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Gu Nanjing looks at Jane Zhengtian and snorts, "how can I say she is your own daughter?"

Jane is not answering the sky, no emotional eyes on Jane Xin, sneering: "who told you, she is my own."

"Not your own daughter?" Gu Nanjing looks back at Jane Xin, who is unconscious on the ground, and says, "save her or not. Anyway, whether she is dead or alive has nothing to do with my young master. "

Leaving words, Gu Nanjing turns around and walks away. It seems that Jane's life and death on the ground is not as good as a dog for them.

Jian Zhengtian looked at Gu Nanjing's back, clenched his fists, peeped out his eyes, and sneered, "my young master?"

Gu Nanjing, Gu Nanjing, how many people do you think will come to make up for you?

Once Gu's family is down, Gu Nanjing will be a bereaved dog.

The evil things he did before, the people he bullied before, how could those people easily let him go.

It's time for Gu Nanjing to turn around. He doesn't know the situation clearly, dares to hurt others, and dares to call himself his own young master.

Thinking of these, Jane Zhengtian's heart is unspeakable joy.

Over the years, he has helped Gu Shian to do some unseen things, because he has a handle in Gu Shian's hand.

Now that Gu's family has collapsed, there is no one to lean on, and no one to threaten him.

After a long time, Jane Zheng genius took back her eyes and looked at the unconscious Jane Xin lying on the ground. Her eyes said coldly, "after so many years of picking you up, I thought you would be useful to me, but I didn't expect you to be so useless."

Long before he got married, he had found out that he was suffering from azoospermia and could not have his own children in his life.

This matter is a secret in his heart, and he will never be willing to mention it in front of others.

So shortly after the marriage, he asked Jane's mother to pretend to be pregnant, and then he found a abandoned baby to pretend to be their child.

In this life, he would not have his own children and could not succeed the family of Jane, so he could only find a way to restore the reputation of the family.

Money, power, fame and fortune, which should have belonged to the Jane family, he should try his best to get them back.

However, who knows that after decades of hard work, what we want is not obtained, but let people lead us by the nose.

Now, Gu's downfall has become a foregone conclusion, and there is no room for maneuver. He has to seize the time to think about how to go in the future.

He won't take himself in if his family fails.

As for Jane Xin lying on the ground, he will send her to the hospital with kindness. After all, he doesn't want to be sued for life.


After seeing off all the guests, it was not early.

After a busy day, everyone was tired and went back to the room to have a rest.

After returning to the room, Jane was so excited that she turned around for two times, and her eyebrows bent with smile: "Mr. Qin, what can I do? What to do? "

"What's the matter?" Qin Yue looks at her with her eyebrows.

"I feel so happy. But this kind of happiness doesn't want to be held in my heart. I want to shout it out to let people all over the world know. " If it wasn't for all the elders of the Qin family, Jane would stand by the window and shout loudly.

She wants to tell her mother out loud that her daughter is happy now and that she can stop worrying about her.

She also wants to tell those who hurt her and those who want to hurt her. She hasn't been knocked down by them. She stands up and lives happily.

"Go." Qin Yue turns around and takes a coat to put on for her. He also takes a coat to put on and leads her away.

"Where are you going so late?" Jane was worried. "Grandpa and mom are here. It's not good for us to go out at this time."

"Don't worry." Qin Yue led her out. "It's not good to follow me."

Jane nodded and followed him with a smile: "then I will follow you all the time. I'll go where you take me. "

Qin Yue took Jane out of the house and drove for more than an hour to get there.

After getting off, jane knew that the place he brought her was Bihai mountain resort.

That was when they came to the innovative technology organization shortly after their marriage.

After getting out of the car, Jianran took Qin Yue's arm and asked, "you are Shengtian's senior executive. Do you have the privilege of living here for free?"

"Free." He said.

"You Shengtian's employees are well paid. I knew I would not quit, and I would enjoy a lot of preferential treatment in the future. " Jane rubbed her head against his arm, said.

"Quit your job, your preferential treatment is still there." He said.

"Mr. Qin, don't forget that you still have a leoqin." She only felt that he was making her happy, and Sheng Tian didn't even think he said it.

Suddenly I heard Jane mention leoqin again. Qin Yue stopped and looked at her seriously: "I am leoqin."

"All right. You are leoqin. " It's rare for him to make a joke with her. She should take him as leoqin.

But really, he has such a strong ability, such a good cultivation and such a good family background. If she had not seen the photos of leoqin on the Internet, she would have believed that he was leoqin.

"You don't believe it?" Qin Yue asked.

"I believe you." Jane smiled and gave him a playful wink. "Then Mr. leoqin, shall we not go in?"

Jianran doesn't want to believe that Qin Yue has no choice but to say something. She leads her into Bihai villa.

Before she came, Qin Yue sent a message to Xu Huiyi to inform her that the managers here had been waiting.

Seeing them coming, the person in charge immediately greeted them: "President Qin, Mrs. Qin, this way, please."

They got on the sightseeing bus and drove straight to the villa area of Bihai villa, which they had lived in the last time.

After getting off, standing at the door, Jane's heart has an unspeakable feeling.

Last time, she and Qin Yue were strangers, and this time she has become his real wife.

Qin Yue didn't take her back to her room, but went around the building to the seaside, listening to the sound of the waves beating on the rocks, and she was as happy as a child.

"Shout if you want." He said.

"Qin Yue..." She looked at him, and suddenly something was speechless.

It turned out that he drove for more than an hour and brought her out in the middle of the night just because she had just said something and wanted to shout loudly.

"Well?" He looked at her with soft eyes.

"Thank you!" Thank him for being so kind to her and for making her so happy.

"Stupid?" He rubbed her head and said, "it's windy in the night. If you want to say anything, you can go back and have a rest early."

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