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"Little girl, put your things here first, and go with me." Mother Qin took the lead.

Jane looked at her hand again. It turned out that she was carrying two big bags. She looked like a busybody.

Mother Qin will recognize her as a servant, perhaps for this reason.

Jane found a place to put things down, and then followed Qin's mother behind her. Then she heard Qin's mother say, "little girl, how long have you been here?"

"Two or three days." To be honest, she has only been here for two or three days and is not familiar with everything here.

"I see." Mother Qin smiled softly and said, "master, sir, young master and miss, everyone is very easy to get along with. When you come to work in the Qin family, you are a member of the Qin family. Don't be too prim in the future. "

"Mother Qin, I'm not here to work, but your daughter-in-law," she said

But she can't say.

Qin Yue didn't tell their elder brother about getting a wife. How could she get the chance.

Walking along, Qin's mother sighed: "Xiaobao's girl is not here, so it's quiet at home. I don't know where the girl has gone

"Wang Wang -" Jane was about to talk about Xiao Bao when her continuous cry interrupted her.

"Mianmian, don't make any noise. Everyone here is his own." Jane picked it up and caressed its head like comfort.

I have lived here for two or three days, but I am not happy to be able to feel the continuity. When I look at people, I am on guard.

"This is your pet?" Mother Qin asked with a smile and said, "what a lovely little guy."

"Yes. It's very loving and sensible. " Jane looked at mother Qin and smiled shyly. "Mother Qin, do you want to touch it?"

Mother Qin?

Suddenly hearing the name, Qin's mother was slightly stunned, and couldn't help looking at Jane ran more -

the girl was young and beautiful, soft and soft to talk, and easily blushed. She was a child with a completely different character from their family's Xiaobao.

However, it seems to be the same.

"Shall I touch it?" Qin's mother is also excited. She looks like a child.

"Of course." Jianran hugs Qin's mother, who reaches out and rubs her head.

Mianmian is also very sensible. She rubbed her little head against Qin's mother's palm twice, and made two voices of love.

"Shall I hold it?" Mianmian is very sensible and loving. Mother Qin can't help but want to hug it again.

Jianran hands Mianmian to Qin's mother. She wanted Mian to call her grandma. It's not right. She hasn't been recognized by Qin's family.

Qin's mother held her arms and sighed: "in fact, little animals love each other very much. I always want to raise one. It's a habit of admiring some small cleanliness. We have never raised any small animals in our family. "

"Qin Yue really has a habit of cleanliness. Is he unwilling to raise small animals?" The first time I heard about it, Jane didn't believe it. Now I hear from mother Qin again. She can't help thinking more.

She thought of Qin Yue's appearance when she took Mian home for the first time. On that day, Qin Yue seemed to be disgusted and unwilling to touch Mian. His relationship with Mian began to change later.

It turns out that she thought it was a very simple thing for Qin Yue to accept Mianmian, but she didn't know how much efforts Qin Yue had made to accept Mian.


Qin Yue's low and sexy voice suddenly came, and Jane looked back and saw that he was walking towards them in a silver gray suit.

He walked very fast, but his steps were still elegant.

"Moki is back." Mother Qin's eyes were full of smiles, as if the loss just happened had never appeared in her eyes.

"Well, back." Qin Yue comes forward to give Qin mother a hug, which makes her look at Jane who is standing beside her. "What are you talking about?"

Seeing Qin's mother and Jane together, Qin Yue naturally thought they knew each other, forgetting that he had not introduced his wife to his mother and other family members.

"When is Mozhi so nosy?" Qin's mother's eyes looked at the two of them and joked, "it's to see how beautiful the little girl is and how enchanted she is?"

Qin's mother received a phone call from Qin Xiaobao a few days ago, saying that her brother took a woman home with him, so that she would not worry about it.

Qin Xiaobao is exaggerating. Qin's mother also knows that the girl often exaggerates some things, so she doesn't pay attention to what Qin Xiaobao says. Naturally, she doesn't think that Qin Yue has made a girlfriend, or even registered marriage with someone.

Qin Yue goes to Jianran's side, embraces her and says, "Mom, this is Jianran, we have registered for marriage, she is your daughter-in-law."

Suddenly heard his son married, mother Qin looked at Jane ran for the first time, her eyes fell on Jane.

With just pure look at a stranger's vision is different, but in a careful look at Jane, will Jane up and down left, right and right all looked once.

To be honest, before that, she imagined what kind of woman his son would like, sexy, pure and pretty

She thought about many kinds of things when she was free. Some of them were like the simple ones. They were gentle, beautiful and kind, but she never thought that her son really married them.

She looked at Jianran carefully, her eyes were clear without any impurities. In such a moment, she understood why her son made such a choice.

Qin Yue didn't mention such a big thing as marriage to her family, and Qin's mother wouldn't be surprised. Because her son always makes his own decisions.

When he took over Shengtian at the beginning of Qin and Yue, he also asked his grandfather and father for some advice, but they all let him solve it by himself.

It is because of this that he decided to ask his elders for their opinions on any matter decided by Qin and Yue.

Looking at Jianran again and Qinyue again, seeing that his eyes on Jianran were so gentle, Qin's mother couldn't help laughing: "well, my son finally got a wife. It's a good thing. We should have a good celebration. "

Jane never thought that Qin's mother accepted Qin Yue's marriage so easily. She was surprised and moved.

Looking at Jane in a daze, Qin Yue gently rubbed her head and said, "call someone soon."

Jane came back to her senses, blushed and said, "Hello, mom!"

"Good boy, good boy..." Mother Qin nodded her head in succession, full of joy.

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