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The next day.

At three poles in the sun, you wake up in a quiet way.

When I moved, I was still very weak, but I didn't feel the pain of being run over by the car like the first time.

She opened her eyes and instinctively looked at the window, but did not see the existence of Qin and Yue.

She picked up her mobile phone and turned it on. It was almost noon.

He is so busy that he won't sit by the window waiting for her to wake up.

Just thinking about it, lingfeiyu's call came in, she answered it by sliding, and then she heard lingfeiyu's anxious voice: "however, you hurry to come to the studio, there is an order, how to design customers are not satisfied, my hope is all on you."

"What kind of customers?" Simply frown, ask.

"I can't tell you clearly on the phone. Come here first." Finish saying, don't give Jane a chance to talk, Lingfei will hang up.

Listening to Lingfei's voice, she was very worried. She got up quickly and was ready to go to the studio as soon as possible.

As soon as she sat up, she saw a note on the head of * *, on which Qin Yue wrote several powerful characters -

on a three-day business trip.


"Three days' business trip, Qinyue..."

Jane looked at some big words and read them in a low voice.

When she opened her eyes, she didn't see Qin Yue sitting by the window. There was some loss in her heart, but compared with seeing him on a business trip for three days at the moment, that loss was really nothing.

Qin Yue is on a business trip. The studio is busy again. Jane immediately decides to clean up and take her to lingfeiyu for a few days, which is convenient for her work.

When taking a taxi with Mian Mian, Qin Yue's phone rang in, and she answered, and then heard Qin Yue's deep and sexy voice: "wake up?"

"Well, wake up." "What can I do for you?" she nodded

"I woke up and asked Aunt Chen to prepare food for you."

"No," she said. Mianmian and I are in the car. Because of our work, we are going to live in Feiyu for a few days. "

As soon as the simple words came out, Qin Yue on the other end of the phone was silent again. After a while, he said, "are you angry?"

Last night and her warm so long, but this morning he got up early, early to the airport, rushed to another city for business, leaving her alone at home, she should be angry.

"Ah -" said Jane, with a slight pause, "I'm not angry. Why do you think I'm angry? "

Jane didn't understand why he thought so. Qin Yue didn't give her an answer either. They casually said something and hung up.

When she arrived at the studio, she found out that Lingfei had received an order, but several designers of the studio failed to satisfy the couple.

Lingfei language is also anxious to have no way, just call the Jane who is still recovering.

Jianran put Mianmian down and let it play on its own. Jianran also understood the customer's information and requirements from lingfeiyu.

The wedding dress is made by a golden couple. They have lived together for decades, but they haven't even had a simple wedding.

So their children are going to make up a wedding for the elder when they get married.

The wedding is scheduled on the 15th day of the first month, so they don't have much time to change the design draft. It takes time for the draft to come out and be finished.

The Spring Festival holiday is coming soon. The design draft can't come out, let alone order the finished product. Lingfeiyu is in such a hurry.

After understanding the requirements of the second eldest, Jane's heart is very clear. In fact, for them, the wedding really doesn't matter.

What they want is health, peace, happiness, happiness

But the two elders didn't want to brush their children's hearts, so they found the studio.

"Feiyu, did all the wedding masterpieces designed before approach to dreams?" Jane asked as she finished the drawing.

"How do you know?" Ling Fei nodded and looked at Jane in surprise.

"Let's not get close to the western dress. We design a Chinese dress with happiness and health as the theme," she said

Hearing Jane's words, Lingfei's words also burst out. He clapped his hands immediately: "however, it's so decided. Then you have to work hard to rush out the first draft and show it to the elder. As long as they are satisfied, I can earn the money steadily. "

Jane reached out and nodded Ling Feiyu's head: "you give me a good look at Mianmian, I will draw the first draft first, and try to let customers see the sample draft earlier."

"Please, Mrs. Qin." Lingfei said with a smile.

Mrs. Qin's three words seemed to make her mood happier, and she threw a big smile at Lingfei's words: "do you want to be busy?". Don't disturb me. "

Next, when she drew the design draft, all she had in her mind was Qin Yue's appearance as she grew older with her.

Qin Yue's hair is white, and years have carved some traces on his handsome face, but he still stands straight, with the same temperament, holding her hand, leading her on the red carpet, and slowly walking to the center of the stage.

In the middle of the stage, there is a line of big characters. Mr. Qin Yue and Mrs. Jian ran are happily married!

Some people have said that the most important thing in designing a work is to be distracted. First of all, you need to love your work, so that others can accept your work.

Jane is helping the ER Lao to design the dress, but she regards the ER Lao as Qin Yue and her fifty years later. So what she designed naturally has her advantages.

The next day, Ling Feiyu sent a simple manuscript to the ER Lao. The ER Lao was very satisfied and immediately made a decision.

Lingfei asked Jianran curiously, "how do you know that Er Lao would like that theme?"

Jane's red and tender lips went up, smiled and said, "because I wish I could be like them when I'm old. Then I think of what I look like when I'm old, and I know what I need. "

"Fortunately, I persuaded you back to work. You said that you didn't work in the studio in the past three years, how much less did I earn? "

"I'm back. I'll work harder later and earn back all your three years of income. "

"My God of wealth, are you going home tonight?"

"No return."

"Did you fight?"

"He's on a business trip. He doesn't even have a talker." Jane thought for a moment, "Miss Ling, let's go to hot pot in the evening."

"That's what it means." Lingfei picked up his coat and put it on. He said, "but really, it's only because he's on a business trip that you don't go back?"

Last night, Jane didn't go home and Lingfei didn't think much about her design because she was in a hurry. Today, Jane still says she can't go home, so she has to think much.

"Don't you think I'm out there, so don't you go back?" Jane said with a smile, how can I look back and see Qin Yue standing at the door of the studio.

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