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Three days passed in a flash.

After entertaining relatives and friends, the Qin family is free.

In these three days, everyone is chatting at home, talking about interesting things, living a warm and comfortable life.

Today is new year's Eve. Everyone in the Qin family got up early. In the morning, they asked the servants to help with the last cleaning. After lunch, they had a holiday.

The Qin family is very considerate of these helpers. They also have their own families. Every new year's Eve, they have holidays to let them go home.

In previous years, every new year's Eve dinner, Qin's father accompanies Qin's mother to be busy in the kitchen. Qin Xiaobao occasionally helps to run errands.

Grandpa Qin is an elder. He is too old to do these things. He can watch flowers and tease birds in the garden.

Qin Yue is busy in the study, whether it is the thirties or the first day of the lunar new year, he has no leisure.

In Qin Xiaobao's words, her brother has innumerable zeros in his account every second. If he delays a minute, how much will he lose? So let him be busy.

This year is different.

Today is Jane ran with Qin's mother busy in the kitchen, Qin's father accompanied Qin's grandfather leisurely garden tea and chess.

After self-healing, Qin Xiaobao regained his former vitality. Running here and there for a while is always the joy of his family.

It must be Qinyue that is the most different person from the previous years.

Instead of being busy in the study as usual, he took the newspaper and sat in the living room reading it.

When Qin Xiaobao passed the living room, he was startled: "brother, is it the sun coming out to the West today?"

People who would never show up before dinner time actually sit in the living room and read newspapers today, which is an explosive news.

Qin Yue looked at the newspaper and ignored her.

He ignores people and Qin Xiaobao will not let him go easily.

She crowded to his side and sat, smilingly said: "brother, today is not busy with work? Don't deal with big things? "

"Sit well if you want." Qin Yue said without raising his head, "if you can't sit well, go to the kitchen to help your mother and your sister-in-law."

"It turned out that my sister-in-law was tired." Qin Xiaobao snatched the newspaper in his hand. "If you care about your sister-in-law, go to the kitchen and have a look. How can she know you care about her when you sit here like this. "

Qin Yue looks up and looks at Qin Xiaobao with deep eyes: "Qin Xiaobao, do you want to be punished on the eve of the new year to think about it?"

"Well, what happened to you two?" When Jane came out with the plate, she saw Qin Yue's gloomy face and said she had thought about something.

Qin Xiaobao immediately said: "sister in law, brother said he loves you."

"Well." She nodded and chuckled. "I know."

All of a sudden, Qin Yue's face sank and he didn't speak or look at them.

He was not comfortable. How long did the two talents know each other? In such a short time, it made him feel as if they were one line, and he was the one separated.

"Xiaobao, this is a pearl ball made by my mother. Let me show it to you to taste it first." Said Jane with a smile.

"Thank you, sister-in-law." Qin Xiaobao took one and put it into his mouth with his hand. He was satisfied and said, "it's still a delicious pill made by his mother."

"Did you wash your hands? Can you talk while eating? Where have you forgotten the etiquette in primary school? " Qin Yue looks like brother Yan.

Jane hasn't seen him like this yet. When she looks at him, she looks at him with a bit of inquisition in her eyes. It turns out that he is also dangerous.

It's just that this kind of ferocity doesn't count as ferocity, but as an elder brother to educate his younger sister.

Nunuzui, Qin Xiaobao, got up and ran: "don't play with such a big wood as you. I'll play chess with my grandfather and father. "

Qin Xiaobao ran away, leaving Qin Yue and Jane ran in the hall.

Qin Yue opened the newspaper again and looked attentively.

Jane sat next to him and picked up a ball: "would you like to eat it?"

Qin Yue opens his mouth to bite the balls, but Jane suddenly retracts her hand.

She said, "do you want to be angry?"

Qin Yue frowned: "I'm not angry." He was just uncomfortable, as if she had a better relationship with Xiaobao than with him.

With a gentle smile, Jane asked, "is that just not willing to admit that she loves me?"

Qin Yue's eyebrows were even tighter: "No."

As Jane approached him a little more, Wen said softly, "Qinyue, in fact, it's a very happy thing for me to be able to cook for the whole family with her mother."

New year's Eve is a time of family reunion. Many ordinary family members will make a meal on this day.

In fact, it's not to eat this meal, but to enjoy the wonderful time when the family get together.

It's no fun to let servants do everything, so mother Qin will cook for her family every year.

It's not food, it's love.

The family had a reunion dinner and sat around to watch the Spring Festival Gala.

In fact, this is a kind of happiness.

"Just be happy." He said.

"Then eat." Jane picked up a ball and fed it to him.

When he swallowed, she said, "I didn't wash my hands either."

Knowing that he had a habit of cleanliness, she said it deliberately. After leaving her words, she ran away and looked back at him. She saw that his face was not good.

She added, "I'm kidding you. Don't be angry, Mr. Qin. "

Qin Yue's face sank again. He didn't even look at her, but after she left, his lips rose slightly unconsciously.

On the day of reunion dinner, the Qin family will break the rule that they can't chat at the dinner table. The family sit together and chat, happy and warm.

After eating, jane knew that mother Qin was not well, so she took the initiative to clean up the dishes.

How can Qin Yue let his wife be busy alone? He also volunteered to help, washing dishes and cleaning dishes by himself.

Jane looked at him. "You've never done these things at home before."

Qin Yue shook his head: "No."

"I'm so happy." She thought she was so lucky. What he had never done had already been broken for her by the two of them.

After finishing cleaning up, Qin evening also began. The family sat together to watch the Spring Festival Gala and chatted while watching it.

For example, how is the host, how is the star singing, and the topic of conversation is the same as many people.

Until the new year's bell rings, Qin Xiaobao immediately joins in front of Grandpa Qin: "Grandpa, Xiaobao wishes you good health and a younger life."

Grandpa Qin smiled and took out the red bag that had been prepared for a long time: "come on, I also hope our family's little treasure is more and more beautiful and more sensible."

"Thank you Grandpa!" Qin Xiaobao takes a thick red bag and is proud to be close.

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