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Mother Qin's first impression of Jianran was good. Now that she has become her daughter-in-law, she loves her son, so she will naturally like her daughter-in-law.

"Jane, I'm sorry for what happened." Qin said.

I just recognized my daughter-in-law as a new servant. Mother Qin was also embarrassed. Even if she was an elder, she still wanted to apologize.

Jane shook her head. "It's OK."

"What is it?" Qin Yue wanted to know what happened between them, but they shook their heads at the same time. No one was going to talk to him.

Qin Yue's original plan was to finish the work tomorrow, but this afternoon received a phone call saying that the elders of Qin family had come to Jiangbei ahead of time.

He didn't tell his family in advance about his marriage with Jianran. Naturally, the family didn't know the existence of Jianran.

If we let them meet in advance, we don't know how embarrassed Jane is. Thinking of this layer, he came back in advance.

Qin Yue also understood his mother's personality. As long as he married a wife, his mother would not have any opinion.

However, I know in my heart that when I saw my mother's recognition of Jane, he was still a little excited, and I couldn't help but slightly increased his strength in embracing Jane.

"Your father should arrange some of his things in the study. You should ask him to come downstairs and tell him the happy event." Mother Qin said happily.

Qin Yue immediately asked his father to come downstairs. After his father took his seat, Qin Yue led Jane to introduce him seriously.

He said, "Dad, this is Jane, my wife."

When hearing the news of his son's marriage, Qin's father didn't show much surprise, or he knew his son's personality too well. It's not surprising that he would suddenly give such a surprising news.

Surprisingly, what kind of woman can enter his son's eyes?

Therefore, his first reaction was the same as that of Qin's mother. When he heard Qin Yue's introduction, he had to look at Jane at first sight.

It's a fixed fact that their son has married. It doesn't make sense for them to tangle up with him again if they don't marry him. They care about whether their son's object can live with him for a lifetime.

His eyes fell on the simple body, seemingly calm, but extremely sharp, with some exploration and consideration.

The family background of the girl is not their consideration, because the Qin family does not need to use the means of marriage to strengthen the family power.

He only cares whether the girl treats his son sincerely or not, only whether his son's marriage life is happy in the future.

He grew up with his father in the business world. Later, he left his career to his son and his wife to travel around the world. There are so many people and things he has seen that he can see people more accurately.

In front of her eyes, her mind is simply written in her eyes and her face. She just wants to be recognized by Qin Yue's parents and live a good life with Qin Yue.

At last, he took back his eyes and nodded: "well, this marriage is your choice, so we should do a good job. As your parents, we want to see you happy. "

Qin's father fell in love with Qin's mother at first sight and fell in love freely. Their love was once a good story praised by many people.

Now decades later, their son can find a partner who can accompany him through the wind and rain, of course, they are also happy.

In the short time when Qin's father looked at Jianran, she was already so nervous that her palms were sweating.

To be honest, the word "father" is not very good for her. Because of Jane Zhengtian, she always has some prejudices about her father.

She was worried that Qin's father would not admit the marriage, and that he would force Qin Yue to leave her

It wasn't until Qin's father spoke that she knew that in fact, most of the parents in the world were thinking about their children, and few people would use their children as tools.

"Jane ran -"

Jane's deep and sexy voice rings in her ear again, pulls back her thoughts, and hears him say: "it's time to call someone."

"Hello, Dad!" I haven't called this word for several years. It's a bit awkward, but I'm happy.

She was always worried that her parents would not accept her. However, they all accepted her so easily, which surprised her.

"Well, good." Father Qin nodded.

Qin's mother took Jianran's hand again and took off a bracelet from her hand. She said, "this is from the generation of the admirer Taixing. It's passed on to Qin's daughter-in-law. Now it's time for me to pass it on to you."

Listen to mother Qin to give such a valuable bracelet to herself, Jane subconsciously looked at Qin Yue, saw him point, she just accepted: "thank you mother!"

Qin's mother put it on herself and praised: "well, it's really beautiful."

"Mom, when you see your sister-in-law, you give her such a valuable gift. Why didn't you bring me some good things?"

When the clear and sweet voice came, Qin Xiaobao had already appeared in everyone's sight.

Qin Xiaobao jumps over and hugs Qin's mother. She kisses her face twice: "Mom, I haven't seen Xiaobao for such a long time. Do you miss Xiaobao?"

"My mother is dreaming about our little treasure." Mother Qin rubbed Qin Xiaobao's head and smiled softly.

"I miss Mom, too." Qin Xiaobao rubs in Qin's mother's arms and pours into Qin's father's arms. "Dad, why don't you talk? Don't you want Xiaobao?"

"When Xiaobao grows up and doesn't go home for several months, I don't want her." In front of Qin Xiaobao, Qin's father retired his father's coat, just a father who loves his daughter.

"Doesn't dad really want me?" Qin Xiaobao blinks. If you dare to say I don't want me, I won't want your love.

"Think of Xiaobao, of course, our family's Xiaobao." Qin's father rubbed Qin's head and laughed heartily.

"That's about it." Qin Xiaobao also laughs happily, and then looks at Qin Yue, who is sitting there without a word and only sees his wife.

She said, "brother, do you miss me?"

"In front of the elders, you should look like the younger generation. What do you look like in a day?" Qin Yue took her seriously.

Look at them, listen to them

Jane envies such a family. Her father is kind to her mother and the family is harmonious and warm.

Jane is really envious of Qin Xiaobao. She is 18 years old and still plays coquettish in the arms of her parents and brother.

Look at her again. When she was a child, she experienced domestic violence. Her mother was often scolded and beaten. She often hid in the room and cried helplessly, but she could do nothing.

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