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There are not only cloakrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, but also a small study. Generally speaking, this is not only a bedroom, but a large suite.

In a villa area like Shengtian yujingwan, it's not too much to say that every inch of land is worth every inch of gold.

Qin Yue not only owns such a super mansion in this place, but also has so many people at home to wait on him. Is his identity really just an executive of Shengtian?

If she had not seen the photos of leoqin on the Internet, she would have thought that Qinyue was the legendary leoqin of Shengtian.

First of all, they are the same age, 28.

Besides, Qin Yue has his own noble temperament, good cultivation, and elegance. In any case, people will think that his family must be different.

"Do you want to see it?" Qin Yue leads Jane to the cloakroom.

"I want to see it." Simply nod.

Women are fond of cloakroom. She went to open the wardrobe on the right and put clothes and shoes neatly, just like a clothing store.

Jane looked back at Qin Yue and said, "did you prepare these clothes for me?"

Qin Yue nodded and looked at her tenderly: "would you like it?"

"Of course I will." No woman doesn't like beautiful clothes, of course, she is no exception.

But what she likes more is not the clothes in the wardrobe, but his heart to her.

On the left of the cloakroom are Qin Yue's clothes, about a dozen suits, all of which are silver grey series. I don't know why he especially likes this color series of clothes?

Inside is their bedroom. This bedroom alone is bigger than the main bedroom they live in now.

In particular, the super large * * in the room is wide and large. It's estimated that both of them can't roll down on the * *.

Thinking of this, Jane's face blushed unconsciously again. She dared not look back at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue came over and held her in her arms from behind. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to go out for another two days. You can wait for me at home."

I don't know if he did it on purpose. When he spoke, the warm breath sprayed on her ear roots, making her ear roots and neck all red.

"Well." Jane nodded hard, but she didn't have the courage to look up at him.

"Jane -" he called her by her name.


"Come with me on my next business trip." I don't know why. When he left her, he couldn't sleep. He thought about it all in his mind, just like her.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to drop my cell phone today. You're going on a business trip. " Jane ignored the deeper meaning of his words.

Qin Yue's character is not willing to explain more. After taking a sip, he hugged her in his arms.

The next day, Qin Yue left early.

Jane also got up early with him, because the place was too strange for her to feel at home.

There are too many people in the family, and they are all from the Qin family. She doesn't want her future mother-in-law to recognize her as a lazy daughter-in-law before she has met her people.

Jane would like to help you to buy some new year's products together, but all of them are managed by special personnel, each of whom is responsible for its own duties.

All things, do not need her help, said that she is the master, in fact, she is a casual eater.

After lunch, Jane was so bored that she went to the backyard alone to have a sun exposure in winter.

"Catch that puppy quickly. It's so dirty that you can't let him in. You know that the young master hates these little things the most."

Suddenly a voice like this came from one side. Jane looked for fame and saw that two women were running after each other.

Mianmian ran and used the barking voice to resist, then she went out: "Mianmian..."

Hearing the sound, Mianmian turned around and ran to Jianran. It was barking and barking again. It seemed that he was frightened.

"Don't be afraid, mom is here," she said in a soft voice

"Young lady, please give it to us." The two maids spoke politely, but they said "please" in a strong voice.

Jian ran smiled softly: "Mianmian is very afraid of life. I will take care of it, so I won't bother you."

"Young lady, we are going to disinfect it." Said, the maid paused, seemed to think about it, said, "young master has a habit of cleanliness, where he is, is absolutely not allowed to appear this small thing."

"Is it?" It's OK for Qin Yue to get along with Mianmian. Is the young master in their mouth really Qin Yue?

"Little lady..."

"I'll go with you to help disinfect the sponge." The big family has the rules of the big family. It's not unreasonable to make trouble. It's just that Mianmian is afraid of life. There should be no problem for her to help Mian herself.

The two maids gave each other a look and said, "little lady, this way, please."

Dazzling, two days later, the whole nuoyuan has been decorated once, and every corner is full of festive new year flavor.

Jane hasn't had a good Spring Festival in three years. It's really nice to see everyone busy and lighting everywhere.

"Aunt Liu, can you tell me about the preferences of the elders of the Qin family?" Jane found Aunt Liu and wanted to know something about the elders of the Qin family.

Anyway, the first time I saw the Qin family, I always wanted to send some gifts.

She doesn't have much money, and the elders of the Qin family should not lack expensive things, so she wants to prepare some meaningful gifts according to their preferences.

Anyway, she wants to work hard and make a good impression in front of the elders of the Qin family.

"The old man likes calligraphy and painting, the gentleman likes traveling, and the wife likes embroidery," said Aunt Liu

Jane was busy preparing for the news.

Jianran knows that there is a collection street in Jiangbei. It's all kinds of antique calligraphy and paintings. It can't be said that all of them are authentic. But if you do your best, you will surely get good goods.

As for Grandpa Qin's love of traveling, she thought again and again, but couldn't think of what to give him.

Mother Qin's hobby is easy to do. One of the four famous embroideries is in Jiangbei, and Jane is ready to do a good job.

She spent the morning looking for some experts who know more about calligraphy and painting, and then she learned a painting that she was very satisfied with.

After a casual lunch outside at noon, she went to the famous embroidery street and chose a double-sided embroidery for Qin's mother.

She chose all these things carefully. She thought that the parents of Qin family would like them.

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