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After Qin Xiaobao finished taking the medicine, Jane hurriedly handed the prepared candy to her: "eat it quickly, don't be bitter."

Qin Xiaobao ate the candy and said: "sister in law, how can you be so considerate? My brother that wood, is to walk what ** luck, unexpectedly married you so gentle considerate good wife

"Eat a piece of sugar, and the mouth becomes so sweet." Jane took back the bowl with a smile and nodded Qin Xiaobao's head.

"My mouth has always been sweet." After that, Qin Xiaobao also held Jane and rubbed, "sister-in-law, anyway, there is nothing to do. My brother is busy in the study, or you can chat with me here. Let's talk about my brother's gossip. "

"What's your brother's gossip?" Jianran is still very interested in this topic. It's impossible to know his past from Qin Yue's mouth, so it's good to listen to Xiaobao.

However, the clever Jane has always forgotten that Qin Xiaobao's little mouth can speak of life and death.

Qin Xiaobao is usually "bullied" by Qin and Yue. To talk about his past, she can certainly add fuel to the story one day.

"My brother has a lot of gossip." Qin Xiaobao looks up at the door and makes sure that her brother is not standing at the door listening. She says mysteriously, "it depends on which one you like."

"I can do either." Said Jane with a smile.

There are also some bad thoughts in Jane's heart. Usually Qin Yue always carries a high cold look. If she can know some of his past embarrassments, she can tease him later.

"I tell you, before I knew you were married, I thought he liked men?" Qin Xiaobao said with a frown and a wink. He looked lovely.

Jane can't help laughing when she teases her: "Xiaobao, why do you think so?"

"My brother had a girlfriend before, but the girl dumped him. By the way, it seems that the woman's surname is also Jane. " Speaking of this matter, Qin Xiaobao called it a joy.

When was her brother not called to be a servant? There were countless people who wanted to hold his thigh when he went there, but she was dumped by a nominal girlfriend.

"Why did you dump him?" When it comes to her ex girlfriend's surname, Jane first thought about Qin Yue and Jane Xin. At that time, Qin Yue also told her that.

At that time, if Jianxin didn't take the initiative to dump Qinyue, what would it be like now?

It's possible that she has married Gu Nanjing, and it's possible that Jane Xin has married Qin Yue, and the one who is spending the festival with the Qin family here today is Jane Xin.

Fortunately, Jane Xin chose to let go and come back to rob Nanjing with her.

Fortunately, in the end, Qinyue belongs to her Jianran, not Jianxin.

"You know, my brother is just like a piece of wood when he is cold. He must be stupid. I don't know how to make my girlfriend happy, so he will be dumped." As soon as Qin Xiaobao opens the chatterbox, he can't stop.

Without giving Jane a chance to interrupt, she continued, "sister in law, when my brother is with you, does he stay like a piece of wood? Are you bored with him? Does he usually take the initiative to chat with you? "

"No, in fact, your brother is very good." Jane unconsciously wants to help her husband.

Qin Yue is not talkative except for her cold temper. She is very considerate in other aspects, at least when she should be considerate.

As for Xiaobao, Qin Yue likes men, which is even more impossible.

"That's why I said my brother is out of luck."

"Xiao Bao, just had a drink of medicine, go to sleep for a while, just wake up." Jane took the quilt to cover Qin Xiaobao, patted her and watched her fall asleep.

Before, she didn't take care of others so carefully. Maybe Qin Xiaobao is so popular, or Qin Xiaobao is Qin Yue's sister. As a sister-in-law, she thinks she should take care of her.

But no matter what it is, Jane will try her best to take good care of the sick Qin Xiaobao, which is also a snack for everyone.


Kyoto, a hospital.

Jane Xin has been lying in the hospital for several days. Today is the day to remove the Shabu.

She sat quietly on the sick woman, and two nurses stood carefully to remove the gauze from her head.

The gauze was removed in circles, and Jane was still sitting upright. Her eyes were silent outside, and she could not see any mood fluctuations.

"Miss Jane, the wound is already scarred. I'll use some better medicine later. I think it won't leave any ugly scars."

Hearing the voice of the nurse, Jianxin smiled softly: "can you please take a mirror for me to look after?"

"Miss Jane, you'd better not look now, or wait a few days for the wound to be better." Looking at the scars like centipedes on Jianxin's face, the nurse was worried that she would not be able to bear the stimulation.

Women love beauty. Few women can accept a face destroyed like this.

"Please." Said Jane Xin.

Jianxin insists on seeing, but the nurse is not good at persuading her. She finds a mirror for her.

When she saw the scarred woman in the mirror, there was still no expression on her face, only her two hands on her side clutching her fist, and her fingernails were deeply in the palm of her hand.

"Miss Jane, are you ok?" Asked the nurse carefully.

"Nothing. Thank you. " Jane raised her lips and smiled at the ferocious face in the mirror.

The nurse took back the mirror and said, "please go through the discharge formalities, and then you can leave the hospital."

"I have completed the discharge procedure for you."

As Jianxin was about to answer, a male voice suddenly came in. She looked up and saw Mr. Xu appeared at the door of the ward.

"These are my private affairs. I don't need your help." Jane took a look at him and said coldly.

"Don't think about it. I don't mean anything else to you." He waved to the nurse to go out and said, "sooner or later you will marry me. I just came to see how my future wife is getting hurt? If I want to live together in the future, I'll get used to it in advance and not be scared. "

Jane looked at him coldly. "Do you want to change your mind?"

"Of course not. Anyway, as long as I marry you and I don't want to sleep with you, it doesn't matter to me what your face looks like. " Mr. Xu said as he reached out to help her.

But Jianxin grabbed his hand and said in a low voice, "I have paid such a painful price, and I have to offer a condition, you must promise me."

"What conditions? If I'm in a good mood, I can promise you. " Mr. Xu's lips were slightly hooked and he looked at her quietly.

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