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"The English name is leoqin!"

"The English name is leoqin!"

"The English name is leoqin!"

However, Grandpa Qin's words were repeated one by one. Suddenly, Grandpa Qin wanted to laugh at his stupidity. He spent so long with Qin Yue that he didn't even know his real identity.

Once, he said to her, but in those cases, she always thought he was joking with her, plus she saw the so-called photos of leoqin on the Internet, how could she believe he was leoqin?

In fact, she did not want him to have such a prominent identity, she just wanted him to be a common man with a common job.

She doesn't need him to make a lot of money, because she can make money by herself. The money she makes with him is enough to live an ordinary life.

She doesn't need to live in a big villa, even if it's just for rent. As long as the man with her is him, she will feel very happy.

But the fact is that Qin Yue's identity is so prominent. It's Leo Qin, the decisive leader of Shengtian, who everyone knows has a strong hand in business!


Jane never thought that she would go to the top in her life. She never thought that she would be entangled with this name in her life.

It's the man she didn't even dream of, but she really got involved with and became her real husband.

"Jane, no matter what his status is, no matter how much power he has outside, but he is a child in the eyes of our elders. We want him to be good, and we don't want to leave any stain in his life. You are still young and don't know how to be a parent. One day when you have children, you will understand. " Grandpa Qin said with great emphasis.

Hearing that the child, Jane subconsciously reaches out to touch her belly, where she is also pregnant with a new life, she is also about to be a mother.

When she found that she had children, she was so happy as if she had the whole world.

She wants to tell her mother the good news, her husband the good news and the world.

She wants everyone to know that she is so happy. She has a husband who loves her very much and will soon have two children.

However, before the happiness could be spread, it was stifled by grandpa Qin's words. Would the little life in her pregnant belly not be expected to come into the world.

If it's true that Grandpa Qin said that her birth was so dirty, the children she gave birth to would be no better.

Grandpa Qin added: "it's said that you like fashion design. If you like, I can arrange you to study with the most famous fashion designer in the world. And make sure you don't worry about your life in the future. "

"So Grandpa Qin, today you are looking for me to leave Qinyue." Jianran took a deep breath of cool air, looked at Grandpa Qin, then gently raised her lips, smiled and said firmly, "I will not leave Qinyue voluntarily, no matter what, unless he lets me leave, or he wants to leave."

Leave the words, Jane stood up, looked up, and walked away with the most elegant posture.

However, I only felt dizzy at the first step, and the steps under my feet were also light, as if I could fall down at any time.

But she would never allow herself to fall, especially in front of those who despised her. She would not let those people see her embarrassed side.

Her eyes flicked across the tea house, what a elegant one, and how many people came here less for a good taste of tea, rather than for other purposes.

"Jane, I hope you think about it. I've got it through in five days. Call my assistant. I promise that all the conditions I promise you are valid."

Behind him came grandpa Qin's voice, which was a little old, and Jane said without looking back: "Grandpa Qin, it's better to persuade your grandson than to persuade me here."

At the beginning of the marriage, she and Qin Yue made it very clear that there was no love in the marriage, but they wanted to live a good life together.

And on the first night she moved to his house, he told her not to break up no matter what happened.

As long as Qin Yue doesn't mention breaking up, she will never mention it. To stick to the original promise of the marriage is what she can finally do.

Out of the tea house, the sun has hung high, the warm sun let the simple cold body warm up little by little.

Once again she took a deep breath and looked up at the sky.

Her Qinyue seems like the red sun in the sky, which can bring her infinite warmth, and she is also greedy for the warmth he gives her.

Think of Qin Yue, think of what he did to her, let her more firmly believe that, except for him, no one can force her to leave him.

At this time, she wanted to call him, listen to his voice and tell him that they had children, but she was afraid that she could not control her emotions and would cry in front of him.

She doesn't want to rely on him to solve everything. She doesn't want to show her weakness in front of him. She wants to let him know that she can also be very good. Not everyone can knock her down.

Jane stood on the side of the road and looked at the traffic coming and going. She stood for a long time and thought about many things. After stabilizing herself, she beckoned a taxi to the studio.

Back to the studio, Ling Feiyu saw something wrong with Jane at the first sight, and asked, "isn't it uncomfortable to look so ugly?"

"No." Jane smiled.

"My hands are so cold, I haven't said yet." Lingfei quickly poured her a cup of hot water, "drink two quickly, warm your body."

Jane smiled softly: "Feiyu You know what? How happy am I when I make up my mind to forget all the past things and want to spend my whole life with Qinyue? "

"But I know." Lingfei of course knows how hard it is to get happiness after experiencing so many bad things, and she can see that Jane has always cherished it.

"But someone told me that he and I are two different worlds, and that I am not worthy to stand beside him. But what did I do wrong? I just want to live a good life with him, have a group of children with him, and live a light life. Are these requirements really excessive? "

"But what happened to you? What gossip did you hear? " Jane didn't cry or make trouble, very calm, but let Ling Feiyu worry more.

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