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It took a whole day to prepare the presents for Grandpa Qin and his mother.

Next, she has to think about what to send to Qin's father and Qin Xiaobao.

As a gift to Qin's father, Jane plans to call Qin Yue and ask him for some advice.

As for the gift to Qin Xiaobao, she has a headache. She can't think of anything to give to Qin Xiaobao.

Qin Xiaobao is deeply loved by the Qin family. He has been held in the palm of his hand since he was a child. He is sure to have everything he wants.

Thinking about it, but not thinking about the result, Jane took a taxi to yujingwan villa area. Because it's forbidden for foreign vehicles to enter the villa area, you can only get off and walk in.

It will take about half an hour to walk to nuoyuan where they live. At this time, it's not too early, and it's easy to pick up some packed gifts.

Qin Yue is not at home. She doesn't want to live in this completely strange place. It's so strange that she can't fit in.

The servants politely called her "little lady", which was so polite and strange that people would think they didn't take her as their own.

This is what Jane often sees in Qin Yue. When strangers greet him, he is polite and distant.

Qin Yue -

she thought of him again. At noon, he called and said he would not come back until tomorrow.

It's only one day to see him, but Jane thinks it's really hard. Hopefully, when he goes back, he can wait for her at home.

But she knew that he didn't come back so soon.

Qin Yue can't blame him for not coming back. Who let her leave her cell phone at Feiyu's home two days ago? Qin Yue can't find her on the phone. Flying back delayed two days.

Seeing that the new year is coming, the parents of the Qin family are coming. The nearer we are to see them, the less we can feel here.

Maybe when Qin Yue comes back, as long as he is with her, she won't be so worried as now.

It usually takes half an hour to walk. Today, I walk very fast. It took me about 20 minutes to get there. After such a hard walk, I feel much warmer.

The security guard opened the door for her and said politely, "good evening, little madam!"

Jane nodded and smiled.

Seeing such a large nuoyuan, Jane can't help but think about Qin and Yue's family background and his income.

She can't say how much land is occupied here, but it will take several minutes for the security room to walk to the main house.

Along the way, pavilions, flowers and trees seem to be a leisure scenic spot.

Besides the house they live in, the main building is a four story Jiangbei style building, surrounded by various facilities, gym, swimming pool, a large area of grass behind, golf course

In short, the degree of luxury here is simply unimaginable before.

Before, she thought that the villa area where Jane lived should be very high-end, but compared with Shengtian yujingwan, the gap came out in an instant.

Perhaps, can only say, the Qin family such homestead can be regarded as a real mansion.

Although the elders of the Qin family live in the United States for many years, they are very concerned about the traditional culture of the country. Every year, the Spring Festival is bound to return to China for the Spring Festival, where old friends gather and entertain relatives and friends in the country.

Jane knows that Qin Yue is going to take the opportunity of the Spring Festival reunion to formally introduce her to the Qin family.

It is precisely because of this, however, these two days are always not good to eat and sleep, like a big stone in my heart, I can't breathe.

Thinking about this, Jane can't help but clench the bag in her hand. She only hopes that her heart can be felt a little by the elders of the Qin family.

Today, the lights of the whole villa are on. From a distance, it is as beautiful as the yaochi palace. It is very beautiful.

"Jiangbei is my hometown. I grew up here. The weather here is quite good. I'll walk around. It will be OK. You go back to your room and do your business."

"It's cold and you're not in good health. Go back and have a rest, and hang out when the sun comes out tomorrow."

"Brother Hao......"

As Jane was about to enter the room, she suddenly heard a conversation between a man and a woman. Her steps stopped abruptly and she couldn't help looking at the source of the voice.

It's a pair of men and women who walk together. They all look like they are in their early 40s.

The beauty of women and the beauty of men are polished like a work of art by the years. There is elegant temperament between every frown and smile. Just looking at them will make people feel happy.

Jane looked at them quietly, and couldn't move her eyes at all, because she saw the shadow of Qin Yue on them.

Jane can be sure that they are Qin Yue's parents.

However, Qin Yue's father is 57 years old and his mother is 50 years old, and they seem to be in their early 40s at most. The years really care for them.

Jane was so distracted that when Qin's mother noticed her, her eyes still fell on Qin's mother.

"Brother Hao, go ahead and do your work. I'll let this little girl walk with me." Mother Qin's gentle voice interrupted her simple thoughts.

Their eyes fell on Jane, and they all seemed to have an inquisitive taste.

Jane was watched by them, her heart beating fast as if she wanted to jump out of her throat.

They are Qin Yue's parents. She should follow Qin Yue to call out her parents. At this time, no one introduced them to her. She was afraid that calling them would be too abrupt and would scare the other party.

Just when Jane hesitated, father Qin looked at her and said, "stay with your wife. Please let me know if there is anything

Mother Qin gave him a funny look: "you. Always protecting me like this. What else can I do at home? "

"Then you go shopping again, and remember to tell people when you are tired." Before leaving, father Qin told me again.

Seeing Qin's father into the house, Qin's mother's eyes once again fell on Jane's body: "little girl, you accompany me to stroll around."

"Good..." Jane wanted to say something else, but she was too nervous to say it.

Seeing her nervousness, mother Qin smiled and said, "you must be new here."

New here?

Jane was a little shocked, and then she came back. It seems that mother Qin regarded her as the new maid in her family.

She subconsciously took a look at her dress. What she was wearing was not a famous brand, but it was not local. How could she be recognized as a new maid?

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