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After leaving the coffee shop, Jane did not know how, suddenly felt a little flustered.

The panic was quite intense and made her uneasy. All of a sudden, she wanted to see Qin Yue very much. Immediately, then, she grasped his thick hand.

These two days about the development of Shengtian's western region, there was a lot of uproar. It's easy to know that Qin Yue left early and returned late these days, which is also related to that project.

Qin Yue is also the president of innovation. He has to participate in other projects of Shengtian. Their boss really thinks of him as a few emissaries.

Seeing that Qin Yue is always so busy, he leaves early and returns late every day, and the time for two people to be together is quite small.

Maybe that's why she's so upset.

She took out her mobile phone and looked at the time. There was another hour for lunch. Why don't she go to Shengtian and invite him to dinner instead of starving him.

With this idea, Jane did not delay for a moment. She took the subway line 9 to Shengtian building.

Half an hour later, Jane stood at the foot of Shengtian building.

The building used to be a landmark in Kyoto, and a place where many talented people aspire to enter.

Although it is said that Shengtian's domestic headquarters will move to Jiangbei some time ago, it is still busy and orderly.

Because the building has access control, Jane is not Shengtian's employee, and she can't even enter the gate.

Although she was unwilling, she had no choice but to turn around at will, hoping her uneasiness would subside a little.

Yes, there is no sign that the uneasiness in my heart has subsided.

Somehow, to Shengtian downstairs, she always seemed to feel someone looking at her, as if her every move was under surveillance.

She couldn't help looking around, only to see people coming and going, all kinds of luxury cars flowing, everyone focused on their own business Who cares about her?

Jane shook her head to get rid of the strange thought in her head.

After a little turn, it was almost 12 o'clock at noon. She called Qin Yue and asked him to have lunch.

Just after taking out the mobile phone, the automatic door of Shengtian building opened, and Qin Yue, wearing a silver gray suit, stepped out in the crowd.

As he walked, he was talking about something. Someone took a pen to take notes and someone nodded constantly. Everyone's expression was very serious.

At the sight of Qin Yue's handsome and serious face, Jane suddenly felt relieved.

No matter where he goes, there are always many people behind him. What can happen to him?

Sometimes, Jane would think, Qin Yue's momentum is so strong, so what about Sheng Tian, the legendary decisive leader of the fighting?

Sheng Tian's master's surname is Qin, and Qin Yue's surname is Qin. Will he work so hard because he is related to Sheng Tian's master?

Jane was thinking that Qin Yue and a group of people had come to her side.

Instinctively, Jane hurriedly retreated to one side and respectfully called out "President Qin."

"Well." Qin Yue snorted coldly, which was the answer. He walked on without stopping for a second.

She said hello to him. He didn't even look at her

Is he really that busy?

Qin Yue, who has come out of a distance, suddenly stops and looks back at Jianran: "Jianran?"

Obviously, he didn't expect Jane to appear here. His expression was a little surprised, but just for a moment, he recovered his cool face.

Looking at his expression and tone, I can easily understand that when she said hello to him, he really didn't notice her existence, and he should not look down on that sentence.

After walking for a long distance, he just came back. What he had just heard was her voice. The reflection arc of this man was really long.

Qin Yue looks back at Jianran, and his followers' eyes also fall on her.

Everyone's eyes were all on themselves, and Jane suddenly became the focus of the crowd, which made her not used to it, so she had to look at Qin Yue with embarrassment and smile: "I'm ok, you're busy first."

"You should implement the things just talked about. I have some other things." Qin Yue gave an order and walked to Jian ran.

"You go to your place first, don't let people think you're not working because of a woman." Seeing that Qin Yue was still busy, Jane felt that she had disturbed his work, and she was very upset.

"It's time to finish all the work." Qin Yue took her hand and said, "let's go. Go to lunch together. "

Qin Yue holds his hand in it. It's warm and comfortable. She looks up and smiles at him again. "Won't it delay your work? In case your boss knows you're on the job, will he deduct your salary? "

"Work is never done." Qin Yue held her cold hand and asked in a deep voice, "it's so cold, why don't you wear thicker when you go out?"

"Girls love beauty. It's too thick to go shopping." Smile at him simply and playfully.

In fact, she met Mr. Xu in a very professional image. After talking about things, she didn't want to go back to the hotel to change.

As Jane was saying, Qin Yue had taken off his suit and put it on her.

"I'm not cold." He gave her his suit and coat. He wore a white shirt inside. It would be cold.

"I dare say it's not cold with hands so cold." Absolute domineering tone, so that Jane can no longer refuse.

Jane looked at him and smiled: "you put on your clothes, you take my hand again, I won't be cold."

"Be obedient." He said. The tone is heavy again. It sounds very unhappy.

She is very thin. She will be nearly 1.7 meters long, but when he holds her, he doesn't feel any weight.

His coat fell over her, long and wide, which made her even thinner.

Unconsciously, Qin Yue held her half and wanted to pass her some of her temperature.

Lean on him quietly and follow his slow pace.

At this time, an idea came out of her heart, don't go to dinner, two people go on like this, go to the end of the world.

It's a romantic word to be old in the wild.

When Jane was in a trance, she looked up and saw a car rushing towards them out of control.

There was no time for Jane to think about what to do, just instinctively pushing away Qin Yue, who was more likely to be hit by a car.

Yes, Qin Yue left, but she was left in place.

She only felt a whistling wind, and then the mountain like shadow came face to face

All of a sudden she understood why she was upset today.

Bang -

the car hit the side wall, making a loud noise, and the wall was hit by a big hole.

Jane was thrown out by the carriage.

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