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He didn't have no choice but to let her suffer a little injustice.

In the past 18 years, taking care of her and making her grow up happily and healthily have been an integral part of his life.

At that time, when his mother came back with Qin Xiaobao, he was ten years old. Looking at such a small baby, he felt speechless.

Can be to see her from so little big, grow up slowly adult, so he just want to care for her all the time.

Rubbing her head, Qin Yue got up to leave, but Qin Xiaobao turned over and grabbed him: "Leo, I'm afraid alone, you sleep with me."

When she was a child, she was afraid of sleeping alone, especially in Thunderstorm and rainy weather. At that time, she would go to his * * to sleep with him.

As long as he is there, he will guard her like her guardian, and she will not feel afraid any more.

"Well, I'll be with you." Qin Yue took her hand and patted her gently. "Don't be afraid, brother is here."

"Well." Qin Xiaobao answered with satisfaction, knowing that her brother would be with her all the time, and she rubbed twice before falling asleep.

After confirming that Qin Xiaobao had fallen asleep, Qin Yue carefully took back his hand and got up to go back to the room.

In the room, an orange light on the head cabinet is on. The soft light shines on the simple ruddy face, making her look quiet and beautiful.

Qin Yue walked over and bent down to kiss her on the forehead.

When he kissed her, she woke up at once, blinking her sleepy eyes: "you are back. Is it over? "

"I'm done." Qin Yue couldn't help kissing her lips again. "Go to sleep, I'll take a bath."

"Good." She nodded briefly, grabbed the mobile phone beside her and looked at the time, which was more than three in the morning.

He gets up early every morning. I'm afraid he just fell asleep and has to get up again.

I really love him when I think about it. I hope I can help him, and don't make him so tired.

Before long, Qin Yue came out of the bathroom. He only covered important parts with a bath towel.

The freshly washed hair was still dripping with water. Some of the water was dripping on his strong abdominal muscles, and he could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

For the first time, she saw his body so clearly, so strong and perfect.

It suddenly occurred to Jane that when they first met, he wanted her so forcefully and deeply

Er -

What are you thinking about? How can you always think of something that is not suitable for children.

Jane covers her hot face, looks away quickly, and if she looks down again, she doesn't know what she will do.

Qin Yue came out for a turn, took something, and then went back to the bathroom to blow his hair.

With a long sigh of relief, Jane shook her head and drove away the unsuitable things in her mind.

Before long, Qin Yue, who had blown his hair, came out and lay down beside Jane.

Jane was so worried about what she had done to him. She moved aside subconsciously to escape him.

She just had movement, Qin Yue pulled her back, he put her in his arms: "it's not early, go to sleep."

He held her like this, her face was right on his bare chest, and their posture was so * *, did he really just want to sleep well?

Jane glanced up at him and saw him close his eyes, as if he was sleeping with her in her arms, with no other thoughts.

Seeing him so calm and self-contained, there was a kind of inexpressible frustration in Jane's heart.

As Ling Feiyu said, she is also a beauty, but lying beside Qin Yue, Qin Yue is always reluctant to touch her. Is her attraction to him really so small?

Thinking of this, Jane deliberately moved her feet and hooked them on Qin Yue's legs

"The injury to your leg hasn't healed yet." He pressed her feet and stopped her from moving. Then he said, "sleep well and don't make a fool of yourself."

Jane ran: "..."

She really wanted to kick him hard. How could this man be so slow?

Does she have to take the initiative every time, he would like to touch him?

Thinking of these, Jane was very depressed and pinched on Qin Yue's waist.

She used a lot of strength, obviously pinched him, he didn't even hum, but slightly increased the strength of holding her.

In Qin Yue's warm arms, it wasn't long before Jane fell asleep again.

When she woke up again, she was woken up by the weight.

She was sleeping soundly at first, but was severely pressed by the "heavy object" that suddenly came to her, which made her gasp a little. She suddenly opened her eyes and saw a delicate girl lying on her body.

The girl squinted, sighed contentedly, and reached out to her again. "Leo, you said you would sleep with me, but you left me and ran away. I'll catch you now."

**Suddenly there was another person on her body, and she was still on her own. She cried out in fright and didn't notice what the girl said.

Qin Xiaobao, who is still sleeping, is awakened by Jianran's cry. She stares at Jianran and says, "who are you?"

"Who are you?" Jane is also staring at the girl who is pressing on her with big eyes. Two people are looking at each other with four opposite eyes. They are thinking about who the other is?

Qin Yue, who was busy in his study, heard the cry of Jane and rushed into the room almost at the first time. Then he saw the two women in the house facing each other.

"Poaris, what are you doing?" Qin Yue's tone is particularly bad.

Jianran and Qin Xiaobao just came back to their senses. Jianran saw Qin Xiaobao's picture on the Internet. Last time, she almost misunderstood Qin Yue, so she remembered her face.

Qin Yue's sister, that's her aunt, but how did she get to her daughter?

Qin Xiaobao was as excited as he found the new world. He jumped up on * * excitedly: "brother, you have made a girlfriend, and you have brought others back to sleep, but why don't you tell me?"

Qin Yue said nothing, walked over to take Qin Xiaobao and left, threw her back to the guest room, and said in a deep voice, "stay inside first, don't come out without my permission."

"Leo, how can you treat your sister so well?" Qin Xiaobao looks at Qin Yue's back and shouts.

At this time, her mind is full of simple looks. To be honest, she is the first time to see a woman who looks so well matched with Leo.

Although she felt that the girl was a little bit worse than her, she was already excellent.

She hurriedly found her mobile phone and called her mother to tell her not to worry about Leo any more. At last, the boy was willing to sleep with the woman.

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