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Everything happened so fast that when Qin Yue wanted to save Jianran, she had been thrown onto the flower bed beside the road.

Qin Yue could do nothing but watch the thin man being thrown out and crash to the ground.

He watched helplessly, and could not even make a sound. The collision seemed to have hit his heart, banging and smashing all the organs.

Jane lay on the green lawn, red blood gushed out of the ferocious wound on her calf, fell on the green lawn, bright red and delicate like a blooming peony, but Jane was like a decadent cattail, teetering and crashing to the ground.

Qin Yue's heart sank, he clenched his fist on his side, ran to Jianran quickly, picked her up and put her gently in his arms: "Jianran, don't be afraid, I'll take you to the hospital right away."

When Jane heard Qin Yue's voice, she took a flick at the corner of her mouth. She didn't know whether it was the pain or whether she wanted to pull out a smile to make Qin Yue feel at ease.

She looked up at Qin Yue, and there was some relief in her eyes.

She suddenly raised her hand, put the cold finger between Qin Yue's frown, and gently rubbed it, saying, "don't worry, I'm ok, but it's a little painful."

It's ok

How could it be ok?

The wound on her leg is so ferocious, the blood is so wanton, how can it be ok?

Very painful, very painful, every time she twisted her expression because of the pain, it was like a nail in Qin Yue's heart.

For the first time, he hated the woman in front of him. He hated himself for not being able to protect her.

Qin Yue clenched his teeth, and his eyebrows were as deep as those of Luo cha.

He sighed, held Jane in his arms, and said to Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong, "go to the hospital."

The wound on Jane's leg was bleeding too much, and she was just frightened again. Even if she wanted to be stronger, she could not hold on at this moment, and fainted in Qin Yue's thick and warm arms.

Before losing consciousness, she faintly saw Qin Yue's face was frightening. It was the first time that she saw his frightening eyes.


When Jane woke up, she was in the hospital. She had a thick white gauze on her legs and a few drops on her hands.

She looked at Qin Yue with a gloomy look. He looked at her with a gloomy look. He said nothing and felt very angry.

"Qin Yue, I......" Jane opened her mouth to say something, but her voice couldn't speak.

Qin Yue immediately took the water cup on the cabinet and put in a straw to send it to her mouth.

Jane took two breaths, and after quenching her thirst, she looked at him and forced out a smile: "Qin Yue..."

Before she finished, Qin Yue turned around and left, sat on the sofa beside him, took a document and looked at it. He didn't intend to pay attention to her at all.

"Qin Yue..." When she was lying on the bed, he didn't pay attention to her, but Jane felt so aggrieved that her eyes were red.

Seeing the red look of her eyes, Qin Yue threw the newspaper in her hand, went to the side of the sick man and sat down, then bowed his head and kissed her bloody lip.

He bit, nibbled and sucked, as if to punish her

Think of the moment when the car hit her, think of the red blood flowing out of her body, think of her unconscious coma in his arms

Just think of it, his heart is a panic.

After twenty-eight years of living, he had never experienced this kind of feeling. It seemed to suffocate, which was thousands of times worse than his serious injury.

He was very angry, angry that he could not protect her, and even watched those people hurt her under his eyes.

At the moment when the car rushed over, she chose to push him away. Didn't she think she would be hit by the car?

Don't she know that women need to be moderately weak to be more likable?

Did she not know that he did not need her protection, but wanted to protect her life.

After a long time, he let go of her lips, stared at her pale face, reached out and stroked: "Jane, don't you look at your own life at all?"

Jane raised her hand and punched him: "who says I don't care about my life? It was just that there was no time for me to think so much. If I had more time to think about it, I would not have done that. "

Qin Yue stared at her delicate face, lifted the broken hair in front of her forehead, and then lowered his head to brand a kiss on her forehead: "Jane, you are not alone, you are injured, I will worry about you."

Jane took a sniff and said in a snuffle, "I'm sorry, but you're worried about me again."

"So promise me never to do such a stupid thing again." His face and voice softened a lot.

"Well." Jane nodded heavily. "I won't do it later."

Qin Yue touched her head, shook his head and sighed: "how can I be so stupid?"

Jane said in her heart, she is not stupid, because she does not want to see him hurt. If he is hurt, she must be much more sad than now.

"Qin Yue..." Jane paused and asked, "did you find out why the van was out of control?"

Hearing her question, Qin Yue's eyes sank, but he changed the topic without trace: "it seems that the brake is broken."

Seems the brake is broken?

With a simple understanding of Qin and Yue, his personality will never say "as if".

"Oh..." Knowing that he would not tell her the real reason, she simply stopped asking.

According to Qin Yue's answer, the accident must be man-made, that is, intentional murder. In broad daylight, I dare to buy murderers. I mean the emissary behind me. Is it for her or for Qin Yue?

Thinking of this layer, Jane can't help but miss a beat, can't help but look at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue saw her worry, rubbed her head and said softly, "the doctor told you to rest more."

"Well." Simply nod.


When Jane woke up again, she wanted to go to the bathroom.

It's because her left leg is injured and she can't walk. Qin Yue is the only one in the ward. She can't let him help her. It's very difficult for Jane.

She closed her eyes again and endured for a long time. She could not bear it any longer. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Qin Yue, who was sitting on the sofa and reading the documents.

Qin Yue looked up and said, "if you need to, please tell me."

Jane smiled awkwardly. "Can you go out and let the nurse come?"

Qin Yue got up and walked over, pulled the quilt apart and picked up Jane.

Jane was so frightened that she instinctively caught him by the neck: "you, what are you going to do?"

In this way, she was so close to him that she could even feel Qin Yue's burning breath spraying on her face, and then quickly released his hand around his neck.

This one loose, the leg son of Jane ran also pedal once, pulled the wound carelessly, the pain makes her eyebrow straight Cu.

Qin Yue frowned and looked at her. "Aren't you going to the bathroom?"

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