that she wanted to smash her cell phone.

Finally, in order not to let him disturb her work, she simply turned off her cell phone.

Staring at the cell phone with the screen dark down, Jane bit her teeth and thought angrily, "Mr. Qin, see how you can still quarrel with me."

However, it didn't take long for Jane to regret this. Unable to get through her phone, Qin Yue came to the studio directly.

When Qin Yue came, Ling Feiyu was entertaining a pair of customers.

He is still a silver gray handmade suit. His eyes are slightly restrained under the golden spectacle frame. When he glances at it, he sees Jane at the first time.

His presence brought everyone's attention to him.

The eyes of the bride to be who is looking at the wonderful wedding style are almost glued to Qin Yue's body, causing the bridegroom to be extremely dissatisfied with her side, turning her head: "you are going to marry me, what else are you looking at?"

"Can't you have a look?" The bride to be replied discontentedly.

"Mr. Qin, did you come to see Mrs. Qin?" Lingfei said hello to him with a smile, and also told others that this gentleman is a man of his own.

"Well." Qin Yue nodded, his eyes fixed on his desk and was busy drawing the sketch.

Jane looked up at him, raised her hand and pinched her aching brow. She said to herself, "what is this man going to do? Doesn't he know that she won't be able to work well? "

Not only today, but in the next few days, Qin and Yue are in such a tense state.

It wasn't until a week later that he was sure she wasn't as vulnerable as he thought she was, that he returned to normal a little bit.

In a short week, their life is like that every day, plain but very warm.

Like them, the disfigured Jane Xin also had a few comfortable days. This day, she was preparing to have lunch when an unexpected guest suddenly appeared.

Gu Nanjing sat down at her opposite side, still looking like a big young master: "go and fill a bowl of soup for this young master."

Jianxin looks up at him coldly, and then lowers her head to eat. She doesn't plan to pay attention to him.

"Pretend to be deaf?" Gu Nanjing slaps the table with a slap and sneers, "is that right? Believe it or not, master Ben has made you deaf. "

What kind of person is Gu Nanjing? Jane Xin has spent too much time to understand. Of course, she believes that he may really deafen her, but she will not give him that chance again.

She got up, glanced over Gu Nanjing, then turned to the kitchen.

Gu Shi'an was arrested and all his family's property was seized. During this period, Gu Nanjing begged for help everywhere, but they were all turned away. He didn't even eat a full meal. The tragedy was comparable to that of a stray dog.

As soon as Jianxin left, he took up his chopsticks and took a big mouthful of the dishes on the table. While eating, he scolded: "Stinky * * I suffer outside. You are still living a good life in your mother's house."

After a while, Jane came out of the kitchen. She took a big bowl and filled it with soup for Gu Nanjing.

Gu Nanjing looked up at her and said, "don't go over your face. Don't let me see it. You've ruined your appetite."

He asked her to turn her face away, and Jane turned her face away, because she didn't want to see his face either, so as not to think of nightmares in the future.

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