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Jane's hands were shaking a little, and she worked hard for a long time to feel excited.

No, maybe the pregnancy test stick can't be tested. She has to go to the hospital to check it. She can't tell Qin Yue until it's 100% sure.

Jane refused Qin Yue to drive her to the studio because she had to go to the hospital first.

Arrived at the hospital, after a long wait, it was Jane's turn. After the examination, when the doctor told her that she was pregnant, Jane was so excited that she shed tears of happiness.

"Mom, did you see it? But you also have your own children. You have grandchildren. If you were here, you would be very happy. "

She stood at the door of the hospital, looking up at the sky, reading silently in her mouth, as if she could see Jane's mother smiling at her.

Jane is still immersed in joy. Her mobile phone rings suddenly. She takes a look at it. It's a strange number. After connecting, the other party says it's grandpa Qin's assistant. She asks her out to meet him.

Hearing that it was grandpa Qin's assistant, Jane didn't think much.

She called Ling Feiyu and said that she would go to the studio later, so she took a taxi to the appointed place.

But Jane never thought that when she arrived at the appointed place, the person she saw was grandpa Qin.

Didn't he go back to America yesterday?

How can I suddenly appear here and ask her to meet alone?

There was a bad feeling in Jane's heart. She clenched her fist and said nervously, "Grandpa..."

"Sit down." Grandpa Qin pointed to the opposite position, speaking in the same tone as before, but with a serious expression on his face.

"Grandpa, what can I do for you?" Jane asked cautiously, swallowing her saliva with nervousness.

"Have a look first." As soon as Grandpa Qin's words fell, his assistant handed over a copy.

Jane took a look at Grandpa Qin. She opened the folder with uneasy mood. After looking at the first page, she did not turn down again. She looked up at Grandpa Qin and said, "Grandpa, do you investigate me?"

Grandpa Qin said very calmly, "I didn't investigate you. These materials were checked by Mozhi long before you registered for marriage."

"He went to check?" Suddenly hearing this news, Jane felt a little quiver in her heart. Her heart seemed to be strangled by a rope, and she could not breathe.

But on second thought, Qin Yue and she did not know each other at that time. He knew nothing about her. Since he decided to register with her for marriage, it was impossible to find out her background.

Although he found out her past, but he still chose to believe her, she has what to tangle.

"Turn back and see what's behind you." Grandpa Qin added that his voice was always calm, and he still sounded kind-hearted.

Jane did not want to turn it over again. She took a breath of cool air and said, "Grandpa, I don't know what you want me to see."

"Look again. After reading it, let's have a good talk. " Grandpa Qin pointed, and his eyes fell on Jane's face.

"I know that. There's no need to look at it." Jane clenched her fist quietly and said, "just tell me what you want to say."

The big deal with these materials is her past, her family, anyway, all of these terrible things are known to everyone. Qin Yue also knows that she doesn't think these things are good-looking.

But grandpa Qin insisted, and said, "you can not look at the front, you look at the last few pages, and we will talk about it after reading."

Since Grandpa Qin once insisted, Jane wanted to see what the last few pages were, so she started again.

When Jane saw the contents of the Chu piece, her ruddy face turned pale in an instant, white as a piece of transparent paper, and seemed to break with a slight poke.

No! No No

It must not be true! It must not be true!

She closed her eyes and did not want to see any more. She would rather believe that she was blinded and that she was wrong.

But the fact is so cruel. When she calms her mood a little and her eyes fall on the piece again, what she sees is just the same.

Her mother, who had never had a good day, was not only raped by Jane Zhengtian, but also -


How can Jane do such shameless and obscene things when he is not good at it.

For money, power, fame, and even to hand over his married wife.

Jane clenched her lips tightly and clenched her hands into a fist, which she had to do to stabilize her mood a little.

While she was trying to stabilize her mood, Grandpa Qin said: "Jane, we Qin family never care about the family, but we care about whether we are innocent or not. I know that you can't choose the things your mother has experienced and your birth, but I still ask you to understand Qinyue. "

Jane clenched her lips and looked at Grandpa Qin. She didn't answer, but unconsciously raised her head high and straightened her waist.

Even if her mother has experienced such things, even if her birth is so terrible, but she still has her pride and self-esteem, no one can look down on her, including grandpa Qin in front of her.

Qin Yue found out her birth and was willing to stay with her, which proved that he was willing to accept her everything.

He would, and she has no reason to quit easily.

Grandpa Qin added: "Mu Zhi took over Shengtian at the age of 22. He spent almost six or seven years on his work. It can be said that he didn't spend much time on women. He will marry you. That's not compared with other women. And I know that you didn't register for marriage because you loved each other. "

"What if there is no love? Two people get along, even if there is no love, can also have a good life Jane straightened her back and said firmly.

"He knows your past, and the reason why he is willing to marry you is not that he sympathizes with you? Isn't it pity you? But these situations, when he meets the woman he really wants to love, are not worth mentioning at all. "

don't give Jane a chance to talk, Grandpa Qin continued: "if you really want him to be good, if you want to make a good impression on him, it's better to leave early and treat each other well."

"Grandpa Qin, what do you mean that he took over Shengtian when he was 22?" For a long time, Jane found her voice.

"What do you mean?" Grandpa Qin raised his eyebrows, looked at Jianran, and said, "don't you know that he is the head of Shengtian's family now?"

In Jane's heart, her face was paler and ugly. After a long time, she said, "you mean, he and he are leoqin?"

Grandpa Qin said, "that's his English name."

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