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After more than two hours of flight time, the plane arrived at Jiangbei Airport more than 9 p.m.

It took more than an hour to get home from the airport, so it was nearly 20 p.m. to get home.

Knowing that they are going to come back, they are responsible for taking care of the continuous servants and sending them home in advance.

Because I haven't seen my mother for a long time, I'm in a bad mood. I don't want to move on the sofa alone.

When he heard the sound of the door opening, he was still lying on his stomach. When he heard the sound of the door opening recently, he was always disappointed when he ran to meet him. Today, he was too lazy to move.

After Qin Yue opened the door, she let Jianran enter the room. She looked at it first, but didn't see that she would come to meet her when she opened the door.

"Little darling......" Without seeing it, she had to shout it out.

The ears are very sensitive. At the moment of hearing Jianran's voice, he jumped off the sofa, rushed to the door, and wagged his tail at Jianran: "Wangwang......"

Jane picked up her little body, and they rubbed and rubbed together. She didn't see the little guy for half a month. She really missed it.

Continuous is also very excited, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, in a simple arms rub to rub, eyes seem to flash tears.

It really miss Mom.

It's the first time that he hasn't seen his mother for such a long time, and he thought his mother didn't want it.

Fortunately, my mother came back.

"Your leg hasn't healed yet. Go sit down first." Qin Yue gave a deep warning.

At this time, his heart some not taste, just in the car, simple eyes can see only him.

At this moment, when she came back home, she saw only the existence of this small object. He seemed to be transparent.

"Mr. Qin, go and do your work. I'll play with Mianmian for a while. You don't have to worry about us." Jane waved to him and said without looking at him.

Hearing Jianran's words, Qin Yue's face sank, looked at Jianran and Mianmian in a gloomy way, and turned to enter the study.

Hearing the closing of the study door, Jane leaned to her ears and whispered, "Mianmian, do you think your father is angry?"

In response, it seems that its father is stingy.

"Mianmian, you play by yourself. Mom makes a bowl of noodles for Dad."

In the afternoon, I have to spare time to go to the airport. Because there is no business after boarding, Qin Yue has been so busy before boarding that he didn't even have supper.

He didn't eat the food on the plane again, so he was so hungry that now, he just wanted to get angry with him back to his study, so that he could cook for him to have a night.

She walks on her legs, but if she walks too long or too hard, she will feel some pain. Usually, there is no big problem.

Because when she left home for a long time, Jane was still worried that the things in the fridge should be broken. How could she open the fridge? The fridge is full of new goods today. She needs all the ingredients.

She looked down at the circle around her and asked, "Mianmian, do you know who bought these?"

Mianmian certainly won't answer her. She just feels very happy and wants to talk to someone.

Qin Yue is so busy, but she is so small that even this kind of thing is ready. How can she not be moved.

Simply boil water, wash vegetables, prepare seasonings, and soon a bowl of saozi noodles with fragrance will come out of the pot.

Smelling the fragrance, Mianmian cried several times excitedly and comforted it simply: "Mian Mian, don't worry, wait for mom to send it to Dad, and then get you something to eat."

Jane ran came to the door of the study with her face on her face. She knocked at the door and pushed in without hearing Qin Yue's reply: "Mr. Qin, I'll give you..."

Er -

she thought it was so late that he should be finished. Who knew he was still on the phone, and he looked very sad: "report the address. I'll be right there. "

Jane stood at the same place with her face on end, neither entering nor retreating. She looked at him eagerly.

Qin Yue hung up the phone and looked at her: "I have something to go out, you rest first."

"Qin Yue, why don't you eat noodles and go busy?" She said carefully.

"There's no time." He picked up his coat and put it on. As he walked, he said, "you don't have to wait for me to have a rest earlier."

"Oh..." Jane took her face to his door and told him, "drive carefully, and deal with the urgent things slowly."

Hearing her instructions, Qin Yue stopped holding the door handle and looked back at her: "come here."

"What?" Jane didn't know what he was doing, so she walked by.

As soon as she approached, Qin Yue held her head in his hands and bowed his head and kissed her severely: "don't worry, go to sleep earlier."

"Well." Jane nodded with a red face.

Seeing Qin Yue off, Jane sits alone on the table eating noodles, some of which are tasteless.

Just now, when she heard Qin Yue calling, it sounded like she was in a hurry. She didn't know what happened?

She still remembers that when Qin Yue was in this situation last time, she went to see his sister poaris. I don't know if it's because of her again today.

Jane guessed right. At this time, Qin Yue went to see poaris.

Just now Zhong Kun called. Poaris got drunk at the group's celebration party and called a man.

Driver Lao Wei took a look at Qin Yue in the rearview mirror, looked at his gloomy face, and bravely comforted him: "don't worry, young master. With Zhong Kun and them, poaris won't suffer. "

So I still know him from people who have been around Qinyue for many years. When he heard that poaris hit people, he was very worried. What he worried about was not that she hit people, but that she was hurt.

It took about half an hour to get to the destination.

The old Wei stopped the car steadily, Qin Yue got off, Zhong Kun hurriedly met him, and his face was ugly: "young master, poaris is really drunk this time, no one is allowed to approach."

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "lead the way."

Zhong Kun hurriedly took Qin Yue to the park. Before long, he saw Qin Xiaobao lying on the stone chair in the park. He shouted and sang: "I love you forever. I love you every day, every month and every year. Why is it so hard to love you..."

Looking at her like this, Qin Yue was so angry that he walked up and took her up.

Qin Xiaobao was so drunk that he didn't know who carried him. He beat him with his fist and kicked him with his feet. All his strength was used to deal with Qin Yue.

"The barbarian, dare to move Miss Ben, she must destroy you."

"Qin Xiaobao!" Qin Yue roared.

Hearing Qin Yue's voice, Qin Xiaobao shuddered, his hands and feet calmed down at the same time, and he dared not hum.

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