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The Qin family's people are not only regular in their work and rest time, but also the elders of the Qin family.

When Jane and Qin Yue were ready to go downstairs together, Qin's father and mother were already in the living room. They sat together as if they were talking about something.

It sounds like Qin's father annoys Qin's mother. Qin's mother is sulking, and Qin's father is trying to coax her.

They are two old people and their children are so old, but the love between them is the same as before. When they look at each other, their eyes are still full of love for each other.

Seeing them, Jane can't help but look up at Qin Yue beside her. Can she and him be like Qin's father and mother?

Two people hand in hand, through ups and downs, decades later, each other is still the most important person in each other's heart, no one can replace.

"You're up." Qin's mother suddenly looked over, her eyes fell on Jane ran, and she smiled, "but ran, did you sleep well last night?"

Qin's mother asked casually, but the "guilty conscience" suddenly blushed. She didn't know how to answer Qin's mother.

Qin's mother was also slow to find that her own problems seemed to be some inappropriate, and then changed the topic: "Aunt Liu, please prepare breakfast."

"Yes, ma'am." Aunt Liu replied, turning around to go to the restaurant, and thinking of another thing, "madam, do you want to call the young lady up?"

"Let the little lazy pig sleep a little longer. But you heat the food for her. When she wakes up, she will have to eat it. " When Qin Xiaobao is mentioned, the drowning in the eyes of his mother can't be hidden.

Her health has been bad. She nearly died in childbirth in Qinyue. She went to the devil's gate to turn around.

Qin's father, who is by her side, is no different.

Qin Yue was born, Qin's mother lay on the sick for a long time, and her health improved.

After that, Qin's father decided to have a ligation operation, unwilling to see his wife suffer because of him.

Qin's family was originally thin, Qin's father did this, which many people could not understand, Qin's mother also felt guilty for a long time.

Until Qin Xiaobao's appearance, seeing the fandu child, their husband and wife almost at the same time decided to adopt her.

The arrival of Qin Xiaobao has injected new blood into the Qin family. Everyone treats this child as a treasure.

Although everyone knows Qin Xiaobao is not Qin's own child, no one dares to say anything.

That's the treasure pimple in the palm of Qin's family's hand. Whoever dares to say anything, that's just don't want to mix up.

"Ran Ran......" Qin's mother, leaving Qin's father behind, took Jianran and said gently, "you married to Qin's family, which is a member of Qin's family. Later, you should be as free as Xiao Bao, and you can sleep whenever you want."

"Mom, your daughter is already a little lazy pig. Do you want to turn your daughter-in-law into a little lazy pig?" Qin Xiaobao's crisp voice suddenly sounded behind them.

Everyone looked back and saw that she was wearing a pink cartoon Pajama with disordered hair and appeared in front of her family.

In the Qin family, only she can do this. She can run around the house in a pajama, and no one will do anything to her.

Qin Yue, however, frowned softly and said in a deep voice, "go back and change your clothes before you come down for breakfast."

"Brother, you are married. What do you care about me so much? Besides, I will marry sooner or later, as long as my husband doesn't dislike me. " Qin Xiaobao looks arrogant with his parents.

What else did Qin Yue want to say? She gave him a little tug and motioned him to stop talking.

How boring it is for everyone in the family to obey the rules. It's because Xiaobao is lively and mischievous, which makes the Qin family more angry.

"Thank you, sister-in-law. I'll tell you that I'll be with you in the future. If he dares to bully you, I'll help you too. " Qin Xiaobao added.

Jane smiled: "Xiaobao, I'll thank you first."

"Xiaobao, after dinner, your brother and I are going to meet your grandfather at the airport. You are responsible for accompanying your mother and sister-in-law to have a good look." Qin's father, who had been silent, spoke.

Qin Xiaobao hurried to Qin's father's arms to be coquettish: "although I would like to see Grandpa earlier, I just need you to pick him up. I'll take care of my mother and sister-in-law at home."

"Or our family's little treasure." Father Qin rubbed Qin Xiaobao's head. "Then hurry up and change clothes. We'll wait for you to have breakfast."

"Yes, Mr. Qin!" Qin Xiaobao made a gift, and then jumped up the stairs to change clothes.

Seeing the Qin family's harmony, she simply envied what she didn't want, and hoped that she could quickly join the warm family.

After breakfast, Qin's father and Qin Yue went to the airport to meet Qin's grandfather. However, it occurred to Jane that they were upset by Qin Yue last night and forgot what to give to Qin's father and Qin Xiaobao.

It's not easy for her to ask Xiaobao directly what she likes. It seems insincere.

Just thinking about it, she received a wechat from Qinyue: go to the room and have a look. On the tea table in the small hall.

She didn't know what Qin Yue wanted her to see. She went upstairs obediently, opened the door, looked up, and put two gift boxes on the tea table.

One gift box is a set of tea sets, and the other is a book on the self-cultivation of actors.

Seeing these two gifts, Jane suddenly understood that Qin's father must have other hobbies besides traveling, but she thought about that, but forgot that there were other ways.

As for Xiaobao, she likes acting, so the best gift is to give her a gift related to acting.

Even if she has nothing to lack, but can receive such gift, that is to support her hobby, is also a kind of affirmation to her work.

From the perspective of gift selection, jane knew that she knew little about the Qin family and had to work harder in the future.

"Sister in law, mom wants to go to the back garden. Would you like to join us?" Qin Xiaobao poked out half his head from the door and asked with a smile.

"Good." Jane turns around and follows Qin Xiaobao out.

The back garden, the garden behind the villa, is not large in area, but there are many rare flowers that are hard to see at ordinary times.

After a while, Qin's mother was tired, and several of them sat in the pavilion and chatted.

"Xiaobao, go get me a coat." Qin's mother sent Qin Xiaobao away. Naturally, she had something to say to Jane alone.

Qin Xiaobao is loved by the Qin family. It's not only her lively love, but also her understanding when she should be sensible.

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