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Compared with the warmth and harmony of the Qin family, the Gu family in Kyoto is in deep water.

Seeing that the new year is coming soon, everyone is busy buying new year's products, but the family is covered by a cloud.

Not only are they not in the mood to buy new year's products, they can't even pay for them.

Gu's share price fell again and again, which has left them at a loss. Now the relevant departments suddenly come back.

They are said to have obtained reliable evidence that Gu not only bribed some officials, but also involved in commercial crimes.

Relevant departments have launched a comprehensive investigation, during which Gu Shian is prohibited from entering and leaving the country.

As long as those evidences are proved to be true, Gu Shi'an will face not only bankruptcy, but also prison.

In the view of Gu family, the reason why Gu family fell to such a level in a short time is that Gu Nanjing offended Shengtian's leoqin.

Thinking of this, Gu Shian drags up his stool and smashes it at Gu Nanjing, angrily swearing, "why don't you die, beast? I knew you would cause such a disaster. I shouldn't have let you come to this world. "

Gu Shian smashed a wooden stool, but Gu Nanjing didn't dare to hide. He was hit with his scalp numb and didn't dare to say a word.

"You still don't speak?" Gu Shian raised his leg and kicked the past, "Gu will have today, it's all caused by your useless thing."

"Dad -" Gu Nanjing clenched his fist and shouted with anger.

"Who the ** is your father? I don't have you as a wild seed. " Because he is angry, because Gu is about to go bankrupt, and because he can be put into prison, Gu Shian can't even control his own fate, and how to consider what Gu Nanjing will think.

"President Gu, we have relied on the information that the evidence was submitted to the relevant departments by Jane Xin, the daughter of Jane's family." The secretary came in a hurry.

"What? Is that bitch Jane Xin Gu Nanjing's first reaction was to catch Jane up and clean up to let off her anger.

Gu Shian shouted: "you beast, what are you doing all day? Who do you provoke all day? "

Gu Shian's first reaction is to look at Gu Nanjing. To blame, it's this useless thing. He doesn't know people clearly. He offends not only those who shouldn't be offended, but also those who make friends with him are not fuel-efficient lamps.

"Gu is now in this situation. Don't you have any responsibility?" Seeing that Gu's family is dying, Gu Nanjing doesn't want to swallow his breath any more. He looks at Gu Shian and says back, "if you do business well these years, how can you be caught?"

Leaving his cruel words behind, he turned around and left. At this time, the person he wanted to revenge most was not Sheng Tian's leoqin, but Jianxin's bitch.

When he got downstairs, he didn't even drive his own car, so he stopped a taxi and went straight to Jane's house.

Jane Xin just finished talking with Mr. Xu and sat in the room to do embroidery, which is a new thing she has been looking for recently when she is bored.

After her father and Gu Nanjing's experience, her heart couldn't calm down. Every night, that scene would come to her mind.

She likes to hate, hate Jane ran, hate Jane Ran is happier than her, hate Jane ran will hold her in the palm of her hand after experiencing those things.

And she herself is a lonely person, no one is willing to stand behind her and help her without asking for return.

She hated Gu Nanjing even more. She hated him for giving her hope and destroying all her hopes and dreams.

She hates so many people, those who make her lose happiness.

She vowed in her heart that she would pick up all the people she hated sooner or later.

But at present, all she can do is wait for Mr. Xu to get good news and for Gu to fall completely.

During the waiting period, she had to find something to distract her attention, so she bought embroidery to embroider.

She was stitching, the closed door was knocked open from the outside, and then the angry Gu Nanjing appeared in front of her.

Gu Nanjing didn't hesitate at all. He grabbed Jianxin's hair and grabbed her chair, then threw it on the ground.

Then, he kicked her in the stomach and scolded: "dead bitch, you don't want to live."

The pain in her stomach made her curl up and open her mouth to speak, but she couldn't make a sound at all.

Gu Nanjing stepped over and sat on her, waving and slapping Jane twice.

A few finger prints appeared on her white face, and blood flowed from the corners of her mouth.

"If I don't kill you today, I won't be named Gu." Gu Nanjing dropped down with a wave and a slap, which was repeated ten times.

He will be in Gu Shian where the gas, all scattered in Jane's body.

"You damned woman, who has been dependent on us for so many years and spent so much money, dare to eat inside and eat outside," he scolded

"Gu Nanjing..." Jianxin was hit dizzy, after a long time to fight hard to shout out the name of Gu Nanjing.

"You dare to call my master's name in your mother's name." Gu Nanjing tugged at Jane's hair in one hand and slapped her in the other.

He was so angry that he could not relieve the fire in his heart just by slapping. He grabbed Jane's hair and hit her head against the wooden corner.

Jane Xin only felt that there was a flash of white light in front of her eyes, which was like a whirling sky. She could not touch the southeast and northwest.

She wanted to struggle, but her strength was too much worse than that of Gu Nanjing, and she couldn't get rid of it.

Even though it has, the fire in Gu Nanjing's heart hasn't gone away at all.

His eyes suddenly saw a pair of small scissors beside the embroidered cloth. Without thinking about it, he took them and drew several pictures on Jane's face.

When he looked at the bright red blood and was a little absorbed, Jianxin's face had been painted several times by him. The blood wound flowed out, making her face full of blood.

"My young master has ruined your face today. I'll see how you can go out to meet people later." Think of such a way to let Jane Xin pain, Gu Nanjing waved scissors, and drew a few more times, will Jane's face painted completely.

"Ah -" she let out a hoarse scream, and then she lost all her senses in the dark.

Seeing Jianxin fainted, Gu Nanjing left the scissors and said to the door, "don't hide anymore. You can save one life by sending her to the hospital in time."

Jian Zhengtian came slowly from the side, and the skin said with a smile: "it doesn't matter if she dares to do something that she's sorry for her family and let her suffer from some skin and flesh."

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