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"Our father died in a car accident. The police said it was an accident. But everyone knows it wasn't an accident. " Xiao Qinghe sighed and said, "this is another traffic accident. They can play such tricks at home."

"Qin Yue said quietly:" Gu's family will not struggle for long

"Yes." Xiao Qinghe looked at Qin Yue and sighed again, "as long as you loqn, even if you can bear him, you will not struggle for long."

"I don't have to do it, so someone will take care of them." Qin Yue looked at Xiao Qinghe and said such a sentence unhurriedly.

listening to Qin Yue, the Xiao River also understood that everything he did didn't hide the eyelid of Qin Yue.

For example, he suggested that Jane should go to Xu to deal with the matter of caring for her family. Qin Yue was afraid that she already knew about it.

Since Qin Yue already knew about Xu, Xiao Qinghe was not afraid to tell him directly.

He added: "it's really a good play to ask Xu to clean up his family and let them kill each other."

Qin Yue finished smoking his last cigarette and put out the end of it. He said, "I don't blame you for what you told Jane to do."

On the contrary, he had to thank Xiao Qinghe for pointing out a clear way for Jane.

Mother was forced to die by those people. She would never give up with her simple nature. It's better to show her a way to find Xu than to run into her like a headless fly.

As for things that can't be done, he can secretly help Xu with the latter.

As Xiao Qinghe said, it's the best play to watch, isn't it?

"Thank you for not blaming me." Xiao Qinghe slapped Qin Yue on the shoulder. "I know you worry about her, so I won't do anything you worry about."

Qin Yue looked at him and said nothing.

"Treat her well in the future." Xiao Qinghe patted Qin Yue's shoulder again, and resumed his casual smile, "my good brother-in-law."

His father had a childhood sweetheart, but they broke up peacefully for various reasons.

After that, he married one man and another man. Both of them had their own families and their own children.

I thought that there would be no more intersection between their lives. Even if we saw each other again, we just nodded to each other and became strangers.

But it never occurred to anyone that the father of a senior official had become a goal for someone to cling to power.

The man came to the door again and again to suggest that he could give his wife to his father. After his father rejected him many times, the man had a vicious idea.

My father was framed when he was on a business trip

The childhood sweetheart was drugged and sent to his father's daughter.

At that time, her father refused, but she cried and asked her father to help her and help her to relieve the fire in her body

Xiao Qinghe guessed that Jane's mother should still love her father, otherwise she would never be at her husband's mercy.

The mistake had already been made. The man threatened his father with the picture. Unexpectedly, the father was unwilling to compromise, so the man finally had a car accident.

More than 20 years later, they designed another car accident. Fortunately, Jane's life was huge, but she suffered some injuries and did not endanger her life.

However, I'm afraid that none of the family members, including those of the Jane family, can escape this time.

Out of the hospital, Xiao Qinghe looked up at the sky, the sky is overcast, afraid that a new round of heavy snow will start again.


Jane's villa.

Jane sat in front of the dressing mirror and looked at the man in the mirror quietly.

In the mirror, people show their eyebrows as picturesque as a picture. A standard melon seed face is a standard beauty.


But her body was so dirty that she even hated it.

These two days, as soon as she closed her eyes, she would think of what happened that night, and the disgusting things that those men did to her.

And what about Gu Nanjing?

Gu Nanjing was watching, even cheering for others.

At that time, what she hated was not the man lying on her body, but the man she had chased since childhood.

She hated to drink his blood, draw his bones and peel his skin.

No doubt she is beautiful. She doesn't need too much makeup to set off herself. She can also compare many girls when she goes out.

Of course, except for the one she grew up with.

After cleaning up, Jane Xin is still as if nothing has happened. She goes downstairs to eat and drives out again. Everything is as calm as if nothing has happened.

But only she knew that she was no longer the one who foolishly followed Gu Nanjing's, nor the one who listened to Jane Zhengtian for everything.

The snow on both sides of the road hasn't melted. A new round of snowfall is about to start. In order to ensure safety, she drives very slowly.

She still has a lot to do. She must be careful to live longer than those people.

After arriving at the destination, she didn't get out of the car, but slowly rolled down the window.

There was another car parked beside the car, and the other side slowly rolled down the window and smiled at her: "Hello, Miss Jane"

"Hello, Mr Xu," said Jane.

"You must have considered what I told you on the phone." The man smiled softly.

Jane Xin looked at him, looked at him for a long time, and asked, "you are so sure that I will cooperate with you?"

"Of course." The man smiled, "because I know Miss Jane's personality. Besides, with this thing I know, it's not a small thing. This will affect your whole life, Miss Jane. "

Hearing the man's words, Jane's face became pale and ugly. She grasped the steering wheel more tightly, and the blue tendons appeared on the back of her hands.

Seeing a change in Jane's look, the man continued, "Miss Jane, what you want to do is also what I want to do, so it's your best choice to cooperate with me."

Jianxin took a deep breath of cool air and slowly relaxed her hands on the steering wheel. After a long time, she began to say, "what's the advantage of cooperating with you after success?"

The man's peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly and said with a smile, "I'll give you 20% of Gu's shares."

"Two eight? Do you send beggars? " Jane didn't care.

The man stared at her. A fierce light flashed in his tiny eyes, but he smiled and asked, "what do you want?"

Jane took a deep breath again and said slowly, "marry me when you are done"

"marry you? Even if I married you, but I will not love you, will not do things with you between husband and wife The man said mercilessly, "if you want to marry me like this, I can give you the identity of a wife."

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