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Listening to the sound of the water in the bathroom, she blinked her beautiful big eyes, and her thoughts jumped quickly.

Qin Yue's EQ is even lower, but there must be some basic common sense. He must know to have children. First of all, he must work hard to "sow".

No! Incorrect!

Jane remembered that his back was shaking when he just entered the bathroom, which was caused by trying to restrain the laughter.

Big soul light!

It turned out that he was deliberately abusing her.

Thinking about it, Jane stared at the bathroom door angrily.

If the eyes can kill people, then her eyes must have passed through the door of the bathroom, and Qin Yue, who is taking a bath, has been knocked down.

Jane stared at the door of the bathroom so hard that her eyes hurt. Qin Yue came out of the bathroom.

He only surrounded a bath towel, blocked the most important part of the body, and walked to her with steady and elegant steps.

Seeing him getting closer and closer, Jane could not help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, but listening to Qin Yue's slightly smiling voice, she said, "what are you thinking?"

"Didn't you say you wanted to have a little monkey?" Since he likes to put on a high and cold style, let her take the initiative.

Or when will the little monkey be born?

He lay down beside her, rolled over to his arms and held him tight.

In fact, she is not so open-minded woman. Every time she wants to take the initiative to put him down, she always makes a long psychological struggle in advance.

For example, although she had already jumped into his arms and held him tightly, her hands were trembling slightly, and her face was red as if filled with blood. She dared not go to see him at all.

"Simply, don't force yourself to do what you're afraid to do." He hooked her to the chin and asked her to look up at him, even saying, "let it be as it is, don't force it."

If he doesn't touch her, where does the child come from?

She lowered her head and thought astringently.

Qin Yue said, "put your hand out. "" what? " Jane hasn't responded yet. Qin Yue has grabbed her right hand.

Looking at her slender white hand, Qin Yue pinched it gently, just like a magic trick, and suddenly there was a ring box in her hand.

He opened the box and a pair of shiny diamond rings appeared in front of them.

Qin Yue took up the ring, put it neatly into her ring finger, and then looked at her tenderly: "do you like it?"

Jane touched the ring he had just put on her and nodded: "I like it!"

She took the initiative to pick up the man's ring in the ring box, grabbed his left hand, and tried to help him put it on, but she saw that the ring left by her mother was put on his left ring finger, a very old ring, which looked incongruous on his hand, and he didn't dislike it.

She looked at him, some embarrassed, the new ring do not know where to wear?

When she was in a dilemma, she heard him say in a deep voice, "how about wearing the ring left by her mother-in-law on the middle finger?"

Few men, especially men like him, wear two rings on one hand. When going out to work in the future, will others laugh at him?

Qin Yue grabbed her hand and asked her to take off the ring left by her mother and put it on his middle finger, and then put his newly bought pair of rings into his ring finger.

"Well, that's it."

He didn't tell her that the two rings were customized by him. There was a small character "Yue" in the female one, while the one he wore naturally had a small character "ran".

He doesn't know how to be romantic, which is the most romantic way he can think of.

Jane looked at him and smiled: "so Mr. Qin, are you proposing to me formally?"

"No." Qin Yue said seriously, "you are my wife. I just put another shackle on you, put you in prison, and tell other men that you have a master. "

Although what he said is to hold her tightly and tell other men that she is the master of famous flowers, he is also the master of famous grass. Don't let other women make up his mind.

Thinking of these, Jane's heart is so soft and soft. She can't help climbing up a bit, lying in a row with him, taking a breath quietly, pressing down her shy heart and kissing his lips.

His sexy thin lips are a little cold, she can't help sucking, and then learning the way he used to kiss him, and then launching further attacks.

Qin Yue extended her palm, clasped her waist, pressed her tightly on his body, turning passivity into initiative, kissing violently like a rainstorm.

"Well..." When he and she became one, Jane made a cat like chant.

This man always looks like a high and cold ascetic, but when he does this, he is like a hungry wolf. He would like to swallow her bones.

At first, Jane could barely cope with him. Later, her mind was blank, as if she had been thrown into the sky

See the clouds, see the rainbow after the rain, see his beautiful face, such as exquisite, is lifting his eyebrows and smiling at her.

Later, Jane did not know anything. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. When she woke up without a dream, she opened her eyes and saw him sitting by the window and reading the newspaper.

Today, he still sits upright, but his chin is slightly raised, his lips are slightly raised, and his eyes are slightly smiling.

"Wake up." He asked quietly, turning his head the first time she woke up.

"Well." When she moved, she felt a little bit uncomfortable, and even felt that there was something left in her body that seemed to break out.

Jane quickly lies down, dare not move, a delicate face red, like ripe red cherry as attractive.

Qin Yue put down the newspaper in his hand, walked to her side and sat down, reached out and lifted her long silky hair: "if you're tired, I'll have a rest. I'll ask Aunt Liu to bring breakfast to the room."

"No." Jane refused, sat up and rushed to the bathroom in a panic. "You have to wait for me. Let's go downstairs together."

The next day she saw the Qin family elders, she would lie in and have breakfast delivered to her room. This is special. What does the Qin family elders think of her.

The elder Qin family is so kind and polite. She should try to be a qualified daughter-in-law.

Looking at her back, Qin Yue's eyes smiled softly as if she could drip water, licked her lips subconsciously, and there seemed to be a smell between her lips and teeth.

He shook his head a little disappointed again. One night later, the one who took the initiative to knock him out disappeared.

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