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Looking at Mr. Xu's smile that didn't reach the bottom of his eyes, Jane Xin stopped talking, and covered the fierce eyes that had just been shown carelessly. There was a dead silence in her eyes again.

It's because she's so silly and naive. She's gone through so many things and even thought that someone would help her. She even thought of relying on men to complete what she wanted to accomplish.

She and Xu are just using each other's relationship, so to speak, they have no affection.

Now she has given him all the things Gu should have given him. She is useless to him. How can he help her.

He will be here today, mostly for fun, to see how badly she is hurt, to see if she can survive.

If she never recovered, it would be that he wanted to see the final result, because then he could swallow the 20% of her.

"Don't talk? You want to take it back? " Mr. Xu put his hand in his pants pocket and asked slowly.

"Since you are so free, please take me home." Jane took back her eyes and resumed her cold look.

Mr. Xu chuckled: "go home? Which one? "

Jane stopped and looked up at him again. "What do you mean?"

Mr. Xu took two steps back, carefully observed Jianxin, and then slowly said, "Miss Jane, you may not know that in the half a month since you were in hospital, there have been tremendous changes outside."

"What changes?" Asked Jane in a hurry.

The indifference expression she deliberately expressed was also received by Mr. Xu at this moment. In fact, what she still cares about is not so cold as what she saw.

"Gu's family has been sealed up and several core leaders of Gu's family have been arrested," he added. As for your father, he runs very fast. He doesn't know where he is. Even the police can't find anyone. "

"Ha ha..." With a cold smile, Jianxin was very pleased that Gu Nanjing's * * had fallen behind the mountain.

However, it's her pity that she didn't see Gu's family checked and Gu Nanjing's tragedy.

Mr. Xu said, "I have promised to marry you, anyway. You have no place to live. I can take you back to my place."

"Jane's family has also been seized?" she asked

Mr. Xu said: "well, maybe we haven't found any evidence that Jane is involved in the crime. But he was guilty and ran first. It's not that there's no silver here. Let's check it. "

"Since the Jane family is still there, I don't have to go back with you. If Mr. Xu is so free, please take me back to Jane's house. " Leaving her words behind, Jane got up and went out.

Looking at her back, Mr. Xu's eyes are cold.

This seemingly weak woman is more powerful in her heart than in her appearance. She has experienced so many things and her face has been destroyed like this. She can be so calm.

It seems that he can't underestimate her, and can't be soft on her. He can't leave any worries for himself.

Thinking of this, Mr. Xu quickly followed up, very gentlemanly supporting Jianxin, said: "you lie on the sick for so long, don't walk too fast, in case of fainting, you have to continue to be hospitalized."

"You and I know what we want. Don't play with me in a pretentious way," she said in a cold voice

"I just want to be gentlemanly and not mean anything to Miss Jane." He laughed.

"I don't need it." But Jianxin doesn't pay any attention to him and strides out.

Mr. Xu personally drove Jianxin back to her home. When she got off, he stopped her again: "Miss Jane, I have something else to give you here."

Jianxin steps out and stops, turning back: "what is it?"

"I'm afraid you don't sleep well, so I got a bottle of sleeping pills through the relationship." Mr. Xu took out a white bottle without any sign and held it out of the window and shook it.

Jane Xin pick eyebrows, said: "Gu 's fall, I' m too late to be happy, and how can not sleep."

"Miss Jane really doesn't need it?" Mr. Xu smiled and said, "the amount of medicine here is enough to make a person sleep to death and never wake up. I give you so much at one time, just want you to have a good sleep, you can't eat it at one time, don't let me bear a murder charge. "


Suddenly heard the word, Jane Xin eyes a bright, reach for the bottle, said: "then I thank Mr. Xu's concern."

Mr. Xu added: "sooner or later, you and I will be husband and wife, so you are welcome."

Finish saying, he waved to Jane Xin, then started the car and disappeared.

When Jianxin saw that Mr. Xu's car was far away, she turned back to her home.

When she got back to Jane's house, she knew that she had left her empty shell, that all the valuable things had been taken care of by Jane, and that the last servant had left.

It seems that Jane Zhengtian knew that Gu had lost his horse, and he could not get rid of it. He had been ready to escape for a long time.

She went back to her room. It was a mess. There was dried blood on the ground, which proved that no one had cleaned up after she went to the hospital.

She sat down at the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror again.

This face used to be so beautiful, she even felt that she would never lose to Jane.

Now it's a long time ago. The scars, big and small, look like little insects. It's disgusting.

"Ah -" she cried hysterically, holding her head.

After venting, she gradually regained her composure.

She reached out her fingers, gently stroked every scar, and every time she touched one, the hatred in her eyes was deeper.

Gu Nanjing, Jane Zhengtian, Jane ran -

the reason why she has today is all these people's work.

Without the existence of Jane's wild species, Gu Nanjing would not compare her with Jane's people, so he is more unlikely to do these inferior things to her.

Thinking of this, her hand, touching the scar, stopped immediately and looked sideways at the window.

The weather in Kyoto is always like this. It's almost the 15th day of the first month. It's still so cold. It seems that a new round of heavy snow is about to begin.

After the heavy snow, it will melt away. After that, everything will start again.

And she, too, will start her life anew.

She took out her mobile phone and looked up the news about Gu. As expected, she searched a large area. The most striking thing was that Gu's commercial crime was investigated and several core leaders were arrested.

As for Gu Nanjing, there is no report about him, which proves that he is still good. He has not been involved in the case of Gu's crime.

Can't we do something about him without being involved?

Jianxin takes back her eyes, looks at herself in the mirror again, and chuckles: "Gu Nanjing, you won't make me feel better, how can I make you feel comfortable?"

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